Be led by Angels of Light

lightShanta Gabriel – When you resolve to let go of fear, an amazing energy is set into motion. It is as though hands of Angels join together in circles of light around you, keeping you protected and nurtured. When you walk, you are carried by these Angels “lest you strike your foot against a stone,” as is said in Psalm 91.

Sometimes letting go of fear can feel as though you are taking a leap into the Unknown. However, it is often necessary to take this large step in order to make the greatest progress in your life. When your intention is to serve the Highest Good in all you do, and when you have the willingness to move through your fear of the unknown, this step off a cliff will be into the arms of these magnificent beings of light. Angels will assist you to fly to the heights of grandeur and to the depths of peace. Continue reading “Be led by Angels of Light”

Are you thinking forward or backwards?

attentionIf you want to manifest, your emphasis and thinking has to always be forward. It means thinking of new possibilities and what is positively in the process of manifesting, and never being bogged down in the past and things which are no longer relevant.

That is what it means to be a deliberate creator. Your emphasis and thinking is always what is in the process of becoming, and then it becomes real for you.

Here are some steps to help you here: Continue reading “Are you thinking forward or backwards?”

42 Hours of Buckminster Fuller’s Visionary Lectures Free Online (1975)

buckminster fullerArjun WaliaBuckminster Fuller was truly ahead of his time, he was a humanitarian and an activist that provided multiple alternative ways of thought as well as critical questioning with regards to the human experience and how we are currently living here on planet Earth.

He was one of many visionaries that could easily see how the human race could operate differently, in a manner where everybody could have their needs met, and provided ways that the human race could actually live in harmony with the planet. Continue reading “42 Hours of Buckminster Fuller’s Visionary Lectures Free Online (1975)”

Fired and Disgraced Former ICIG Atkinson Left Behind a Trail of Lies and Corruption

AtkinsonJim Hoft – This guy should be locked up.  Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) Michael Atkinson left behind a trail of lies and corruption from his days at the DOJ and as ICIG.  Even his wife is connected to the Deep State.

On Friday President Trump announced that he was firing ICIG Atkinson because he could no longer be trusted. The President had lost all confidence in Atkinson.

Here is the President’s letter to the US Senate announcing the move: Continue reading “Fired and Disgraced Former ICIG Atkinson Left Behind a Trail of Lies and Corruption”

The War of 2020 – Making Sense Of The Madness

UN Agenda 2030 Unfolding Before Your Eyes

God is in chargeJohn Michael Chambers – So this is what a New World Order looks like. Control over every aspect of our lives all across the globe. A vote for the Democrats is a vote for this. Think before you vote. And if they succeed, (and they will not), forced testing and forced toxic vaccinations, asserting additional control in many aspects of our very existence is what lies ahead just around the corner. People control. Population control. Please watch Part I of Agenda 2030 here then Part II here. This may help you to make sense of the madness.

Let us keep in mind, President Trump and we the people, are really their only formidable challenge to accomplishing all of the goals set out in the UN’s Agenda 2030 plan. And Trump is not ushering in the NWO, nor has he violated the Constitution. In fact he is leading America’s second revolution from the NWO. We are at war and in a national state of emergency, the Stafford Act and other war time measures now in place, gives the President enormous powers to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. Continue reading “The War of 2020 – Making Sense Of The Madness”