The Dark Side of Comparison

gratitudeAntonia Beamish – Comparing ourselves with others is nothing new, it’s human nature. Yet, there is another side to comparison that we’re less aware of. One which is pulling us further away from the ability to truly accept and express our emotions and, instead, fueling a trend of default gratitude, pulling us further away from the joy of authentic appreciation.

The Art of Comparison

We live in a world which is driven by comparison and competition. It’s how our society thrives. As a result of our conditioning to ‘be the best’ we only share the highlights of our lives, never showing the ugliness. The image we present to the world is filtered, polished and perfected, hiding any insecurity, imperfection and emotional vulnerability. Continue reading “The Dark Side of Comparison”

The Best Way To Navigate Through Life

pathVeronica – In a world of constant movement one never knows when the tides will turn.  Some say that a random reality exists that can trip the most advanced energy.  Others believe that there may be superior beings that create realities using the incarnates as pawns.  Both perspectives incite a feeling of helplessness and victimhood.

The best way to navigate through a life is to put yourself in control of it.  Decide to determine the path of your life.  Take action rather than reacting.  Use all of your senses to navigate through it.  You do have more than five of them.  The truly most important one is your intuitive sensing.  Feeling into something often produces more information and awareness than the others. Continue reading “The Best Way To Navigate Through Life”

Not A Single Case Of Flu Detected By UK Health Authorities This Year

Niamh Harris – In the week up to 31 December 2020, only one case of influenza was confirmed by laboratory analysis.

So has the seasonal flu been renamed Covid?

Not according to experts, they claim it was wiped out because of lockdown, tough restrictions and flu jabs. An article in The Independent reports: “The restrictions brought in to curb the spread of the coronavirus, combined with an increased uptake of flu vaccine, have both been credited with driving down infections”

And those experts are now saying that the decline in infections could justify a continued use of hand sanitiser and face masks used for the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading “Not A Single Case Of Flu Detected By UK Health Authorities This Year”

Psyop – The Steal [Video]

capitolAlexandra Bruce – Millie Weaver’s stunning new documentary about the January 6th Capitol Riot has just been released, showing how what happened on January 6, 2021 was part of a well-prepared contingency plan to prevent the contesting and the overturning the fraudulent election results by any means necessary.

On January 6th, both houses of Congress were just about to deliberate the objections to certifying the Electoral College vote, when as if on cue, the Capitol building was breached and Congress moved to recess, disrupting one of the most historic moments in election history. Continue reading “Psyop – The Steal [Video]”

Five Counties Are Trying To Leave Left Wing Oregon

Portland riotsMike LaChance – When you think of Oregon, you probably think of the left wing riots that have been happening in Portland for months.

It’s easy to forget that it’s a big state and not everyone who lives there is a left wing radical.

Some people there are sick of it, and are trying to make parts of the state leave for Idaho.

It’s happening in five counties.

The Washington Times reports: Continue reading “Five Counties Are Trying To Leave Left Wing Oregon”