Zeke Layman ~ You Are The Sovereign [Video]

SGTbull07 August 22 2013

Zeke Layman from PowerPolitics.com joins us to talk about YOUR power as a Sovereign human being with natural born INALIENABLE rights. Zeke shares his perspective on a variety of Constitutional issues, including REAL money. Zeke says, “Paper money fuels the statutory schemes or fake laws while gold and silver fuel constitution and common law.”

One thought on “Zeke Layman ~ You Are The Sovereign [Video]

  1. Ben

    Money of any kind, be it gold or paper or tally sticks, is nothing more than a medium to account for the exchange of goods and services. When it is a substance then its value revolves around the substance, such as gold. Our constitution states it simply and paper works just fine as long as it is not counterfeit able. When money is regulated carefully according to societies movement we will all be prosperous and thrive, this regulation idea is in the constitution and is very easy with our info world. For millenia is has been the money regulating society. It is backwards and life society end fairly soon if we don’t turn this around.

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