The Reptilian-Jesuits’ Five-Step Program For Destroying A Country

William Garner | December 23 2012

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The Reptilian-Jesuits have a tried-and-true five-step program for destroying a country from within. It’s worked in every single country they’ve controlled and ultimately destroyed.

One would think that We The People would’ve gotten wind of this Five-Stepper by now:

Demoralizing a public with depressing news in the mainstream media, plunging the nation into serious debt using controlled and manipulated recessions and depressions, low-income jobs and high unemployment, evermore controlling new laws and regulations that are increasingly intrusive to all citizens.

Destabilizing a population by pitting groups against each other, i.e. Democrats vs. Republicans or pro-choice vs. anti-abortion or gun owners vs. anti-gun citizens, in pitched battle. And when they can’t corral those elusive holdouts who subscribe to no party or religion or group, The Reptilian-Jesuits create even further “false and controlled opposition,” i.e. those people and groups who purport to be friends of We The People and who allegedly oppose the Reptilian-Jesuits Axis, echoing their pro-We The People sentiments in high public places. The grim reality is that those final holdouts among We The People are cleverly being pulled into a black hole of false security by all the false and controlled opposition.

Orchestrating crisis after crisis, e.g. false-flag attacks, internecine wars, regional wars, global wars, the Great Depression, the “War on Terror,” 9/11 attacks, illegal attacks on nations like Afghanistan and Iraq, culminating in forced military occupation of those nations.

Forcing legislation that removes basic Constitutional rights. An excellent and unfortunate example: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change effectively destroys the entire US Constitution. Read it for yourself. The sweeping language is in English and it’s easy to read and is quite digestible, although it will doubtless produce a severe case of diarrhea you won’t soon forget. And don’t forget the Patriot Act and NDAA.

Normalizing a population, allowing those in power to bring the American public under its sphere of influence, bringing to a screeching halt all protests against the regime, eliminating all challengers, and thus fully subjugating We The People.

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