On Admiralty/Maritime Law

William Garner | January 15 2013

We live under a matrix of illusion, We The People. I fight for you each day, yet I fight you each day, especially those of you who accuse me of various frauds and crimes.

Someday we will emerge from this matrix of hate and deceit. And when we do, we will realize that we’ve been deceived for millennia.

We currently live under a cloak of Admiralty/Maritime Law, which is the law of the sea.

One reader noted that the most important entity on this planet is the postage stamp, which is absolutely accurate.

When we step into a “court room,” for example, we are stepping into an unknown vessel that has unlimited control over We The People.

The so-called “judge” is a dictator of admiralty/maritime law who tries us under these laws, even though we think we’re being heard under some common law that we’re familiar with.

Not so.

We are under a system of contracts that the Reptilian-Jesuits Axis worships. They administer these laws over us, to us, under us and around us all the time.

When We The People understand the game we’re playing with the Reptilian-Jesuits, who worship CONTRACTS, we will be able to defeat them on any battlefield.

More to follow on this subject. . . .

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15 thoughts on “On Admiralty/Maritime Law

  1. Sir

    Do you know any thing about postal
    power and the UPU and postage stamps and their power on documents?

    1. Gillian Post author

      Sir, I know a bit about it but not much. If anyone who reads this site has that info feel free to share. Blessings, G

      1. Sir

        So what do you know and who this reader :

        One reader noted that the most important entity on this planet is the postage stamp, which is absolutely accurate.

        who said that? Have they replied on here or is this from something else?

  2. clover

    May I suggest an excellent source on this very subject? His name is Santos Bonacci. He has been covering this in detail for quite sometime now. You’ll find that much of what he shares will resonate with you as it all makes perfect sense.
    Keep the faith… we’re not down for the count.
    – peace –

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Clover, I’m familiar with Santos. I agree with you that he does an excellent job covering this material. Any interested should check out his youtube channel on Synchretism: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrAstrotheology

      My favorite interview with Santos was done by Helmut @ Redice Creations.
      Santos Bonacci – Roman Ecclesiastical Law, Astrotheology & The Holy Science. You have to be a member to access the archive. Blessings, G

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hello Dean! Happy 2013 to you too! We would be living in a veritable paradise should We The People realize we need no longer agree to the “rules” established to demean and enslave humanity. I imagine the Kardashian crowd thinks all those gold tassles hanging from the American flag are just mighty fine decoration. Hugs G

  3. JT

    They don’t need to be reptiles to be a problem. Since all accusations are anecdotal concerning that – it is enough for me that there is just basic fraud. Focusing on a human shape shifting vermin is not serving our interests. Reasonable folks who recognize the fraud will not support the esoteric aspect. The sooner we concentrate on the mere crime, the better. Especially since there are no laws against shape shifting. In all seriousness, it is about the crime and not the “race card”.
    We on earth are one race. Black, White, Asian,- no matter. We are merely ethnic groups of one human race. But, forget about the so called reptile species. Somehow Source created them too. Let us focus on the crime and build our contingent.

    1. Gillian Post author

      I respectfully disagree, JT. There is an agenda to eradicate the human species. There is little doubt in my mind that much of this cloud seeding with chemicals that are inimical to human life serve the agenda of a species that is UNAFFECTED by these compounds. There is also clear evidence of blood that is way more copper based than human blood. We call them “blue bloods.” These are the royal houses and their spawn that are NOT human race specific. They exist in all human races and – miraculously (or so it would seem) always end up in positions of rulership and dominance. Hugs G

      1. JT

        I am not disagreeing with you. I just hunger for proof and not anecdotal evidence. Time to get traction and not stay in the land of wonderment.

      2. Raven

        We were told by various alien races that once Gaia ascended these lower vibrational forms would not be tolerated in the new timelines?

      3. Gillian Post author

        Hi Raven, I don’t think it really has much to do with “toleration,” though that is certainly the word that has been used.

        I think it has more to do with their inability to survive in higher frequencies. So I guess one measure we can compute regarding planetary frequencies will be announcements of their “deaths” in our holographic reality. Hugs, G

      4. clover

        The blue bloods have dominated the human race for the last 26k years but we’ve since entered a new era. It just didn’t flip the power as quickly as we would have liked but changes in the power structure are currently taking place. Take the One People’s Public Trust that is just about to come to fruition.

  4. Bill

    I have been trying to tell friends and family this exact message for years. Most people go into denial when faced with too much information. If they really understood whats going on well then they would begin to see what we see! The truth is stranger than fiction and thats how the sheeple view the subject,but it is sure fun to be around when they realized that we are right!

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Bill, It’s fun and it’s sobering. The wicked ones have been in control for a long time. They won’t just pack up and disappear. Too much at stake. Blessings, G

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