The OM Crystal of Shasta & Completion of OM

Earth Keeper Newsletter | March 31 2012

“Greetings beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. And so again we speak of Shasta. Indeed its importance is tantamount to the expansion of the Crystalline Field.

Masters the Solstice of June 2012 is an incredible gateway, and this mega Solstice may be termed the ‘Completion of OM’. For at this time, the Council of Crystalline Light, the Ascended Masters will gather at the multi-dimensional etheric portal of Mt Shasta and cluster in enclave around the heralded Master Atlantean Crystal of Om located beneath the masiff of Mt Shasta. The beloved Sainte Germaine along with The Council of Crystalline Light and the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will host the opening of an extraordinary portal during the Solstice Phase.

The Crystalline Council gather within Shasta on June 19th and generate a Wave of Joy & Celebration thru June 25. Sainte Germaine and the heralded Crystalline Council will generate and facilitate a wave of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE frequency of OM that will be transmitted to all powernodes on the planet via the OM Crystal of Multidimensionality. The OM Completion will occur during the 5-days of the Solstice June 19-25. This energy is a sacred and potent beacon of energized hope and encouragement for humanity and for the Earth.

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Focus Energy Into Your Heart

I Focus Energy Into My Heart

I breathe deeply.

In the fifth dimension my consciousness is anchored in my heart. I experience that reality as a deep sense of unconditional love and connection to All That Is. I feel also the deep peace that is part of this consciousness.

I move energy from my heart downwards through the solar plexus, the sacral and the base chakras – down into the earth star chakra located within the earth just beneath my feet.

I now anchor my energy into the earth, into the new crystalline grid of the 5th dimension as it connects with my earth star chakra.

My energy moves further down and connects with the crystal heart at the center of the earth. Here I feel the deep and unconditional shekinah love of the earth mother coming up through the earth centering chakra and into my heart.

I hold that love in my heart. I am deeply loved and nurtured by the earth mother. I am in alignment with the divine will for the earth as expressed through the evolution of the planet into multi-dimensional reality.

I breathe into and through my heart into my auric feel.

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How to Start Attracting Financial Abundance

Jafree Ozwald  | Enlightened Beings | March 31 2012

“The Universe has billions of ways to keep us humble and fascinated all at the same time.” ~Mike Pearson

There are many people in the world who don’t realize that the Universe is a magical, intelligent and abundant playground. They are blinded by limiting thoughts and feelings around money. These beliefs distract them from being open, loving and appreciative for what they do have and tapping into the abundant Universe that is available. It is this addiction to desire, to constantly wanting this or that and not getting the ego’s needs met, which eventually creates the lacking stuck feeling on the inside which later manifests into their bank account in the outer world.

Consciously or unconsciously, you are creating your financial situation everyday. We are either in the habit of proclaiming to the Universe that we are lacking and there is just not enough, OR we are being thankful and appreciative for everything that we do have. Once you see that your thoughts are creating each and every moment of reality, any previous cycle of financial stuckness can dissolve instantly from your life.

What you think about is what you get. If you visualize the end of the month is going to be tough and feel a ‘squeeze’ happening there, you are manifesting a future financial crunch, and may suddenly feel more stressed, hurried and serious about life. If you were only looking into your future feeling a sense of abundance with a deep calm serene energy, you’d manifest a very abundant joyful life. We always manifest situations which mirror the consciousness of where we are at. Whatever the mind dwells upon, is what we manifest.

Everything changes when you see that right now you have the opportunity to change your financial future. You can step outside of your financial box, and explore what it’s like that life is easy for you. Stop affirming to the Universe (through complaining) that there’s never enough of this or that. Focus instead on gratitude, and you’ll start seeing opportunities around every corner, knowing this life is a gift everywhere you go.

All suffering comes from a deep demanding and grasping habit that states, “life should be something other than what it is.” When you relinquish the addiction to this type of thinking you’ll discover deeper feelings of joy, peace and abundance inside. Through the mindful practice of sitting back from your thoughts, observing the minds habit, inner peace will find you. You may or may not get all of your ego’s needs, wants and desires met in life, yet one day you might discover something much better…the secret to totally transcend the habit of suffering.

“The secret of happiness lies in the mind’s release from worldly ties.” ~Buddha

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Bending the Reality Spoon

Lori Ann | March 30 2012

I was nine years old when my first miracle happened. It was June, and a school field trip to the zoo was about to be cancelled in light of a monsoon-like morning.  The torrential rain was forecast to continue well into the next day. I’d been looking forward to this outing for weeks and, like any good Aries, wasn’t going to take this lousy weather lying down. Home for lunch, I headed to the living room, pressed my hands together, knelt down and whispered. “Dear God, please stop the rain.”

You can guess where this tale is going—as soon as I returned to the kitchen, my mother (who had been washing dishes at the sink) declared she had just witnessed a glimpse of blue sky through the window. It was still pouring hard but by the time I finished eating and returned to my class, the day had transformed into a hot sunny afternoon. And yes, the field trip was on.

Looking back, I realize I made this petition to a diety of weather management from beginner’s mind. I wasn’t raised to believe in God, but had heard from my devout grade five teacher that Jesus was a miracle worker and prayers were meant to be answered. I simply believed him. This direct and immediate response to my request for a sunny day would become the spring board for a life of questing for the miraculous. And a life of wondering why sometimes the divine seemed to be on-call for my requests and other times, missing-in-action entirely. At age nine, the mystic in me was born and along with it, the seeker.

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