This eclipse ‘solar imprint’ comes to give us new hope

Gillian Macbeth Louthan – As we wine and dine and fool ourselves into believing everything we read is truth, we come to an intersection of time that demands our undivided attention. Warning flags and ciphers are every where.  The blind followers continue to feel their way thru the dark forest of upcoming events.  The bread crumbs are strewn about by nature forces that come to confuse the senses. Like a grand magician’s final act the universe says “Look at me as I cloud your senses. Look at me as I mesmerize your children. Look at me as I shroud what is already invisible.”

Whenever  the sky gives a show of breathtaking power, a seasonal and soul change is about to take place. All livingness from deep space and beyond comes to seed the earth for the next level of planetary acceleration. Every layer of earth light will reach up and out, like a sunflower in need of more vitamin D, as the Solar imprint of 2017 is watermarked into the energy field of every living thing on earth. Continue reading “This eclipse ‘solar imprint’ comes to give us new hope”

Face Mapping — A Window To Health and Well-being

Isabelle Clover – Next time you look in the mirror, you may see yourself very differently…

network“Face mapping,” a practice that began over 5,000 years ago in China, is now becoming more and more popular among health practitioners to help diagnose, prevent, and cure disease. It works on the principle that imbalances and dysfunctions in your body show up on your face. You just have to know where and how to look.

Your Face Tells A Story of Your Health

I had a patient who had been trying to find the source of her severe headaches and fatigue for 8 months, going from doctor to doctor. By using face mapping, I was able to locate the problem almost immediately. I noticed an indentation and discoloration just under her nose. That zone, which includes the chin, is associated with hormonal health. As it turned out, her health issues were hormonal, which was confirmed by blood tests. I successfully treated her with meditation, acupuncture, and a specialized mixture of herbs from my Tao of Wellness practice.

Face mapping keys in on five specific zones of the face: the forehead, nose, chin, right cheek, and left cheek. Each of these zones corresponds with the Chinese 5-Element network (fire, earth, water, metal, and wood), which in turn corresponds to particular organ groupings—such as your heart, stomach, hormones, and even your mind and spirit. Continue reading “Face Mapping — A Window To Health and Well-being”

Zero Point Eclipse Activations

zero pointMeg Benedicte – The energy is intensifying as we approach the total Solar Eclipse this Monday, August 21st in the sun sign of Leo.  During the eclipse blackout we will experience a collective ‘pause’, when the world is suspended in zero point energy. This creates a bridge to parallel realities.

So what exactly is zero point energy, and how do we work with it? According to Quantum Physics, there exists within a vacuum state of zero gravity and zero temperature, pulsing virtual particles of kinetic energy. These minute fluctuations create a field of popping virtual electrons, a magnetic force that reacts with the charged particles in an exchange of radiant energy (light). This is the shimmering light activity we experience in the realm of spirit.

The vibrant sea of light operates like a dynamic primordial soup of popping virtual particles, waiting for conscious connection. The spiraling motion in ether is what gives matter its solidity – mass is sustained at every instant by this underlying electromagnetic zero point field.  Based on the ‘Observer Effect’, these small units of energy in our physical world are influenced by the participation of human observation.

Any time a particle-wave is observed by a conscious mind, the exchange would collapse the wave-function and form a particle.  It is the observer’s knowledge, perspective and free-will intentions that instructs the particle to form a certain way in nature.

Now recognized as a powerful potential energy source, the zero point field acts as a portal for souls to enter Earth’s time-space. Activated with the sacred geometry of creation(Metatron’s Cube), the human DNA is coded to ‘remember’ all at zero point. As the conscious mind evolves towards reaching enlightenment, the zero point field plays a vital role influencing the future outcome of the material world. Continue reading “Zero Point Eclipse Activations”

Dealing with the world’s violence

lightThe Angels – We know that so many of you are deeply disturbed by the violence you witness in the world. Certainly we would wish for each and every one of you a kind and loving experience in your lives, and peace in your hearts even when the world is not loving.

“How can this happen,” so many of you are crying unto the heavens. “Has our world gone mad?” We feel your fear. We feel your pain. We feel your compassion. Above all, we feel your love.

Take a moment. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Imagine you can breathe through the top of your head, bringing pure light down into your heart. As this light rests at the heart, hold your breath for just a few seconds and feel the light fill you with angelic peace. Breathe out now as if this light could wash any fear or upset down through the soles of your feet.

Breathe light in through the top of your head. Expand it in your heart. Exhale allowing all darkness to drain through the soles of your feet. Do this until you begin to feel peaceful. Continue reading “Dealing with the world’s violence”

Oracle Report Saturday, August 19, 2017

treeBalsamic Moon Phase: release what you do not want to carry into the Sun’s impending new energetic cycle

Moon in Cancer/Leo 1:55 pm ET/5:55 pm UT

Sun: 28 Leo – “many little birds on the limb of a large tree”

Higher Expression: multiple possibilities, like-minded, re-arrangement, sure footed, relaxed, able to hear truth

Lower Expression: too much information, confusion, unsettled, feelings of vulnerability, anxious

Earth: “a tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter”

Higher Expression: alternative uses, reinforcing inner reserves of energy (do things that you like and that are helpful and healthful), thinking ahead, warm hearted, care for others

Lower Expression: anger, impatience, fear about the future and future security, self sabotage, against nature or one’s nature, unsure, cold hearted, selfish, destruction

Changing perspective to oneness and unity is essential today, as it is all too easy to separate and divide. Continue reading “Oracle Report Saturday, August 19, 2017”

A Solar Eclipse New Moon to Remember

eclipseHenry Seltzer –  Monday’s Solar Eclipse in late Leo, the second New Moon this month in the Sun’s own sign, is notable for several reasons, not the least being the very nature of an eclipse as an extra-powerful lunation, this one being visible as well in its path across the American continent.

The eclipse configuration is made even more potent by many significant inter-planetary connections between both inner and outer planets. The Sun and Moon at the eclipse degree aspect Pluto, by sesquiquadrate, and Uranus by a precise trine, thus bringing these two powerhouse planets further into mass consciousness, as they remain in their broad square alignment that signals the major transformations of this decade. Saturn and Jupiter are also participatory – being joined in a close sextile, while Mars trines Saturn and is in partile sextile to Jupiter.

Neptune is also activated, being in exact semi-square to Uranus and parallel Jupiter, while Eris at 23 Aries trines both Mars and Saturn, making a grand trine in Fire. A social crossroads is therefore being reached where idealism and spiritual values are strong, and where each individual action counts toward the evolution of the greater whole. Continue reading “A Solar Eclipse New Moon to Remember”