Fields Of Consciousness

Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter March 31 2013

When Easter and Christmas come around, I often wonder – in order for Jesus to achieve what he does on these occasions – just how huge his field of consciousness must be.

Consider this. He promised that he would be present in spirit whenever two or more people are gathered in his name. Even today, after two thousand years, he still delivers on that promise. Now, in order for him to be present in spirit in thousands upon thousands of groups and congregations, all at the same time, he has to be in thousands of places at once.

He has to be able to split his consciousness into many thousands of parts, with each individual part being capable of attending to one group. When someone in that group asks for healing or spiritual support, the part of him attending to that group senses the request and provides them with personal support.

When you consider how huge this avatar-sized field of consciousness must be, it becomes easier to see how Jesus performed amazing miracles. By comparison, yogis who practice for many years have been known to develop the ability to walk on water. Jesus just went ahead and did it.

Some yogis are advanced enough to materialize small amounts of physical matter right out of the ethers. Jesus not only manifested loaves and fishes, but he produced enough to feed five thousand people!

Some people – ones who can’t see how miracles are achieved – question whether Jesus’ miracles actually did happen. Personally, I don’t doubt the miracles. To me, the biggest mystery is how such a huge and powerful spirit managed to fit his enormous field of consciousness into one small human body.

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Enrich Your Life With A Daily Spiritual Experience

Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher March 31 2013

Every experience in your life has the potential of becoming a spiritual experience. Even the most ordinary experiences can turn into vast, expansive, enlightening connections with the Divine. You simply step out of the way and allow your smaller self to surrender to your bigger Self. Who “you” are merges with that vast unlimited Source that you truly are. There is nothing more spiritual than this surrender. When you truly surrender and trust 100%, the Source simply melts into you. Be aware of this and know that the only thing stopping you from having a spiritual experience (even while you’re reading this email) is your mind’s grip on reality. So slow down, try reading this next sentence very slowly and notice what happens in your consciousness. You are the Source of the Divine. Let this truth sink in. This spiritual being you already are is completely perfect exactly as it is.

“Healing is awakening to the perfection that already is ours.” ~Baird T. Spalding

Someone once asked me, “How will you know when you’re having a spiritual experience?” Well, first thing is that there’s a feeling of being very expansive. It’s like a healing and freeing feeling inside you that seems to exist everywhere you are. There’s also a sense of magic in the air, as if ANYTHING is truly possible. The experience simply happens when you are 100% open, present, and receptive to the entire Universe and its Divine existence as it is. When you are open to the possibility that everything in the Universe IS perfect and divinely orchestrated, it’s easier to embrace it exactly as it is right now. When you can see the bigger picture, there’s no more resistance, complaining or efforting to get something better. You can find peace in ANY situation because you know that life is eternal and no matter what happens you know that “this too shall pass”.

“Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment. Know the sweet joy of living in the way.” ~Buddha

To fire up your spiritual experience engines today, start by saying “Thank You” as profoundly and frequently as you can. Give gratitude for what is here now, what was, and what will come to be. Let a higher power be grateful for you. Receive these sensations that YOU ARE LOVED and CHERISHED by this Universe. Open to this experience. Trust in this experience. Thank the Existence for giving you the possibility of having this growing experience called your Life. This expansive blissful feeling that we are all seeking is always available…right now. If you are open and can let in this trust, it will come pouring into your being.

“Be a light onto yourself.” ~Buddha

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The Time Capsules Of Gaia

Lightworkers March 29 2013 (Thanks, Ann B)

This channeling is a continuation of the channelings from Phoenix and Boulder (below). It continues the discussion, a very controversial one, that Human scientific advancement is controlled… released to Humanity when it is ready.

If this is the case (and the logic of it makes sense), then what is coming and where is it coming from? Are there Gaia time capsules left for us that open with ideas and enlightenment as we move into this newer energy past 2012? Are there personal time capsules as well? Where? When? It’s all here…

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The message that I give this evening is an extension to the two that I have given previously within the last weeks in Boulder Colorado and Phoenix Arizona.
The information that you need to know, old soul, needs to be repeated sometimes, so we’re going to do a little bit of a review first.
There is a truth lying in the room, and one that is refreshing. There is a newness here, a renewal, and a recalibration of all things. Having passed this marker of the 2012 energy is far more significant than any of you realize. Many are watching in a quantum state from afar, and there is celebration. You can’t take back what you’ve done, and there are some axioms we wish to remind you of that may affect how you think about it all. But let us review, just for a moment.
When my partner awoke 23 years ago, he did so slowly, and we have said this before. We came at him in a slow fashion so he would not be frightened. We gave him the information slowly and simply, so it would be believable. But even back then, we had just opened the door of potential, and I had arrived because of what you had done. Old soul, some of you were young then and some of you were not. All of you were here on purpose, however.
For the last 23 years, you have simply been in survival. For the last 23 years, I have been telling you about things to expect and the profound potentials that were before you. I spoke of some of the energies that you would face, and you did. All of this was given in the metaphor of fighting an old energy, and of having a duality that constantly is being challenged and worked with. Now it’s different. Now the work begins.
The old soul will say, “Wait Kryon, I’ve been working for a long time! How can you say it begins now?” Indeed, you have been working, slogging through the tar of an old energy. But that was just survival. You have been an old soul with information, and you knew there would eventually be an awakening where that information would be used. Now the tar is starting to go away, and the awakening begins.

The 2012 Marker

Let me review from a previous channeling. There has been a time marker that has been self-imposed by Gaia on humanity, aligning itself with the precession of the equinoxes. This was a 26,000-year cycle of time given appropriately and seen by the ancestors as an end or a beginning. Should you make it past this point, there would be no going back.

Too Big To Jail?

Jonathan Turley March 29 2013

Obama Administration Agrees To Large Penalty In Exchange For Letting Billionaire Escape Insider Training Charge While His Subordinates Plead Guilty

Steven A. Cohen

John Cassidy has a remarkable story out in the New Yorker this week about a sweetheart deal cut by the Justice Department with one of the wealthiest men in the world, Steven A. Cohen. Cohen’s company would pay $626 million but not have to admit any wrongdoing and Cohen would face no personal sanction. The billionaire appears to be celebrating this month with a buying spree with a Picasso painting and a huge new mansion. What is amazing is that various Cohen subordinates have pleaded guilty and Cohen has been tied directly to an insider trading allegation. Yet, he appears to “too big to jail” as a continuation of the Obama Administration’s bifurcated legal system for the super rich and the rest of us.

This is a standard ploy in which a sweet deal is reached to protect a powerful individual by setting a huge penalty to be paid by his company. The Obama Administration has been flogging the size of the payment to distract attention from the fact that Cohen will be left entirely untouched.

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Miracle Drink Kills Cancer Cells Too

Before It’s News March 29 2013

This miracle drink has been circulating for some time. A celebrity (Mr. Seto) swears by it.  Mr. Seto had lung cancer. A famous herbalist from China recommended he take this drink. He drank it regularly for 3 months. Now his health is restored and he is ready to take a pleasure trip, all thanks to this drink. He is bringing the recipe to the attention of people who have cancer or otherwise would like to improve their health. The drink stops bad cells forming in the body and/or restrains their growth.

According to Mr. Seto it is like a miracle drink! And it is simple.


Combine one beet root, one carrot and one apple to make the juice! Wash the fruit and vegetables, cut into pieces with the skin on and put them into the juicer and immediately drink the juice.

You can add lime or lemon for a more refreshing taste.

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