Sophy Grew Up In A Garbage Dump Then Earned A Scholarship

Mayukh Saha – A journey of a woman from a garbage dump to earning a scholarship in the prestigious University of Melbourne – sounds like a fairy-tale Hollywood movie, right? Well, turns out that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction. Sophy Ron is the hero of this fairy tale and despite all the struggles, she seems to have achieved a lot in her life. Especially, when you consider her struggles.

SophySophy Ron started working from a very young age. She lived in a garbage dump. She had to work to make money and feed her family. Her future looked obvious – it was and remained forever in the garbage dump. That’s the only place her eyes could settle on. Continue reading “Sophy Grew Up In A Garbage Dump Then Earned A Scholarship”

The Incredible Disappearing Underwater Observatory

Fake NewsJoseph P Farrell – So many people shared this article that – up front – I want to say thank you for doing so. And I understand their reasons for doing so. We’ll get back to that.

But first, the story: it seems that an automated underwater observatory has gone completely missing off the coast of Germany in the Baltic Sea:

Large Underwater Observatory Disappears Without a Trace, Baffling Scientists

The story is rather simple: the observatory was there one day, and wasn’t the next:

A large monitoring station used to gather important scientific data in the Baltic Sea has mysteriously vanished. Continue reading “The Incredible Disappearing Underwater Observatory”

Crystalline Grid Upgrades

crystalsKim Semetis – We have had a major shift/upgrade of our crystalline grids within our physical vessel since the new 2020 codes came in just a few short days ago.

I could feel my body changing for about a week or so before this occurred. You may have noticed that you have had, or will soon, appearing on your physical vessel tiny or much larger bumps that may look like pustules, boils or pimples where the crystals held within have been activating and are forming near the surface of the skin.

From my personal experience these may turn into a red dot after the incubation period and then the skin may/will begin to peel. I have had so many forming back to back on my hands and feet for years now, on and off. Continue reading “Crystalline Grid Upgrades”

Opening to synchronicity

lifeThe Angels – Imagine your life as a Divine dance of synchronistic events that seem to fall magically in place. Imagine that you live in a flow of grace and guidance that allows you to enjoy the journey of life even as you create more. Imagine enjoying seeming “coincidences” that surprise and delight you at every turn.

This type of life is not only possible but will, by the very nature of the universe and its design, come about as you learn to listen to your hearts and embrace the love and joy you can find in any given moment. These synchronicities are a sign that you are living in the flow of grace, in a high vibrational reality of love, where all beings are guided in harmony and love.

You will have a thought and later that day see something that validates your inspiration. You will feel like being in a certain place at a certain time, only to discover you meet someone with answers or some sort of blessing for you. You will have an urge to say something to someone, only to discover an answer or a connection. Continue reading “Opening to synchronicity”

Dealing With “Energy Vampires”

energy vampiresVeronica – We have spoken to many who report negative energy attacks by others.  Often they are defined by what some call “evil spirits”.  We say that more often than not the moments are created by other incarnates.  Some wish to hijack extra energy for themselves.  Some in their own desperation take energy because they have difficulty generating enough on their own.

The most impactful part of an energy attack by another is trusting the universe again.  To allow oneself to be totally aligned and then drained is definitely a traumatic event.  This is especially so because of the trust issues involved.

Linear life is filled with such potholes that leave most of you in a rush to protect yourself.  It can be a paralyzing moment for the most evolved individual.  The most unfortunate part of that is to be really alive, it’s important to be open energetically. Continue reading “Dealing With “Energy Vampires””