Wanting Change… Without Change

One Dream Dreamer February 22 2013

Is it not true?

So much energy put into the desire to change, to get out of the illusion, to be re-born as the True Self and thus, when the crumbling of the illusion starts, when things get wild and up side down, the energy is used to grab the illusion so that it stays a bit longer.

That’s the human part. Don’t worry. Don’t fight it or it will get stronger. Watch it. It’s happening for it has been allowed to happen, by your will. So strong is your will. Don’t blame yourself for it’s what you want.


You want to wake up. Can’t do that by believing in the dream. Can’t happen if things stay the same for in that is the belief that they’re true. Can’t choose what to keep and what to give for the Truth is One and that Truth is simply True. And you are True. Indeed so. How can it be remembered by going on the same way? One cannot walk and be stationary at once. So one cannot dream and wake up at once. It’s an in/out matter.

Dream – doubts – Lucid dream – Awake.

Same stuff – small changes – crumbling illusion – Baby God woke up!


Gonna get there don’t we? Let it change, let it crumble, be happy you allowed it and look how it does not change YOU! For that’s what cannot change, that’s what’s really made of infinite conscious eternity of all that is. Only the consciousness of how much you are can change. Don’t be scared… you’re pretty much!