7 Methods For Detoxing And Cleansing Your Body Of Toxins

Natural Society | December 26 2012

With the myriad of toxins we’re exposed to in modern society, we’re faced with an increasing burden of unnatural substances that invade our bodies, from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to air and water pollution, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals in our food, and the list goes on. Our current unhealthy living conditions call for a few radical corrective measures, if our goal is to maintain any level of healthy lifestyle. One of those corrective measures is to partake in a holistic detox.

The following is a list of various recommendations to effectively lessen your internal toxin levels, which can be done in any combination for increased effectiveness. For optimum results, these should be applied on a regular or seasonal basis, and at minimum once a year.

1. Include Plenty of Deep Colored Vegetables, Herbs and Algae in Your Dietary Arsenal

Cilantro, parsley, alfalfa, and a blue-green algae, chlorella, are three extremely powerful chemical and heavy metal chelators. Dark green vegetables and herbs alkalize and purify the blood, making it easier for the body to rid itself of wastes with less discomfort or “healing crisis” (when the loosening of toxic debris causes a sick or flu- like reaction). You can juice these, include them in salads, and/or mix powdered forms into water or juice for a quick and effective dose.

2. Try Fasting with Lemon Water, Cayenne Pepper and Maple Syrup

This is a radical, but very effective method of giving your digestive system a much needed break from the constant intake of less than optimal foods and flushing out harmful substances. A period of 3 to 7 days, 3 to 4 times a year is a sufficient and proactive strategy. (Use as much lemon as possible, with just enough maple syrup to make it palatable.) Drink as much as desired throughout the day.

Of course lemon water anytime has great benefits.

3. Fast with Juice! A Grade-A Health-Boosting Method for Health

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The Key Maker From The Matrix

Stuart Wilde | December 30 2012

The Key Maker Matrix Reloaded

In the Matrix Reloaded film, the Key Maker is one of the sentient programs, that is a rogue to the system. He carves shortcut keys that allows a person to move throughout the entire Matrix, being able to access any and all, of its entities or places. He is summoned by the Oracle, Neo has to find the Key Maker to access a multidimensional door to the Architect, who is also credited as the initial source of the Matrix.

I saw a very strange vision of an old man with long, grey hair, he was in a full length robe, he held an over sized key in front of him, it was about three feet long. Then later, I saw the key to my right, hovering in the room I was in, it was very odd, I did not know what to make of it.  I knew I was waiting for something to happen, but I didn’t know what.

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Arguing With Statists

The Jeenyus Corner | December 29 2012

arguing with statists

Having decisively lost their propaganda war for your emotions following the tragic shootings in Connecticut, the Statists have come to realize that once again, the American people simply refuse to support gun control.

The force of logic and reason aside, in this country, we will not give up our guns. After each school, movie theater or mall shooting – gun sales go ever higher.

After each utterance by this President, or those who support him, gun sales go higher. So much so, that commerce in firearms has never seen such numbers.

Responding to bolster their failing argument, we are seeing more and more contrived statistics, out of context studies or flat out falsehoods. Its well known that once Statists have cherry picked their own data or sufficiently tainted the actual ones, there’s no point in further discussion using the facts. Intellectual dishonesty shall always prevail. The hysteria on global climate change is evidence enough of this.

Let’s take an opposite consciousness view of the situation.

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Raiders Of The Lost Heart

Zen-Haven | December 29 2012

We live in the final hour of the Matrix.

No doubt that it knows this and it’s trying to hurt as many as possible in its death struggle. The collective abuse scale is so blatant it basically targets all, from infants to the elderly.

Which would leave us pretty vulnerable. And it does. But there’s a way of fighting this “sitting duck“ syndrome and returning it to the core of The Matrix itself.

In order to transcend this vulnerability, it might be an idea to look at our own designs in that department, our own patterns so to speak, and give them a tune-up.
I strongly believe that we cannot beat the external matrix without beating the internal matrixes we all have. If you think you have none, you don’t need to read any further: You are flawless.

Since I, in the last postings, have touched upon Transcending the Love Conditioning in The Matrix, I would like to stay in that flow. So let’s talk about love since we all agree that love is what will bring The Matrix down.

But my point being: If we stick to the old matrix conception of “love”, it will take us nowhere:

– The guard your heart issues: Why would anyone want to guard their heart and hand this protected heart over to anyone? It doesn’t make any sense, but rather only in The Matrix divide and conquer scheme of things.

– The transcending the divorce conditioning issue: Why would anyone fear a breakup? It’s like fearing death and not living your life fully. We are here: Here and Now, and as awakening kicks in, the thought of living a raw and genuine life everyday becomes evermore vital and the only road worth traveling. So maybe your lover divorced you and is doing fine. It´s the “doing fine” that bugs you, think? Take ownership, he / she is not you.

– The outpost of fear in love is: Vulnerability. That goes for “love everybody and everything”, without that being a stinky new age cliché, or romantic love: engaging and disengaging it. I actually know folks who won’t engage in love because they conceive themselves to be: Too vulnerable. Sad.

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Codex Alimentarius Rises From Auschwitz Death Camp

Gaia Health | July 1 2012 | Thanks, Zen

Codex Alimentarius is a testament to the continuing and increasing power of the titans of world corporations, able to take control of our most basic needs, turning them into profit-driven industries, and pressing us into the slavery of feeding their greed.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Its name signifies the horror of Nazi Germany. In its conglomeration of 48 camps, over a million people were exterminated in gas chambers, starved to death, murdered individually, and killed and tortured in horrific medical experiments.

Codex Alimentarius is a modern-day tool for usurping the people’s rights to limit their choices in that most basic of needs: food. The rules set forth by Codex bureaucrats, people who, for the most part, know nothing of nutrition or health, are enforced on humanity by national governments and treaties. Their decisions are based on the instructions of masters from Big Pharma and Agribusiness, corporate entities that are on the verge of taking complete control of the food supply and what’s left of health.

What do these two exemplars of facism, Auschwitz and Codex Alimentarius, have in common?

  • Bayer, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness.
  • BASF, agribusiness.
  • Hoechst, later called Aventis, which became part of Sanofi pharmaceuticals.

These are three of the corporations that comprised the super conglomerate IG Farben. They owned Auschwitz. After World War II, IG Farben was split up, putting Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst back on their own.

Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst presided over the extermination of over a million people. They presided over the starvation and forced labor of even more. They presided over unbelievably despicable medical experimentation initiated in Auschwitz. They sold the gas used to annihilate millions. They set up the medical experimentation to develop drugs. They profited from this misery. It was, in fact, their sole interest in the concentration camp. To them, it was an enterprise, a business whose purpose was to make profits from the misery of millions of people.

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