Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

get rid of negative thoughtHelen Elizabeth Williams – Negative thoughts are deleterious in their power to influence more negative thoughts.

Thinking about the unfortunate state of the world, for example, could set off a chain of thought that involves seeing that there is nothing you can do to change the situation and that your efforts are meaningless.

This kind of negative thinking also impacts those around you in a negative way, which makes your world considerably grim.

Luckily, you can kick off negative thoughts with these simple daily habits.

1. Smile

Smiling is a way to kick off negative thoughts and dark feelings. Studies have shown that even a forced smile brings a genuine smile as you think of the goofiness of it. Continue reading “Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts”

August 2020 Energy Report

August 2020 energyJennifer Hoffman – I’m glad to see July end, are you? It was a tough month and we didn’t even have the familiarity of our routines and normal activities to help us stay grounded and balanced, to anchor our energies in a familiar comfort zone.

August is going to stretch us again but in different directions. What we purged in July we have to fill those energy gaps in August. And it’s a brand new paradigm if we allow it to be. There are miracles available to those who are open to them and some truly wonderful, powerful opportunities to move farther along the ascension path, to become soul energized and energy masters. Continue reading “August 2020 Energy Report”

Black Lives Matter narrative gets destroyed [Video]

Black Lives MatterArt Moore – In less than 40 minutes, Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald on Thursday presented compelling empirical evidence rebutting the Black Lives Matter’s “systemic police racism” narrative that has gripped the nation.

Mac Donald, who has testified to Congress, regularly engages in civil debate with anyone who contests her claims. But YouTube decided her voice should not be heard, deleting a video of her presentation, “The Truth About Crime, Race & Policing in America.”

The host of the event, the Center for the American Experiment, pushed back, and YouTube restored the video but slapped an age restriction on it. Continue reading “Black Lives Matter narrative gets destroyed [Video]”

Fauci The Fraud [w/ Videos]

Fauci the FraudJohn Michael Chambers – The big push is on with 95 days until election day. The deep state which includes the workings of the WHO, CDC, NIH and BIG PHARMA with Fauci the fraud as the front man spokesman, continues to ramp up the battle between truth and lies.

They tell the American people we must wear masks, goggles, practice social distancing, never shake hands again, remain on house arrest, keeping children at home rather than in school and shutting down American businesses and the economy.

They’re doing all they can to prevent free and fair elections which would clearly result in an historical crushing victory for Donald. J. Trump, while suppressing the actual effective and successful treatments like Hydroxychloroquine. They race for their profit making toxic vaccination to control every aspect of our lives and eventually kill us. Continue reading “Fauci The Fraud [w/ Videos]”

The Democratic Elite Is Aging, Becoming Demented

aging partyV & I Kyrylenko – Today’s Democratic political elite is beginning to resemble the USSR Politburo in the 1970–’80s.  It is rapidly aging and becoming demented, which inevitably reflects not just its bizarre behavior, but, most importantly, the quality of strategic and tactical decision-making.  A degraded establishment that practiced socialism cost the Soviet empire its existence.  It will not end differently for the U.S. if it follows this path.

This path is personified by many prominent Democrats.

The most talked about right now is, naturally, Joe Biden, who is poised to secure his presidential nomination bid in August.  At the age of 77 and having had brain surgery, he constantly demonstrates signs of dementia, which is acknowledged by 38 percent of likely voters.

Continue reading “The Democratic Elite Is Aging, Becoming Demented”