29 Nettle Tea Benefits: Sipping On Nettle Tea For Better Health

NaturalSociety July 29 2013

Milarepa, the Tibetan saint, was said to have lived on nothing but nettles for decades of meditation. Yet another weed that most of us pull and throw out, like dandelions, nettle is a wonderful health-boosting herb that should never be dowsed with weed-killer, but plucked and dried to make into an herbal panacea that could make the local pharmacy go bankrupt. Nettle, from the flowering plant genus Urtica in the family Urticaceae, has so many health benefits, they can hardly fit into this small space. Keep reading to see 29 nettle tea benefits.

Stinging nettle is: diuretic, astringent, pectoral, anodyne, tonic, rubefacient, styptic, anthelmintic, nutritive, hermetic, anti-rheumatic, anti-allergenic, decongestant, expectorant, anti-spasmodic, and anti-histamine, anti-lithic/lithotrophic, herpetic, galactagogue, and an anti-histamine.

29 Nettle Tea Benefits

To give you an idea of just how powerful this singular plant is, nettle has the potential to treat the following ailments:

  1. Nettle stimulates the lymph system to boost immunity
  2. Nettle relieves arthritis symptoms
  3. Nettle promotes a release from uric acid from joints
  4. Helps to support the adrenals
  5. It helps with diabetes mellitus
  6. Strengthens the fetus in pregnant women
  7. Promotes milk production in lactating women
  8. Relieves menopausal symptoms
  9. Helps with menstrual cramps and bloating Continue reading “29 Nettle Tea Benefits: Sipping On Nettle Tea For Better Health”

Water Has Memory [Video]

laurabruno  July 29 2013

Those people familiar with Dr. Emoto’s “The Secret Life of Water” won’t be surprised by this independent study, but imagine the implications! This is why, for years, I have charged my water with Reiki, Runes, and intentions. It’s also why when we select our rain barrels, I plan to paint them with ancient symbols and protection and purification Runes.

People worry so much about chemtrails and radiation. I’m not saying these are not concerns — just that there are multiple ways around a problem. Why not place an energetic filter that Aluminum becomes the perfect organic fertilizer for your plants? Barium becomes love incarnate. Humans are 98% water. Again, imagine the possibilities! Want to change the world? Change your awareness of who and what you are, and your appreciation of who and what that “world” is.

There’s a lovely chant, which I’ve had stuck in my head for weeks:
“We all come from the Goddess,
and to her we shall return –
like a drop of rain,
flowing to the ocean.”

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Beware Of The Archons Who Walk Among Us [Audio]

DiscoveryDisclosure  May 1 2013

If Archons exist, who and what are they? Like Mac Tonnies and Bill Schneider, Jay Weidner is getting close to understanding this mystery, and how to identify the ones that may live among us. Just after announcing that he was close to being able to identify them, Mac died in his sleep at the age of 34. Bill Schneider has also died.

But Jay is still with us, and in this interview he tells us all he knows about the Archons. As the Nag Hammadi text warns, the Archons walk among us. They like violence and destruction. They are hungry for our suffering.

Who are they? What do they look like? WHY do they hate us so, these ancient and terrible beings who legend says live among us? Jay is far down the dangerus road of understanding the secrets of the Archons, and how to break their power over the deeply hypnotized human species.

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The 28th Amendment (Video)

BeforeItsNews  July 28 2013

I like the sincerity behind this Congresswoman’s attempt to restore order. That said the 3 branches refuse to adhere to the dictates of the existing constitution. If they ignore Amendments 1 – 27 why would they obey Amendment 28?  ~G

The Proposed 28th Amendment is as follows: Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”



Jonathan Turley ~ The Weiner Scandal: The Morality Play Without A Moral Or Redeeming Character

Jonathan Turley  July 26 2013

220px-Huma_Abedin220px-AnthonyweinerI must admit to being a bit depressed this day about our country and what has come of principles and ethics among both our politicians and citizens. There seems to be a corruption not just of power but of spirit. The Weiner scandal this morning captures my angst perfectly. There literally does not appear a single redeeming character. You have Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger. Then you have the other half of the power couple, Huma Abedin, who assured everyone that she still believes in him while recent reports show a questionable salary arrangement with a Clinton-connected company. Then you have Ms. Leathers, one of the other women, who is actually denouncing Weiner as betraying her when she was helping him betray his wife. Then you have Democratic voters who still have Weiner in a close second place to be elected mayor of New York. If you wonder why our politicians treat us like chumps, just take a look at the Weiner scandal.

First, let check in with Carlos Danger. Weiner is now saying that he may have had three women with whom he had a kinky Internet relationship after resigning and after his wife gave birth to their child. You may remember Weiner’s first apology where he promised to reform and focus on the love of his life (no not power): Huma. Now he suggests that she may have pushed him into the Internet arms of women because he had these relationship during a “rough time” in his marriage. That “rough time” of course was due to Weiner’s original scandal with women, some of whom never asked for pictures of his naked body and genitalia. It was the same rough time when he lied to his wife while attacking these women and reporters over the story. He now suggests that, after creating that rough time, he was forced to have additional relationships. That is like having an affair with one women and then starting affairs with three others because the first affair left him a bit estranged or uncomfortable with his wife. To a narcissist like Weiner, that makes perfect sense.

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Know Oneness

Inspire Me Today July 28 2013

I want humanity to know oneness. It sounds complicated at first, but it is simple and will change your life forever. It did for me.

Oneness is more than a concept. It’s an experience and a way of living.

In every culture throughout time there have been saints, mystics, sages, shamans and prophets who have come to the same conclusion: all things in this world are deeply interconnected and ultimately are only diverse expressions of the one original source energy.

This was the essential experience and conviction of most of the worlds’ religious founding leaders. They called the Oneness of life different things: God, Allah, Hashem, The Great Mystery and so on, but the idea of oneness is universal. Oneness means we are each united with all of life.

Oneness is not just a spiritual or religious idea. It is now a clear scientific principle. Einstein died trying to prove the unified field theory, a belief that all life and matter are united by an underlying energy or consciousness.

The great quantum physicists David Bohm, Arthur Eddington, Max Planck and many others were convinced that at the very deepest (smallest) level of all things was energy. Deep within each cell, each molecule, each atom and nucleus, breathes an energy so subtle and yet so essential it could be called “spirit.”

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