Whole Foods Confronted for GMO in Stores [Video]

 | October 6 2012

Take a look at this mural, painted on the side of one of Whole Foods’ Austin locations: It brags, ‘Nothing Artificial Ever,’ but the admitted GMO ingredients sold on store shelves could never be considered to be anything but man-made freaks of nature.

With GMO foods more prevalent and more unpopular than ever, even “organic”-oriented grocery chains have been scrambling to spin the sad truth that genetically-modified ingredients have saturated the market and infiltrated virtually all food brands.

Such is the case with Whole Foods, leader in the organic products market, who’ve made billions advertising their stores as all ‘natural,’ wholesome and containing ‘nothing artificial ever,’ all while admittedly selling GMOs inside the store.

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4 thoughts on “Whole Foods Confronted for GMO in Stores [Video]

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  3. seth

    Have you guys seen this recent news report where the Whole Foods media rep ADMITS they are selling non-labeled GMO and that higher ups are donating to Tom Vilsack’s (USDA) wife?! It’s crazy!!!

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