America’s Addiction: Waging War On Humanity

Stephen Lendman April 28 2013

America’s business is war. Permanent wars reflect official US policy. They’re glorified in the name of peace.
One nation after another is ravaged. Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel called it being “cold-blooded about the self-interests of your nation.”
Obama’s the latest US warrior president. Imperial lawlessness defines his agenda. Out-of-control militarism rages. Humanity’s survival is threatened.
Syria is Obama’s war. Direct intervention looms. Claims about Syria using chemical weapons don’t wash. Syrian officials categorically deny them.
On April 27, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) headlined “Information Minister: Western Sides Are Directly Responsible for Chemical Weapons Use in Khan al-Assal,” saying:
Omran al-Zoubi said chemical weapons likely came from Turkey. “The US-British and Western allegations in general on this issue do not have any credibility.”
A missile targeting Khan al-Assal came from a terrorist-controlled location. Syria requested an investigation. According to SANA:
“Al-Zoubi held the Western sides directly responsible for what happened in Khan al-Assal, saying they want now to hide behind this ‘fabricated and false’ talk to justify their silence on failing the investigation mission requested by Syria and to exonerate the terrorists.”
“The Minister added that the US is already involved in large-scale terrorist operations in the world, and is involved in Syria now because of its support for and silence on the terrorism committed by the terrorist groups.”
The road to Tehran runs through Damascus. Waging full-scale war on Syria looms. It appears prelude to targeting Iran. Spurious Iranian threats continue.

How I Face Challenges Is Mine To Determine

Inspire Me Today April 29 2013

I was 27 years old, at the start of my medical career and expecting my first child, when the neurologist confirmed what the first clinician had suspected – the tremor I had been experiencing over the preceding year was Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disease for which there is no cure.

The diagnosis was made and my dance with denial, fear, anger and secrecy began, one that lasted almost a decade. Thoughts of disability and helplessness eventually turned to hope and optimism but the transformation was a painful and difficult process.

My story however is not unique. Each of us is challenged in some way, be it in our health, our finances, our occupations or our interpersonal relationships. I would like to share with you what my particular journey has taught me.

When a stressful life issue arises, “Why me?” is a natural yet futile question. After all, why not you or me? We are never challenged with more than we can bear.

There are life lessons in every circumstance joyous or otherwise. Whether it seems fair or not, obstacles present themselves for a reason and our life journeys play out exactly as they should. Without the experiences and introspection that these difficulties bring, we cannot evolve.

Recognize that within you lies great inner power – your ability to choose your reaction to any given set of circumstances. How you face the challenges that come your way is truly yours to determine. And in that moment of choice is your true strength, to determine your life experience, which moves you from a position of helplessness to one of empowerment. By recognizing this truth, any obstacle will not defeat you as you may initially believe but instead may be the very element that causes you to thrive.

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The Secrets To Being Fearless Loving And Free

Jafree Ozwald April 28 2013

“Love is only possible if you are fearless. The man who is afraid cannot be loving.” ~Osho

Learning how to become fearless in life is one of the most empowering experiences we can summon. Being fearless paves the path for the deepest most heart fulfilling love and freedom to enter. In fact there is no way that love and real freedom can enter your life if you’re living in any type of fear. You have to give up fearful thinking if you want to experience love in this moment. These two energies cannot occupy the same space in your body at the same moment. With this simple awareness it becomes a moment to moment task in life to ask yourself, “Am I choosing to live in love or fear?” Let this life journey become a sacred playful mission of discerning what state you’re in. By learning how to choose love, you’ll create more awareness to know when you’re coming from fear. The practice and devotion to living only in the vibration of a fearless love will open your life to blossom fully, inviting in the most joyful states of ecstasy you can fathom.

When it comes down to it, our natural state of being is already fearless. We simply have become engulfed in the illusion of separation, wrapped up in somebody else’s ideas of panic, lack, greed and desperation. We simply need to remember to breathe and trust that all is well, then sit back and relax into our deepest core. At the very core of our being is a power soooooo mighty, sooooo loving, and sooooo ridiculously amazing that no sensations of lack and limitation can enter it. It’s equivalent is like the Sun in the sky. A great ball of fire that is ten times the size of our planet is radiating at the core of our being! It’s continuously spreading warmth, creativity, light and life in all directions. If there was any attempt to throw a spear of ice or metal to pierce through it, the Sun will simply welcome it, melt it down, and absorb it into itself. This is exactly what we need to do when anyone tries to hurt us, sending any sharp cold unloving negative energy our way. This inner Sun practice defuses all negativity, radiates total positivity, and teaches others what the highest path in life looks and feels like.

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Everything That Happens To Us Happens Within Us

Inspire Me Today April 28 2013

There are no coincidences in this universe. Everything operates in perfect equilibrium. When we are ready, the right opportunities in life present themselves, whether in the form of people or things; and regardless of whether we see, hear, feel, or read it, it will speak to us.

Irrespective of whether we agree or disagree with information as it is presented to us in life, it serves an important purpose to help us open our eyes to the world around us, to continually question what we believe, and to subsequently look within for the answers we seek for our truth.

The general complacency with which we live our lives offers little in the way of growth and evolution.

A healthy curiosity makes the world go around. We need to connect with others, step out of our comfort zone and out of our shell to become active participants in our communities. We need to engage in our world, express interest in other people’s lives, be authentic, ask questions, and most importantly, learn from those around us.

Everyone has a story, and there is something we can take away from every person we meet, from every connection we make, from every moment we live. Experiences happen as they are meant to. There are no accidents; and when a delay or inconvenience arises, remember that we are exactly where we need to be, in a position to connect and reconnect with those around us and our world at large.

So, learn something new. Be of service. Evolve. Life is not all that mysterious; we just aren’t able to plan out every moment of our lives as it will occur, regardless of our schedule or agenda, with or without our consent.

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Quick And Clean: 40 Non-Processed Snacks That Meet Your Need For Speed

The Organic Prepper April 27 2013

In a society that is geared towards instant gratification, the problem with non-processed food is that it isn’t “quick”.  One of the major reasons that people give for eating processed foods over whole foods is that “I needed something quick.”  Don’t let your need for speed sidetrack your healthy eating habits.

If you are a prepper, it’s especially important in a disaster situation to have food that you can turn to for quick nutrition.  In a grid-down situation, foods that don’t require cooking can be especially vital.  Some people make the mistake of relying on long-term storage foods that require lengthy cooking times, forgetting that cooking fuel might need to be rationed in order to last throughout the event.  Alternatively, relying on highly processed foods will not provide you with the extra energy you need for the demands that may be placed on you physically in such a situation.

One strategy that you can employ for some instant food gratification is to make a habit of a weekly food-prep session. Spend some time each weekend washing, cutting, and cooking food for the week ahead.  This will give you cut-up veggies, prepared protein sources and washed fruit that you can eat right from the refrigerator.  This session can also include some home-baked goodies for lunch boxes and some complete meals that just need to be reheated at serving time.

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