Beautiful Lessons We Can All Learn About Love

loveJade Small – Love is the essence of life. It is everywhere present, even in your every breath. When you open your awareness to love, when you fill your life with love, you feel more and more alive. You feel at peace.

You may have many material things in life that make your life more comfortable, but if you don’t feel love, no matter how many material things you have accumulated that make you feel safe, you will feel as if something is missing. Love is that which brings a sense of aliveness and a sense of purpose.

One thing we all have in common with one another in our life journey is that all of us are searching for love. Continue reading “Beautiful Lessons We Can All Learn About Love”

The Law Of Cause And Effect In Action

12 July – Mercury Direct
14 July – Mars conjunct Chiron
14 July – Sun opposite Jupiter
15 July – Sun opposite Pluto
16 July – Sun square Eris
19 July – Venus opposite Great Attractor

July 2020 eclipseLorna Bevan – This week’s astrology means business. Those 3 eclipses one after the other are taking a real emotional toll and our resilience is being tested over and over. The June 21st Solar eclipse was in Cancer, last Sunday July 5th’s lunar eclipse fell across Capricorn/Cancer and the approaching New Moon on June 20th is in Cancer which means that issues of personal safety and security are taking a battering. Continue reading “The Law Of Cause And Effect In Action”

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science Since WW2 [Video]

population controlAlexandra Bruce – This may be Amazing Polly’s greatest video so far, about the Nazi, Soviet, CIA and Maoist origins of radical Left ideologies and the quest for biological domination of the human race, from fertility, to mind control, to bioweapons, to depopulation, to transhumanism.

Polly traces the historic trajectory that connects Jeffrey Epstein, the Maxwells and other players in our present-day eugenicist, technofascist takeover, beginning at the end of World War II, looking at the roles of Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein and how science has been co-opted to steer humanity with the US Army’s Project Rusty, NASA, JPL, cybernetics and a Wuhan connection that goes all the way back. Continue reading “Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science Since WW2 [Video]”

Why Joe Biden is the Perfect Democratic Candidate

Joe BidenStephen Borthwick – Back in 2010, the Democrat Party decided they didn’t want their official logo to be a star-spangled donkey, and they went looking for a better kind of jackass to represent them. It looks like they’ve struck gold with Joe Biden.

Just like the Democrats in general, he can’t seem to remember where he was yesterday, much less how he voted 20 years ago. In opposition to the President’s triumphant celebration of America at Mount Rushmore, Biden’s Fourth of July address was full of nothing but Antifa catchphrases and the kind of self-loathing attacks on his own country that have become a religious ritual for the left since 1968. Continue reading “Why Joe Biden is the Perfect Democratic Candidate”

Stay Angry, Not Dispirited

Joe BidenClarice Feldman – Like baboons showing their rears to zoo goers, the election of President Trump caused the rotting institutions of America to reveal their least attractive features. The press has engaged in nonstop lying without remorse. The premier educational institutions have revealed their Marxist colors and disdain for the sifting and winnowing of ideas that once were their reason to be. The FBI, Department of Justice, and the courts have tipped their partisanship, and to their dishonor, the ethical grounding that once made them worthy of respect.

Not for the first time  Conrad Black  has accurately summarized the “nightmare campaign of outright idiocy” we’ve faced since Trump’s election.

It’s nice to know that he believes I am not the only one considering the country has gone mad. He says “a very large number of us” share that view. And he goes on to show us why. Continue reading “Stay Angry, Not Dispirited”