Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Receives Articles of Impeachment and Structures Schedule…

impeachmentSundance – Sickening.  Earlier today Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a media event signing ceremony complete with commemorative pens for dozens of her Democrat colleagues, and initiated the parade ceremony for the march across the Capitol with the articles.

Upon arrival at the upper chamber of congress, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell accepted delivery and began the process of organizing the procedure through a series of rules by unanimous consent. Continue reading “Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Receives Articles of Impeachment and Structures Schedule…”

How to Never Be Controlled By Others Again

dualityPaul Lenda –  If you asked random people on the street whether they like to be controlled by others, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that says they do. While we may consciously reject the idea that we allow ourselves to be controlled by others, we do it constantly.

We allow family members to control us.

We allow religious institutions to control us.

We allow politicians to control us.

We allow the media to control us.

We allow others to control us. Sure, we may not even realize this is happening, but that becomes an issue of not being conscious of being under the influence. If you are not in conscious control of yourself, then someone or something else will control you instead. Continue reading “How to Never Be Controlled By Others Again”

Children’s Low IQ Risk Increases by 50% with Abused Mothers

violenceAmelia Harris – A study conducted by epidemiologists from the University of Manchester investigated how having an abused mother impacted children’s intelligence. A score of 100 is considered typical IQ, while 90 is considered low IQ. (1)

While there’s debate over whether or not IQ tests provide an adequate measurement of intelligence, IQ scores do correlate with certain social and behavioral outcomes. One study from 2009 found that having higher intelligence in youth was connected to positive mental and physical health outcomes at age 40.  (1, 2) Continue reading “Children’s Low IQ Risk Increases by 50% with Abused Mothers”

Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs [Video]

economyGreg Hunter – On the surface, everything looks to be going swimmingly for the U.S. economy. The rest of the world may not be doing as well as the U.S., but according to the legacy financial media, there is no real trouble being reported. Below the surface, warning signs abound that the economy is in trouble now.

One of the biggest warning signs is coming from the repo market that provides lending to financial institutions. Since mid-September, the Fed has been getting increasingly involved with providing funding as the banks that provided it in the past simply do not trust the other banks. Continue reading “Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs [Video]”

Anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested by Feds

AvenattiThe Horn News – Michael Avenatti, the embattled former attorney for the porn actress Stormy Daniels, was arrested Tuesday evening in California for alleged bail violations, according to a court filing by federal prosecutors.

The arrest came as Avenatti was appearing before the State Bar Court in Los Angeles, which is conducting disciplinary proceedings related to multiple criminal cases that have been filed against him in California and New York, The Daily Beast reported.

Avenatti was arrested by IRS agents on allegation of violating the terms of his pre-trial release, said Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the Los Angeles U.S. attorney’s office. Continue reading “Anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested by Feds”