Visionkeeper ~ Letting Go As Things Change Quickly

One World Rising | February 6 2012

I think we all need to get serious now about what lays ahead for us all. I truly believe that the next six months will be fraught with great change and whatever upheaval sleeping minds wish to create out of fear.

Change is in the air. I can feel it on the hairs standing up on the back of my arms and neck. We have been in training for this time now. It is up to us to walk our talk and step in to guide the lost away from jumping off cliffs. We are needed and we best be ready.

Have we cleared out all we can clear from within and filled the empty spaces with love and compassion? Have we harnessed our raving egos, put them in solitary confinement, allowing them out only when needed? I am hoping the number of people holding love in their hearts has tripled –  holding at bay all disasters the elite want so desperately to unleash upon the world.

I would imagine the propaganda will soon begin to fly at a unprecedented pace to confuse us and throw us off guard. Do not let it do that! Our DNA is changing and our consciousness is rising, allowing us to move beyond the perils of 3D. Do not buy into the fear mongering. Stay strong and reach out to help others and all will be well. No running to jump off a cliff when the going gets tough. We are here to help so keep that in mind.

I have mentioned before and I will mention it again, even at the risk of being repetitious. We need to be getting used to letting things go, especially if our emotions are involved. We are in a time of fast paced change. Nothing is the same from day-to-day. Everything keeps morphing into something new we must adjust to and then poof, it is gone only to change yet again. I believe it is the way the universe has chosen to acquaint us with the lessons of letting go. We have no choice in the matter but we do have choice in how we handle it. We will be changing as humans in radical ways very soon so we best learn our lessons carefully and practice letting go right now. Old ways of doing things must be allowed to fade away as new ways of doing things enter our lives.

Wonderful change is coming our way and that is exciting. But even good change is change and it has not been easy for most to adopt change willingly. We have become rigid in our ways and often cling to outdated habits because they are familiar and easier to deal with. This behavior will not bode well for those wishing to jump into 5D. This is the homework we must be working on. Time is fast running out as well. This is one time in history where procrastination will be most detrimental. We have a great deal to do and so little time left to do it in.

Be open and ready to embrace all kinds of new ways of being. Leaving behind the old does not mean leaving behind who we are. If we define ourselves by things or situations or what we do then letting go will be far more difficult. Those things are NOT who we are. If we must let them go we must let them go. We are who we are as we shift and change and become the new species in 5D. We must bring forth from our depths the excitement needed to face this challenge head on. We are the explorers of a new land going forth to start anew. We must concentrate on the thrill of this venture thereby excluding all of our fears. We have been chosen to see this challenge through. Let us be successful. Let us let go, let God and let what will be, be.

Blessings to you all,

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2 thoughts on “Visionkeeper ~ Letting Go As Things Change Quickly

  1. Molly

    your words bring hope to me. i am a lightworker, but like all humans, we get bombarded with all the negative news, happenings around the world etc. I send out love every morning evening when i meditate in hopes of bringing more people up to the higher frequencies. here’s to all of us keeping up the good fight! thanks :-0

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Molly! VK is a very enlightened messenger. I enjoy her work very much. Thanks for commenting. ~G

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