David Icke ~ Israel … The Playground Bully And The Spoilt Child

David Icke Newsletter Preview | August 31 2012

Israel … The Playground Bully

And The Spoilt Child …

David Icke

Waaaaaahhhh … I wanna bomb Iran but all I get is Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza and Syria … Waaaaaahhhh.’

How long are we going to stand for it?

Rothschild Zionism is not a race or a people; it is a political philosophy in its public expression and at its core a global secret society with its agents in government and dictating to government the world over. It does not work for the best interests of Jewish people. Its goal is the enslavement of the global population – including the Jewish people that it falsely claims to represent.

The Rothschild secret society networks also control the United States, Canada, Britain, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and so many others in every continent. This is why you never see the United States and Britain criticise, condemn or vote against Israel and rarely does this happen elsewhere among western governments.

Is the Rothschild-controlled US government going to criticise and condemn the Rothschild fiefdom of Israel? Or is Rothschild-controlled Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand? Of course not. This is why they never do.

European Union

You only have to observe the sickening sight of the members of the United States Congress, with springs attached to their arses, giving Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu standing ovation after standing ovation when he makes a speech before them. They boinged to their feet 29 times in 50 minutes in 2011 – a standing ovation about every 100 seconds.

Netanyahu ~ ‘We will continue to take billions every year from the American people thanks to criminals like you who we have on the payroll and in our pockets.’

US Congress ~ Boing, boing, boing.

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Look Back And Liberate Your Life

Jafree Ozwald | August 30 2012

forgiveness“There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.” ~ Seth

There will come a time in the future, when you will have to look back at your life. You will examine your life, and tell yourself in some way that this was where you were a “success” and that was where you were a “failure”. Now, you are the only one who determines this based on how you feel inside. Something’s will matter to you more than others. There might be one person you wanted to spend more time with, and other you felt the need to forgive yet couldn’t, and other who you tried to love yet didn’t know how. Whatever it is you feel you failed at in your past, you have the opportunity right now to change it! That’s right, you are not dead just yet. There is still time! You can change how you feel inside about yourself and your life. You can take action and have those conversations you most need to have.

I invite you to take at least 20 minutes tonight in bed, to look back at your past, and notice where you feel that you failed, and what you could have done differently to make it a success. Use this time to find peace with those people that you need to forgive. Even if they are dead, imagine you’re going to pick up the phone and have that actual conversation with them that leaves you feeling complete inside. It’s all about finding inner peace within yourself, and believe me they want you to find peace too, because that will bring them more peace inside.

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Skeletal Fluorosis: What Could Fluoride Be Doing to Us?

Natural Society | August 26 2012

Skeletal fluorosis is at endemic levels in at least 25 countries around the world. In the two countries where it is most prevalent – China and India – it affects 2.7 million and 6 million people respectively. But what is fluorosis, how can it be prevented, and are we at risk?

Fluoride Ingestion and Skeletal Fluorosis

ChinaSkeletal fluorosis occurs when too much fluoride builds up in the body. In China and India, for example, the high levels of skeletal fluorosis are believed to come from drinking water as well as inhaling coal being used as an indoor fuel source.

It is a debilitating disease, especially in latter stages. While in the beginning, the achy joints and stiffness may resemble arthritis, advanced fluorosis causes severe deformities as the ligaments of the neck and vertebrae calcify (harden), muscle tissue wastes away, and movement becomes more and more limited.

Scientific surveys indicate that any water supply containing more than 1 ppm of fluoride to be a risk for skeletal fluorosis. In the United States, 1 ppm is the average amount of fluoride being purposefully added to drinking water. But in addition to consuming fluoride through drinking water, it is also heavily absorbed in hot showers, and can be found in food at 180x the amount in drinking water.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set the “maximum containment level” at 4 ppm. This simply means that anything up to 4 ppm is of no concern to the U.S. government.

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Laugh Your Way To Abundance And Freedom

Jafree Ozwald | August 29 2012

HealthWhen was the last time you experienced a deep belly laugh? Laughter not only feels good, it also produces a powerful manifesting energy that will literally shift your ability to attract what you desire. When you laugh, your aura literally expands, and the entire energetic field connected to this bio-magnetic field opens up to greater abundance, love, health, and infinite possibilities that exist in the world around you. The light carefree energy of laughter is like a “happy magnet” which will only attract more joyful experiences to you. You tend to attract whatever it is you need in a natural and effortless way.

“At the height of laughter, the Universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” ~ Jean Houston

If seriousness is a disease to the soul, then genuine laughter is the cure. If someone is facing a serious life situation, perhaps even a life threatening disease, the energy of laughter is what creates a healing response. There are documented scientific cases about people who have laughed their cancers away, and returned their bodies to perfect health. Laughing causes the body to produce the antibodies which boost the immune system and fight off all diseases. So even though a serious life situation may seem like you should become even more serious, just the opposite is true. Serious attitudes create serious problems, and a serious mind only creates more feelings of limitation and fear in ones consciousness, which dramatically lowers your ability to manifest what you want.

“Laugh and your life will be lengthened for this is the great secret of long life.” ~ Og Mandino

You might be saying to yourself, “I have nothing to laugh about because I have major problems on my mind.” Humor is all a matter of perspective. The contracted ego-mind takes everything seriously. Take one baby step back from your mind right now. Sit in the back seat of your brain for a moment, and open up to a broader experience of who you are. What do you notice? If we watched a movie of your entire life from beginning until now, and compared it to what’s happening for the other 7 billion people on the planet, you might have a little bit more gentleness and compassion for yourself. The mind creates all sort of stories about yourself that you believe to be true, and yet are absolutely false. The biggest lie of course is that you are a limited being with limited resources who needs to take life’s tribulations very seriously.

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” ~ Mark Twain

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The Sphere Of All Possibilities

Tom Kenyon  | August 29 2012 | Thanks, Minty

A Hathor Planetary Message ~ In this message we will endeavor to share with you a method for manifesting outcomes in your 3-D reality as well as in other dimensions of your being. This method is based on a fundamental understanding regarding geometry and the nature of consciousness. There are many geometries available to be used as vehicles for manifestation. We wish to share one of the simplest and, ironically, most effective.

The first thing to understand about manifesting is that for every act there is a counter-action. This is due to the nature of duality until you reach the higher dimensions of consciousness in which duality no longer exists. Since this method is for manifesting new realities in your 3-D life, duality is a factor.

Another important aspect to understand is the admonition to do no harm. This principle is to protect you from negative consequences, and the simplest way to state this is that your creations should do no harm to yourself or to another.

Due to the nature of this material we will be giving the information in three parts. This first portion deals with the geometry of manifestation.

The second will deal with non-dual states of consciousness and how to commune with these higher realms of your being. These two parts of the information will be completed by the first of October of this year. This is in preparation for a World Sound Meditation that will take place on Sunday, November 4th during a Hathor Intensive titled The Art of Seeding New Realities.

The third portion of this information involves the union of non-dual states of consciousness with the mastery of creating outcomes in time and space. This unifying body of knowledge will be imparted before December 1st of this year.

You are standing collectively and individually at a cosmic crossroads. The alignment on December 21, 2012 heralds a passage into a new vibratory reality. For the record, we do not believe that the world will end on this date. However, the world, as you have known it, is changing.

The information we are giving here in this message is meant to assist you in manifesting new realities for yourself and for humanity. This method greatly accelerates the manifesting process, and since time, as you perceive it, is speeding up we believe a method that works quickly will be of great benefit.

The Method

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