How to Free Yourself From Toxic Beliefs

toxic beliefsPaul Lenda – We are all born free, yet we imprison ourselves with toxic beliefs.

These beliefs limit our ability to evolve and become better versions of ourselves. Every single one of these toxic beliefs was imposed on our impressionable minds. Over time, they became ingrained into our minds in a way which convinced us that they were true.

How to Identify a Toxic Belief

Identifying a toxic belief is pretty simple. You just need to notice whether you feel stronger, more empowered, and more expansive after that belief becomes relevant in some way.

The caveat in this is that we may mistake our ego’s pride and arrogance for strength and empowerment when in reality, it’s playing into the toxic belief that we are always right. This toxic belief that we are always right is driven by fear…fear of being wrong. Continue reading “How to Free Yourself From Toxic Beliefs”

Last Quarter Moon of Introspection, Alteration, and Commitment

last quarter moonHenry Seltzer – Tuesday’s Last Quarter Moon, taking place at 27 + Leo, in the early afternoon of November 19th for west coast, later afternoon/evening for the east coast and Europe, is another interesting lunation in the midst of these fractious and transformational times that we are currently living through.

All the outer planets are active, indicating the essentially trans-personal nature of the changes that we are putting ourselves through, both collectively and individually.

By this I mean that we benefit from taking a big picture viewpoint on our own needed metamorphosis, something that will make sense to our future selves when we look back from the standpoint of the decades still to come. What, we will want to ask, was in our best interest at the time, as we grow by fits and starts into the person that we will ultimately become?

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Clinton Foundation Continues To Hemorrhage Money Following Hillary’s Loss

clintonAndrew Kerr – The Clinton Foundation’s revenue dropped to a 16-year low in 2018 and reported a third-straight year of losses, a trend that began in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was defeated by President Donald Trump.

The Clinton Foundation reported $30.7 million in revenues in its recently-released 2018 Form 990 tax return, the lowest figure posted by the charity since 2002 when it raised $25.6 million.

The foundation’s 2018 revenue was just 12% of the $249 million it raised in 2009, the first year of Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state under former President Barack Obama.

The Clinton Foundation also posted its third straight year of losses of $16 million or more in 2018, bringing its total losses since 2016 to $49.6 million. Continue reading “Clinton Foundation Continues To Hemorrhage Money Following Hillary’s Loss”

Freedom Is on the March, and the Elites Can’t Stand It

intellectualsJ.B. Shurk – A glaring sign of our intelligentsia’s decrepitude is their absolute lack of interest in understanding either the Brexit vote or the election of Donald Trump.  With a few notable exceptions, those who claim to spend their lives doing the public “thinking” that must surely require higher faculties than possessed by common people, have shown no intellectual curiosity for the social shifts of our day.

You would think people who do thinking for a living would find the events in the U.K. and the U.S. fascinating and historically compelling, if for no other reason than that neither outcome was expected by the intellectuals themselves.

After decades of incremental movement toward a one-government Europe, the people of the U.K. pushed back.  After decades of uni-party leadership in D.C., Americans said, “No more.”

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Elise Stefanik: The “one-woman impeachment wrecking crew”

Dianny Russell – If you’ve been following The Conservative Treehouse during this three-year-long effort to take out President Trump, you are well familiar with Elise Stefanik (R-NY).  She’s the young Representative on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence who backed James Comey into a corner during his March 2017 testimony.

Thanks to Stefanik, we learned that Comey deliberately bypassed standard operating procedure and kept Congress in the dark on the so-called “investigation” of Donald Trump.

Elise Stefanik has an uncanny ability to strip away the BS and get to the nub of the matter.

Which may explain why during the non-witness testimony of disgruntled former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Adam Schiff continually shut Stefanik down.

Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik

Not that it did any good. Continue reading “Elise Stefanik: The “one-woman impeachment wrecking crew””