How I Induced An Out Of Body Experience Without Substances

out of body experienceJoe Martino – Can you really have an out of body experience on command? Absolutely. While this is something that will take some time to practice and get good at, there are many methods to having out of body experiences or spiritual experiences on command using only your consciousness and physical body.

There is also a purpose to these experiences; they aren’t simply to trip out (although if you wish to do that it’s up to you). These experiences can help you dissolve fears, move past trauma, expand your consciousness and much more. I personally don’t feel inspired to do anything other than explore and expand myself when I engage in experiences like this.

Many of the stories you hear of out of body experiences happen through dreams, near death experiences, from the state between sleep and awake, and when people experiment with psychedelics like magic mushrooms, DMT or ayahuasca. But we are capable of having out-of-body experiences with just our thoughts, breath and consciousness. Continue reading “How I Induced An Out Of Body Experience Without Substances”

Information Overload

25 May – Mars sextile Uranus
26 May – Mercury opposite Galactic Center
26 May – Mercury conjunct Vesta
27 May – Mercury conjunct Node of Fate
28 May – Mercury into Cancer
28 May – Vesta opposite Galactic Center

energyLorna Bevan – Friday’s Gemini New Moon has just opened an 8-week eclipse tunnel from May 22 to the Cancer New Moon on July 20th. Starting next week on June 5th, there are not 2 but 3 wild card eclipses one after the other. When you emerge later in the summer, you’ll see how these sideways escalators – time/space shifts – have changed everything yet again, giving you an entirely new perspective on the virus and its outcomes.

For much more, buy my essential guide: “Making Eclipses Work for You” and sign up for my June 5D Report: “Another Roll of the Eclipse Dice” Continue reading “Information Overload”

Trump Finally Makes His Move Against Big Tech

censorshipAmerican Liberty Report – In the Trump administration the attorneys general from several states are preparing a major antitrust lawsuit against several Big Tech companies. That’s why you suddenly saw many news stories over the weekend that Trump is attacking these companies “without evidence.”

Meanwhile, the Never Trump, gimp suit-wearing official conservatives of official conservatism are lining up to talk about how you should never, ever fight back against your enemies, but instead lose gracefully to them. Here’s everything we know so far. Continue reading “Trump Finally Makes His Move Against Big Tech”

Death, Politics and the Nursing Homes

FauciClarice Feldman – Tomorrow is Memorial Day, when we honor the sacrifice of the men and women who died for our country. Too often we forget the meaning of the day and head off to sales, the beaches, and the backyard barbecues. In those states still locked down, it will be a continuation of the grim economy and spirit-busting effects of overreaching dictators, little based on reason. It will be a particularly hard to celebrate day for the many friends and family members of those killed in nursing homes and assisted living residences due to outrageously misguided gubernatorial dictates.

There still is a lot we don’t know about the transmission and treatment of the virus, though you’d be well advised to skip the hysterical accounts in the fake news and rely on more substantive accounts elsewhere. One thing has been consistently true, though: The elderly have been the most vulnerable to this disease. Reason would suggest, in that case, that instead of focusing enforcement attention on closing parks and beaches and arrests of lone surfers or churchgoers sitting in their closed window cars, attention should be paid to those institutions which house in close quarters the aged and infirm. Apparently, however, Democratic governors live in a post-rational world. Continue reading “Death, Politics and the Nursing Homes”

Useless Senate Republicans No Match for the ‘Bums of Steele’

republicansJulie Kelly – The letter, signed by one of the most powerful lawmakers on Capitol Hill and addressed to Fusion GPS, indicated the jig was up.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) asked Glenn Simpson, Fusion’s co-owner, 13 questions about his involvement with the so-called Steele dossier and ties to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. “When political opposition research becomes the basis for law enforcement or intelligence efforts, it raises substantial questions about the independence of law enforcement and intelligence from politics,” Grassley wrote.

The letter showed that Senate Republicans were aware Christopher Steele was a paid operative working on behalf of Trump’s Democratic enemies inside and outside the government. Further, the dossier wasn’t raw intelligence exposing collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin; Grassley acknowledged the document was anti-Trump propaganda that influenced activity at Barack Obama’s FBI and seeded damaging news articles before the 2016 election. Continue reading “Useless Senate Republicans No Match for the ‘Bums of Steele’”