333 Christed Stargate

thothMeg Benedicte – It is no coincidence that the first few months of 2019 are blessed with three zero point Supermoons, occurring at zero degrees. The cosmos is ushering in a massive reality shift on planet earth, a zero point reset. Additionally, on March 3rd, 2019 is a rare 333 Activation of Christed Consciousness. 333 symbolizes the Trinity of Life, the tetrahedron plutonic solid template of quartz crystal.

In numerology, 33 represents the ‘Master Teacher’ and Eternal Truth, exemplified in the ancient Egyptian god Thoth. 33 is the most influential of all numbers – combining Master numbers 11 and the 22.  Thoth is best known as a god of writing and wisdom, a cosmic deity, and vizier of the gods, a creator god and warrior. In esoteric mythology Lord Metatron was Thoth the Scribe, the recording angel of truth. Continue reading “333 Christed Stargate”

Full Moon at 01 Virgo – Special Oracle Report

Moon in Leo Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, process, analyze

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: 16 Aquarius – “a big businessman at his desk” (lead yourself, solve)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: 27 Aries – “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained” (return to truth, return to true self)

full moon
Sunset Over Avon Lake, Ohio – Photo by Heather

Laura Walker – Wise owls, we have multiple astrological events happening as we move into the Full Moon today (February 19, 2019 at 10:54 am EDT/7:54 am PDT). Let’s get in the gno:

1 – Chiron Re-Enters Aries As Mars Conjuncts The Chiron Point – Holy Chiron, Batman! This is some massive Chiron energy that is going to teach us something IMPORTANT throughout the Full Moon phase, but primarily yesterday and today. So we want to be watchful and mindful even more than we normally would.

The heavenly energies teach us via the subtle curriculum and schedule of astrology. The timing of this lesson is quite special. This is because it is happening alongside several significant astrological aspects. Continue reading “Full Moon at 01 Virgo – Special Oracle Report”

Credit Exhaustion Is Global

chinaCharles Hugh Smith –  The signs are everywhere: credit exhaustion is global, and that means the global growth story is over: revenues and profits are all sliding as lending dries up and defaults pile up.

What is credit exhaustion? Qualified buyers don’t want to borrow more, leaving only the unqualified or speculators seeking to save a marginal bet gone bad with one more loan (which will soon be in default).

Lenders are faced with a lose-lose choice: either stop lending to unqualified borrowers and speculators, and lose the loan-origination fees, or issue the loans and take the immense losses when the punters and gamblers default.

Europe is awash in credit exhaustion, and so is China. China’s situation is unique, as credit expansion has been propping up the entire economy, from household wealth to corporate speculation to the export sector. Continue reading “Credit Exhaustion Is Global”

Democrats Can’t Hide Crazy!

trumpWayne Allyn Root – Back in November I predicted all of this. I wrote my most controversial column ever. After the GOP had lost the House, I predicted the big winner of the November midterms was…

President Trump.

I’m sure many of my readers thought I was stark raving mad. But my November prediction has proven 100% correct. Back then, I predicted putting Democrats in charge would embarrass them, expose them, destroy them. Suddenly the craziest and most radical Democrats could no longer be hidden. I believed Democrats winning the House was the best thing that ever happened to Trump. I was “on the money.” Continue reading “Democrats Can’t Hide Crazy!”

We The People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason


Aim For Truth – The Anonymous Patriots have written extensively about Comey and Mueller’s crimes, but this is the first time we are listing crimes they have committed under the protection of “National Security” which were, in fact, crimes against America. With this internet posting, We the People are officially charging them with these crimes and we demand that military tribunals be set up to prosecute these traitors.

After you read this, please make your own official charge to the appropriate authorities for those listed in this citizen intelligence report. Make sure to send a copy to the Department of Justice and the White House. Please forward this link through your social media networks to wake up other patriots.

Many of these crimes have been reported on extensively by the American Intelligence Media. A suggested reading list is attached at the bottom of the report.

Comey’s Spies – Mueller’s Lies

When you say the Mueller Investigation, please remember it is actually the Comey Investigation to Impeach as it was called by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two of the key FBI members of a team that Comey led through Bill Priestap’s counterintelligence department which is protected by a “National Security” blanket that allows them to conduct top secret “operations.” Continue reading “We The People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason”