Gemini 2021 New Cycle

choicesLaura Walker – Who is ready to learn about the Gemini New Moon?

The Gemini New Moon comes to us Thursday, June 10 at 6:52 am EST at the Sabian symbol of 20 Gemini, “a cafeteria with an abundance of choices.”

What does this image mean to you? What could it mean, if there were choices to change it? Maybe we start off thinking we have one option, but maybe, throughout the month we see there are many, many choices.

This is Second Renaissance. This is an upwelling of The Individual — across all spectrums — in response to massive changes within a system. It is easy to see now that it was predicted and then it happened.

Now, we have the first cycle with the “new energetic Sun.” This was predicted and then it happened! We talked about this with the New Moon in Taurus and the symbol of prophecy with the “white dove flying over troubled waters.” The Aztec prophecy of the Sixth Sun manifested.

Look at the way things are coming along now. The NWO order is in systems deconstruction. In the future, we will see that Rome has fallen. They are dangerous creatures when threatened, and they hold a lot of power, but they are not the match for what has happened with 2nd Renaissance.

Do some of you feel like I do that “tracking” the NWO with the astrology and the symbols are child’s play at this point? There is no creativity or expressive abstraction to the way they follow them now. This leads me to one conclusion I have considered for the past few months: an AI is now directing the NWO’s actions according to the symbols.

That is so far from boring that it leads to another conclusion: what are you doing for 2nd Renaissance? The Energetics Of Us In Collaboration With God are opening up “an abundance of choices.” The fall of the NWO will bring the opportunity to those who want to be a part of that action in rectification.

But, that’s not what I estimate with the Oracle Report’s wise owls here and what I can make an educated guess at what is open to anyone (not counting any Jesuits and other minions) to be about three thousand people. There is a deeper meaning, and the one we are concerned with.

We are three thousand people who have been actively participating, at a daily level, to interpret the symbols — to interpret the code and how it plays out in the world and in ourselves. At OR, it is a practical application of the art of Bruce Lee in life.

We see the way the code has been corrupted from its intended Source in the world. We see that coming to an end. And, we knew it was predicted.

Nobody studies abstract astrological symbols of the universe in this depth. It is not of interest to most people. The symbols are sometimes weird and are even old-fashioned now. If people understood how astrology and the symbols can have a dramatic impact on their lives, they would study them. I do believe this is beginning to change, and people will become interested — especially in how physics interacts or parallels it.

So, here we are. Are you feeling an abundance of choices? Are you feeling like you are not in the elementary cafeteria (unless you are like me and all things of elementary school are a treasure)? Maybe we are heading up to Piccadilly cafeteria. Does anyone remember that? That was a time when older ladies, who had been cooking all of their lives, at least in the south, made all of the food long before there was GMO. That was a good time.

Now it is our time for a good time. An abundance of choices is preparing to open for us. The 2nd Renaissance demands we push out beyond recognized choices and actualize who we are. For now, let’s consider this symbol and all that it holds for us. That’s what we do in Crescent solar cycles — we persevere with our intentions and do not give up on them. This cycle is the second of two Crescents cycles, which is what we will talk about tomorrow. And it is a solar annular eclipse.

Independence Day here in the US will happen during this cycle. It occurs to me that nothing says “freedom” more than the abundance of choices.

Much love, L

SF Source Oracle Report Jun 2021

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