Intuition Is A “Superpower” Representing One of The Highest Forms of Intelligence

intuitionArjun Walia – Mainstream science has been catching on to the fact that non-physical aspects of the human being are not only real, but they can be grown and developed into powerful tools for personal development and use. Non physical phenomena, like intuition, remote viewingtelepathy, and precognition (to name a few) for example, have been studied at the highest levels of government for decades.

Various nations have poured millions if not billions of dollars into these programs for with demonstrated repeated success, but despite this fact these findings remain heavily unacknowledged, ridiculed, “classified” and in many cases chucked in the “pseudoscience” bucket.

It’s understandable, new information and discoveries have always been heavily opposed and “scoffed” at by intellectual authorities, especially if these discoveries don’t fit within the accepted framework of knowledge. There’s a general tendency to dismiss ideas that go against the grain and conflict what we’ve previously convinced ourselves is truth. Continue reading “Intuition Is A “Superpower” Representing One of The Highest Forms of Intelligence”

The Truth About Spiritual Shaming

spiritual shamingJennifer Hoffman – As we move farther into our 3D/5D ascension integration, people are choosing which side of the light they are going to be on. And they can be rather vocal about what they expect from the ‘spiritual’ people or those who have already make their light choice.

This is all bringing up a lot of fear, anxiety, and insecurity which is a normal response to the dissolution of the foundation of our 3D existence in which everything is shifting. It’s also bringing up a lot of strange responses from people who want support and guidance from those they think have the answers and if they don’t get it they are engaging in ‘spiritual shaming’ accusing others of not being ‘spiritual’. Continue reading “The Truth About Spiritual Shaming”

Become a Warrior in the Heart

soulOpen – Make no mistake we are at an anvil in human history. The falsehoods enacted by states around the world in the name of the virus pandemic and the bogus control of populations are being called into account by the rising of sovereign consciousness. But much more needs to be done, and not by the leaders of our world, but by regular people – the likes of you and me, for there are millions of us, governed only by consent. A quasi facist/communist takeover seeks to spread its dark veil across the planet, which free and sovereign people are being invited to challenge.

It’s deceptive. It’s confusing. It appears even in the guise of democracy, enacting “regulations” for “the good of the whole”. But when you go into your heart, no matter how confusing to the mind, you recognise it immediately as control. It is anything other than freedom, respect and love. This is what we must stand up against and express into, in order to expose and unravel.

Continue reading “Become a Warrior in the Heart”

Are We Still Allowed To Ask Questions?

questionPaul Rosenberg – Aside from a breathless stream of headlines and a few random inputs, I haven’t seen many facts regarding the events of January 6th. Circumstances made things that way for me, and now I’m glad they did, because it set me up for the really important issue: Am I allowed to ask questions about this, or am I not?

Bear in mind that I haven’t voted for or otherwise championed Mr. Trump. (Nor did I support his opponents.) More than that, I really want to know the answers to these questions. Especially given the fallout from January 6th, honest answers to these questions matter a great deal. Continue reading “Are We Still Allowed To Ask Questions?”

This is a Big Multidimensional Event

TrumpJames Gilliland – We opened some of the last newsletters with this in not a drill, heads up, etc. It is a Big Event is how Cazekiel often opens a dialog. We are in that Big Event. What is unfolding is multidimensional yet we often give down-to-earth verification for those who need to ground the information.

It is now proven that the assault on the Capitol building was orchestrated by the left and the deep state. John Sullivan, a leftist, confessed to the FBI saying he and 250 Antifa and BLM members dressed up like Trump supporters, orchestrated the event along with capitol police. They were on orders from high members in the Democratic Party, some Rinos as well. Continue reading “This is a Big Multidimensional Event”