The Gift of Cultivating Spaciousness

spaciousnessMary O’Malley – “Spaciousness.” Let what that word evokes fill your whole being. Perhaps say it out loud in a long, drawn out way.  This is how you feel when you have just fallen in love and your loved one can’t do anything wrong, even if he or she squeezes the toothpaste from the center!  Nothing seems to bother you. Why?  Because your heart is open and you have stepped into the world of spaciousness. Now, six months into the new relationship, it drives you crazy that the toothpaste is not squeezed from the bottom.  This is because your conditioned self takes over again bringing tightness and reaction instead of spaciousness.

When you were very young, you lived in spaciousness. Life danced through you. Then slowly, as you reacted to the challenges in your life, you got tighter and smaller until you ended up in a bubble of struggle.  This is where most people live, cut off from being fully alive! Continue reading “The Gift of Cultivating Spaciousness”

Your Life Is Not Limited To One Path


Joe Martino – It is no secret that life can sometimes feel like a limited paved road laid out before us that we feel the need to stick to. Look at how we are brought up. Most of the time we come into the world and begin gaining our perceptions from those closest to us –our parents. As time goes on we find ourselves in school. Throughout that time we also begin watching what others do around us, what we see on TV and in movies.

What is happening is we are observing and creating an idea of how life should be; the best way to play the game. But what is ‘best?’

How many times have we heard “That’s not the best decision” or “That’s not the best decision for the whole family.” When you look at either statement you realize that “best” is subjective. What the “best” is to one person may not be the “best” to another. Even further, both of the perceptions of “best” are created from whatever belief systems each have created in their own lives. This is the key factor to realize. Continue reading “Your Life Is Not Limited To One Path”

The Burning of Brett Kavanaugh


Deanna Chadwell – Any thinking person today is hearing alarms going off in all directions over the Kavanaugh accusations. It’s obvious that this is all dirty politics; we can see that in the timing, in the fussiness about Ford testifying, in the nasty rhetoric that swirls in poisonous clouds throughout Washington. But the problem is much deeper.

In the first place, we have no clearly defined morés for sexual behavior anymore. The sexual revolution has opened a multitude of fearful doors. Our young women find themselves defenseless in compromising situations and we have no guidance to give them.

We have no way to counsel them — or our young men either -– about just where the line is. Sex is now allowed, performed, promoted. Women feel they can behave in any way they wish, wear whatever they wish, and men have to hold that line and read feminine signals with no idea of what they mean. This looseness has been trending for decades and suddenly now we’ve turned puritanical and are horrified at the very thought of sexual advances happening. Continue reading “The Burning of Brett Kavanaugh”

Soros’ Son forms Shadow government with Obama

sorosLeo ZagamiAlexander G. Soros, the son of George Soros, Deputy Chair of the Open Society Foundation and one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders of 2018, met with Obama on Saturday, the 22nd of September, to officially reintroduce him to the political game with these words later published on Twitter: It was Great to welcome President @BarackObama back into my home this week and introduce him on behalf of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee is another tool of the Deep State whose motto is incredibly enough: The political system is rigged. Continue reading “Soros’ Son forms Shadow government with Obama”

Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses McCabe -vs- Rosenstein on FISA Abuse… [Video]

Sundance –  British intelligence, apparently seeking to protect Robert Hannigan, the former Director of GCHQ; and Australian intelligence intelligence seeking to protect Alexander Downer, Foreign Affairs Minister and Ambassador to the U.K; have asked President Trump Trump NOT to release un-redacted FISA documents.

Chairman Devin Nunes discusses the involvement of the U.K and Australia, along with the conflict between DAG Rod Rosenstein and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe ‘s attempt at a Coup d’état to impeach President Trump. Continue reading “Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses McCabe -vs- Rosenstein on FISA Abuse… [Video]”