The High Festival of the Solstice: Astrology Forecast December 16–23, 2018

full moonLorna Bevan – It is quite rare that a Full Moon festival coincides with one of the four cardinal points of the equinoxes and solstices – as does this 2018 Capricorn solar festival. The potencies of both these cycles are brought together. The Full Moon period of five days overlaps the solstice period of three days, creating a still point window between December 20–25.

The Solstice literally means “the Sun stands still” at the darkest point of the year in the Northern hemisphere. At 0 degrees of Capricorn ruled by Saturn Lord of Time and Karma, for a brief period time becomes fluid, plastic and meaningless. The Capricorn Full Moon solar festival occurs simultaneously with the Solstice, literally super-charging the Christ-Mass solstice period of 2018. Capricorn is the sign of the initiate, the most mysterious sign where the Dweller on the Threshold transmutes the forces of materialism and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. Continue reading “The High Festival of the Solstice: Astrology Forecast December 16–23, 2018”

Life as a Trump-Supporting Female in Manhattan

Donald J TrumpPamela Garber – As that rarest of species in Manhattan – a single female and therapist who supports the policies of Donald Trump – I am routinely informed by my dates and peers that, in addition to my common, domestic lifestyle, I am “destroying the world.”

Finding someone whom I can share my life with is a priority, and I am on a mainstream dating site.  After a favorable email exchange with a divorced guy, things moved to a phone conversation.  He asked what I do.  I said I am a therapist.  We talked about our mutual interest in running, and I said that if I got accepted to run N.Y. again, I would train on the treadmill while listening to Trump’s speeches.  I said that would be Nirvana. He then said the president is guilty of genocide for what he is “doing” to the caravan people.  I said I see it differently but that I am sympathetic and heartbroken still over Elián González and that having to face Janet Reno in the middle of the night was pretty cruel.  He then said we are not a match, that people like me are destroying the world – but wished me luck and then said, “Lord help us” before hanging up on me.

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Deep State FBI and DOJ Worked at Light Speed to Frame Gen. Flynn


Joe Hoft – The Deep State corrupt characters in the FBI and DOJ worked overtime and at the speed of light in their efforts to frame and set up General Michael Flynn and the Trump Administration.  After they were caught, they delayed for months in providing evidence to the US Senate and the DOJ Inspector General’s Office and eventually destroyed evidence that would have clearly shown their criminal deeds.

The Deep State actors in the FBI and DOJ in their attempt to overthrow the Trump Administration were corrupt and criminal but they weren’t lazy.  They only pretend to be lazy and sloppy when they are caught and are asked to provide evidence that would unravel their crimes.  Before President-elect Trump’s Inauguration, these corrupt employees of the Obama Administration even worked overtime and on the weekends to usurp the will of the American people.

For example, on December 29 of 2016, right after President – elect Trump won the election, his soon to be National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, contacted Russian Ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak.  The call was well within the mandate of General Flynn’s new role in the soon to be Trump administration. Continue reading “Deep State FBI and DOJ Worked at Light Speed to Frame Gen. Flynn”