The Power Of Thought Molds Experienced Reality

by Eric Janovsky | Stankov Universal Law
October 30, 2011

The Creative Power of Our Thoughts

First of all we need to understand the power of the consciousness and how it moulds our reality. This is the first lesson of understanding how we can change the present cycle we are living in.

Most people are beginning to realise the power of the mind and how easy it is to control situations and our environments and ultimately the outcome of life itself.

Scientists today are starting to learn that our consciousness creates matter. So in effect we create our own reality. We are all controlled much more than we think and if only we knew the rules of our consciousness and how we have come by the life we lead, we would be more in control of the world and it would be a happier place to live. We would have far more abundance, there would be no starvation, and no wars, religions would unite. We would understand that we are not alone and never have been.

You see we have only ourselves to blame for the way our lives and planet have turned out. We have bought into everything that is offered. We have all contributed to everything around us. And I mean everything. I mean the wars. The starving of millions. The suffering of nations. Even natural disasters. Everything bad on this planet has been created by our thought processes.

In other words, we can say that our collective consciousness has created the reality we live in. Now whether there are groups at the top of society with the understanding and knowledge of how to control the masses of people, or whether everything that has happened on this planet is a direct result of our collective consciousness, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is how we understand this works and how we can take up the challenge of change.

What we all need to do is change our thought patterns and not be dictated by our environments and ignore what we digest daily from the mainstream newspapers, daily news articles and magazines and anything else we might read. Don’t get me wrong its OK reading, but remember do not let the imaging of what you have read control your consciousness, don‘t dwell. Whatever thought process you adopt and you keep that thought within your mindset, you will turn the thought into reality. As a species we all need to grow up and realize that we have made this mess and we alone can only put it right. So we have to raise our thinking patterns to a higher frequency and not be dictated with all that is around us.

Now picture different groups of people around the world. Picture different countries and cultures and even the people in lands that have not the resources to feed themselves. Do you ask why they just keep going around in a constant cycle and never getting anywhere. How is it that certain groups are OK but other have not got the surroundings to support them or feed them. Think of all the wars around the planet that have been ongoing for decades and decades. Perhaps some of the wars have been orchestrated or manipulated for greed and for support of the war machine. But again, we have only ourselves to blame for letting our minds accept this way of thinking and buying into this negative projection of energy.

Our thoughts create the reality we live in. So therefore we have created our planet and the way it has been shaped over the past 10 000 years. If we have had civilisations before, and my research has informed me we have. Then we have gone through the same old mistakes as usual. We have destroyed past civilisations by the same process.

Thought creates matter. Remember that. Embed those words into your minds and think about before you go to sleep. Remind yourself that whatever is on your minds, the possibility is that your consciousness will create the matter and turn it into reality.

You can now see why we are all living the way we are. With all the papers we are reading and different types of TV programs. This is all moulding the life we live.

Think. Imagine you are living in a very small village that offers only a very limited choice of luxuries. You struggle every day to make ends meet. You live in a ramshackle of hut. You only just get by each day. You live in the absolute bare minimum. With this in mind, what are your thoughts each and every day. You are feeding your consciousness with the ongoing cycle and the life you have manifested just goes around in the same old cycles.

With the knowledge of how our thoughts create our reality we could change the outcome. It doesn’t really matter how scarce the surroundings are, the trick is to continually feed your consciousness with a different picture so the outcome is not the same. We can all change the current paradigm, but we need to know the rules and how to change it.

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Move From The Unreal To The Creator’s Expression Of What Life Should Be

by Mike Quinsey |The Galactic Federation
October 31 2011

Disclosure as such is important to us but not as much as the subsequent developments, and the dark Ones try by any means to block the announcement as it spells the end of their covert activities. It is also the beginning of a closer relationship between us, that will see a great coming together in the Brotherhood of Light. We are therefore pressing our allies to commence Disclosure as soon as possible, but if necessary we will make it happen. We have long referred to the divine date for it, and that looms near so any delay will be short lived.

It is not that you will be unprepared for Ascension, as it has been happening for a very long time. Also once we can openly communicate with you, we will make the details clearly known to you. As it stands, those of you who have elected to ascend have diligently followed the advice that has been given. You have found your own path, and many already live their lives as one who walks in the Light. There are different ideas as to the way in which the end-times play out, but that is accepted as it is your choice as to where your journey takes you. Bear in mind that the 21.12.12 is a major upliftment, yet only the beginning of another cycle of experience. However, it is for your civilization the opportunity to leave duality, and not continue re-incarnating in the lower dimension.

You may have fond memories of the Earth, but do not forgot that the majority of you will be ascending with her to enjoy the beauty and harmony of the higher dimensions. You will not have any regrets for leaving the present Earth, and in fact you will feel quite privileged to have shared her journey. You will have moved from the unreal to the Creator’s expression of what life should really be like. Duality was given to you to experience exactly as you wished, and you had total freewill. Now, you are stepping into the heavenly realms where the Creator’s Laws are manifest, and powers of creation are given to you. By then you will have become Cosmic Beings without any limitation whatsoever. However, the Laws of the Universe still apply but at your higher level of achievement and understanding, you would not do anything that would go against them.

After living through the depths of darkness, and the continuing erosion of your rights it was to be expected that you would turn against those who imposed it upon you. Because so many of you turned to the Light and sought freedom from your oppressors, it allowed the Brotherhood of Light to authorize our presence in your lives. With help you have risen up quite rapidly, and by so doing have lifted the consciousness levels to a new height. The effect has helped your fellow travelers to also awaken, and the impetus is such that nothing will stop it going to its natural conclusion. That is of course what you have been working towards for a long time, and our presence is your guarantee of completion.

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Truth about the Federal Reserve Before And After World War I

from | July 11 2011

Prior to the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank (for the centralized fleecing of Americans) the then Bankers Association sent out the following memo to all US banks 3 years before the intended action was to take place.

“On Sept. 1st, 1894, we will not renew our loans under any consideration. On Sept. 1st we will demand our money.

We will foreclose and become mortgagees in possession. We can take two-thirds of the farms west of the Mississippi and thousands of them east of the Mississippi as well, at our own price . . .

1891 American Bankers Assn as printed
in the Congressional Record of April 29 1913.


View this 2-part video for the rest of the sordid tale of greed and chicanery. ~Gillian

Part 1

Part 2

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