Trump is the First Global Leader To Call Out China [CPAC Australia] [Video]

The Epoch Times – In Nigel Farage’s view, why is the suppression of conservative viewpoints so dangerous to the functioning of a civilized democracy? And how does President Trump differ from other world leaders in his stance on China?

This is American Thought Leaders  and I’m Jan Jekielek. In this special episode of American Thought Leaders at CPAC Australia, the head of the Chinese edition of The Australian Epoch Times, John Xiao, hosts an interview with Nigel Farage, the Leader of the UK Brexit Party. Continue reading “Trump is the First Global Leader To Call Out China [CPAC Australia] [Video]”

Billionaire Republican donor David Koch dies at 79

David H Koch

The Horn News – Billionaire industrialist David H. Koch, who with his older brother, Charles, transformed American politics by pouring their riches into conservative causes, has died at age 79.

Charles Koch announced the death on Friday, saying, “It is with a heavy heart that I now must inform you of David’s death.”

David Koch, who lived in New York City, was the Libertarian Party’s vice presidential candidate in 1980. He was a generous donor to conservative political causes as well as educational, medical and cultural groups. Continue reading “Billionaire Republican donor David Koch dies at 79”

If Trump Declassifies These 10 Documents, Democrats Are Doomed


Tyler Durden – As the Russiagate circus attempts to quietly disappear over the horizon, with Democrats preferring to shift the anti-Trump narrative back to “racist”, “white supremacist”, “xenophobe”, and the mainstream media ready to squawk “recession”; the Trump administration may have a few more cards up its sleeve before anyone claims the higher ground in this farce we call an election campaign.

As The Hill’s John Solomon details, in September 2018 that President Trump told my Hill.TV colleague Buck Sexton and me that he would order the release of all classified documents showing what the FBI, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other U.S. intelligence agencies may have done wrong in the Russia probe.

And while it’s been almost a year since then, of feet-dragging and cajoling and deep-state-fighting, we wonder, given Solomon’s revelations below, if the president is getting ready to play his ‘Trump’ card. Continue reading “If Trump Declassifies These 10 Documents, Democrats Are Doomed”

Can Kind, Loving Thoughts Slow the Biological Aging Process?

kindnessNikki Harper – We all know that kindness and compassion are good things, and most of us probably try to be kind and compassionate whenever possible. But what if the focused intent behind kind and loving thoughts could actually benefit your physical health as well as your psychological wellbeing?

A recent study from the University of North Carolina suggests exactly this. The study, published this spring in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, found that regular practice of Loving Kindness Meditation appears to slow down the rate of attrition in telomeres, which are a vital part of the biological aging process. [1] Continue reading “Can Kind, Loving Thoughts Slow the Biological Aging Process?”

Study Suggests that Magnetic Nano Coils Can Decompose Ocean Microplastics

worldNikki Harper – The scale of plastic waste in our oceans is enormous. We’ve all seen and recoiled at the photos of precious marine wildlife and birds with plastic-filled stomachs, but as previously reported here on Wake Up World, it’s not only the larger pieces of plastic which are a threat. Microplastics, pieces 5mm across or smaller, are everywhere. According to a 2015 study, there could be up to 51 trillion pieces in our oceans. [1]

Microplastics have been found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the ocean. [2] They are also found in the fish and shellfish we eat, and therefore in human excrement. We don’t yet know for sure how the microplastics we ingest harm our health, but it’s a pretty safe bet that they do. The microplastics ingested by marine life are known to cause tumours and liver issues. [3] Continue reading “Study Suggests that Magnetic Nano Coils Can Decompose Ocean Microplastics”