The Miraculous Power Of Persistence

Jafree Ozwald June 28 2013

There are many visualization techniques and manifesting exercises you can do to start attracting a specific goal, vision or dream into your life. However, sometimes Life will test you, and your ordinary day can become extremely challenging just so you will grow, expand and evolve onto the next level. Whenever you are pushed to your limit in life, the Universe is attempting to expand the old ceiling you’ve placed above yourself. It’s trying to help you get in touch with a deeper aspect of yourself that is fearless, unstoppable and undefeatable. Whenever you are truly blocked by life, just stop and notice the end result you truly trying to attain, and how much you are actually invested in creating it.

The old saying that we must either “sink or swim” in life, is one that shows up on a moment to moment basis. Every second of your life you have the choice to thrive or survive. You can choose to just get by or start living your dream life. It’s the ordinary moments in life where big decisions are made and our true character appears on the stage of Life’s grand play. You can either learn to become a sheep and follow the flock wherever it leads, or become a lion who must constantly break free from its false “sheep clothing”. You can find great strength in playing the rebel, and also find tremendous peace in merging with the flock. However, the most enlightened path of all is coming from a place that is free from both extremes; living beyond the world in a state of being that is at peace no matter what occurs. This is what inner mastery is all about.

“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~Albert Einstein

In order to grow in life, we must take risks. The greater the risk, the more the potential is for tremendous growth to occur. When we take a bold step out of our comfort zone we immediately move into our power. This can be scary for others, who can feel a lack of control, status quo, and become threatened. This is never to be taken personally for these controlling people are simply pretending to be the general manager of their Universe, trying to keep their life on track, safe, and inside a certain container. Any original thinking, words or actions could make them realize how unhappy they are inside, and then they must admit how small and overly controlled they truly feel inside.

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Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses Benefits

NaturalSociety June 21 2013

Superfoods are considered super because they are more nutrient dense than most other foods. One superfood, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, is among numerous superfoods receiving little recognition when it should be in everyone’s home. Read on to learn about blackstrap molasses benefits and what this superfood actually is.

Ironically, molasses is the byproduct or “waste” from processing sugar cane into unhealthful table sugar. Refined table sugar creates blood sugar and insulin instability while providing no nutrients. It actually robs nutrients, especially minerals, out of the body if consumed enough.

Once sugar canes are harvested, machines are used to press the juice out of the cane. Sugar cane roots go very deeply into the soil, often 15 feet down or more. That’s enough to bypass nutritionally depleted topsoil, which has become the norm with monoculture and chemically induced agriculture.

That juice is boiled then put through centrifugal machinery to extract the sugar crystals. Sun ripened sugar cane is processed without using sulphur, which is less than ideal for human consumption.

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A third boiling necessary to extract table sugar from sugar cane produces a thick dark substance known as blackstrap molasses, which is the most nutrient dense of all.

Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses Health Benefits

It is well established that synthetically derived or composed mineral supplements are not as beneficial as nutritionally dense whole food sources. Enzymes and minerals are even more important than vitamins for our health.

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No Rest For The Aware

Shift Frequency Highlights June 29 2013

Awareness is two-edged. It consists of registering the hidden agenda for what it is without falling for false premises intended to stir any number of outraged, “this-tops-it-all” emotions.

The game consists of rapidly escalating events meant to overwhelm the processing centers so brain paralysis sets in. What to focus on? Which wicked plot is sprouting horns and hooves fastest?

Remember, awareness is two-edged. Close observation of “The Agenda” reveals nothing seems to be working quite as planned by the controllers. In fact, their roll-out of the black carpet escalates so rapidly they’re awash in unintended consequences.

Look closely . . . the agenda unravels almost as fast as laid down, the “plays” in the game so overused those with eyes to see read past the cover story to the real action plan. And that is, of course, the usual:

-removal of rights
-destruction of the world economy
-saber-rattling in the Middle East
-spying, spying, and more spying
-political disservice to the people
-Agenda 21
-weather wars
-conceits, lies and mania.

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All In All We’re Cracking The Wall

Zen-Haven June 27 2013

Today I’m going to tackle a subject and a half… starting with some statements and questions: We project our minds into imagined future events according to our analysis of what we see, hear, and accept as real in the present.

We reject experiencing one future scenario and we fully embrace another based on opinion, past experience, hopes, fears, beliefs or obligations. None of it is real of course, unless we make it so.

And now… what abilities do we utilize in order to emerge beyond the mind and emotions into actually being within a preferred reality?

Whenever I consider starting something new, I wait for a very helpful person who seems to intuitively know it’s time to call. He calls and asks what I’m up to. For me the conversation is going to provide a map called checking in with the ‘shoot it downer’. For him, the conversation is the reasonable, experienced businessman interjecting a little reality into my mind.

I tell him the plan, and then I listen to him tell me why it won’t work. He asserts that his reasoning is much more in tune with what’s real and how life works than mine is. I listen and tell him I’ll give his warnings my consideration. He hangs up the phone with a touch of friendly encouragement, “Well, go ahead and try it… because you always do what you want anyway… but don’t put any money in it.”

Then I get my chance to sit back and look at the rock wall he has constructed. These rocks are the mind’s reasons why it won’t work. Next step? I let myself be like water, and find my way through the cracks and holes in the wall.

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Compromised: How The National Security State Blackmails The Government [Video]

corbettreport June 27 2013

That the NSA is covertly spying on all three branches of the American government is nothing short of scandalous. Tice’s revelations are especially appalling to anyone even remotely familiar with how exactly the type of information collected in such intercepts can be used for the purposes of political blackmail, and how profoundly that blackmail can shape the political landscape of the country. In fact, there is a long history of intelligence agencies and covert groups using precisely this type of information to blackmail politicians in the past.

Trashing The Bill Of Rights: Where America Stands Now

FreemansPerspective June 27 2013

I know, I know. It’s a Russian thing. When we’re about to do something stupid, we like to catalog the full extent of our stupidity for future reference.– Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5

Perhaps I have some Russian blood in me. Even though I’m not particularly a fan of the US Constitution (I would have come down on the side of the Anti-Federalists), I still say it’s time to take a moment and catalog what has happened to America.

I am under no impression that this is going to wake people up, by the way. Most Americans just don’t want to know. In fact, they pay people to tell them that everything is okay and that the people who complain are crazy, stupid, losers, or conspiracy believers.

Still, I want to catalog the extent of the current stupidity for the next generation – and to kill the lie that no one from my generation “saw it coming.”

Whatever our opinion of the US Constitution, it has clearly been the standard of reference in America and the trashing of this document matters for the future of the American people.

So, I will briefly explain what has happened to each of the ten amendments which make up the crucial section of the US Constitution: the Bill of Rights.

1st Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This one has been voided repeatedly and on many fronts. Here are just a few examples:

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