A Special Message about 11:11 Light Codes for 2017

light codesAA GabrielYou are in an evolution of shifting consciousness. Just as the Dawn lights up the day, and dark follows the day into night, so are you shifting and changing.

At times it may be so subtle that even those around you will not notice. Other times it comes with the gift of more radical change. You may shift into a higher frequency in such an illuminating way that you leave behind all that you have known. It may feel like your world crumbled around you, but it was you who shifted realities.

Make no mistake. Your soul will use every opportunity to get your attention so you can bring more conscious awareness into the evolution taking place within you and on the Earth.

Create new connections to that part of you that has been freed and is now functioning with greater expansion. Know that you have leaped into new dimensional realities with your commitment to your spiritual practice and that you are not the same person that began this evolution so many days ago. Your body is now recalibrating, so continue to give yourself the space to breathe very deeply and sink into your heart.

With this practice, you have developed new fortitude within your spirit for daily life. As the month progresses, new realities will continue to open. When you are in the midst of a crowd or a gathering of people, you will have an exquisite opportunity to come back into Alignment and make sure your energy field is filled with the light of Well-being, Fortitude and Love. You will be able to know that you are irrevocably linked to the power of Peace and Harmony within your soul’s highest reality.

It is vitally important that you remember to slow down and breathe deeply as things feel like they are speeding up. Know that Love you carry in your heart is a radiant blessing. Don’t expect anyone to notice any difference in you or to know that you have been immersed in Light for all these days of the Anusthan. You are in this space at this time here on Earth to be a radiant light to the world without expectation of return.

Allow all of Life to respond to that beautiful frequency and feel how much you are loved.

Throughout every moment, remember that all is well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel – I invite you to join this sacred gathering from January 1 to January 11 to anchor the 11:11 Light Codes of the Divine Feminine and Well-being on the Earth for the year of 2017.

As thousands of people join in anchoring the awakening of the 11:11 Light of Divinity into their own DNA, we also are supported by the Archangels who use that 11:11 frequency to open the sacred gateways into the realms of Intentional Manifestation.

I am doing a short Sanskrit mantra for the Welfare of All Beings, and you are invited to join me for a more structured practice. My guru called this dedicated practice an Anusthan, and it holds ancient powers to bless not only those who are involved, but to radiate special blessings into the world.

Whether you join me or not, please take the time from January 1 to January 11 for your own focused intentions. These frequencies bring the perfected patterns of Awakening into the hearts and minds of all humanity and bring great blessings to the Earth for 2017.

Please register here

SF Source Shanta Gabriel Dec. 2016

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