Removing The Shadow In The New Earth Matrix

Earth-Keeper Chronicles March 30 2014

newEarthStarfieldDear Human , your main-stream ‘history’ is quite blatantly inaccurate. None of your religions offer the complete spiritual truth. Your extra terrestrial heritage is as yet unacknowledged and is in fact hidden from you. So too is your true history on this magnificent planet. It is time to let go of fairy tales and fables, and understand who you truly are !

It is time to accept your power & manage the veracity & challenge of responsible co creation. It is time to wipe the dross from sleepy eyes…and step into light. It is time to remove the shadow !

Masters, we tell you nothing can be in shadow in the dawning of the Planetary Ascension…in Year Two of the New Earth.

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The Dark Light Effect

SpiritualDynamics  March 30 2014

This article extends the information contained in the article, In Space, No One Can See The Stars. It points out how the magnetosphere, as well and the atmosphere, interferes with the passage of light, transforming it from its metaphysical, invisible state to a physically visible state.

In its free-traveling state, light is comprised of three energy charges – electric, magnetic, and etheric. It is the etheric energy component which makes light invisible to physical eyes. When a particle of light hits a barrier, or is interfered with, it temporarily loses its etheric charge. The Earth’s atmosphere diffracts light, reducing its energy charge, as does its magnetosphere.

The Earth’s magnetosphere is a zone of magnetic energy which extends for many thousands of miles into space and is blown along by the electrically-charged solar wind. Magnetic energy and etheric energy interact with each other as do magnetic energy and electric energy. In cosmology, the reason that “dark energy” (etheric energy) and “dark matter” (etheric matter) are known phenomena is because of their interaction with gravitational fields.

Like the atmosphere, the magnetosphere interferes with light enough to make it become visible.

The Solar Wind Carrying the Magnetospheric Wind Away From Earth

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Dandelion Blossom Jelly


DandelionBlossomJellyWhen I see the dandelions, I know that spring has finally made its way here. It’s a time of warmer weather, more sunshine and getting the garden ready for the growing season And, what better way to celebrate the coming of a new season than to preserve it.

I was telling my friend, Daisy Luther about all of the dainty dandelions popping up in my yard and she passed along a recipe for dandelion jelly for me to try from her upcoming book, The Organic Canner.

My daughters and I went out and picked 10 cups of dandelions blossoms and had the most wonderful time talking about what went on during our day. The hardest part of this was cutting the stems from the blossoms. It was, after all 10 cups worth of blossoms. But I was determined to try this recipe out, and I harvested blossoms until my fingers turned yellow from the petals. The process was easy and the result is delicious! Now that I have made this, it has become one of my top favorite jellies. It has a taste and color that resembles honey, and is delicious on baked goods, or as a topping in your oatmeal.

Next time you see dandelions in your yard, don’t run them over with the lawn mower! Remember, they are edible and pick them to use in recipes.

Dandelion Blossom Jam

If you are lucky enough to live in (or visit) an area that you are absolutely certain does not spray pesticides, you can join the bees and enjoy some Dandelion Nectar – except yours will be in the form of jam.

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Identifying Patterns Of Behaviour And Their Root Causes

Wake Up World  March 29 2014

cat_scowlingRelationship problems can make you feel unhappy and fearful especially if there are high destructive emotions involved. Relationship problems, from whatever source, can have an effect on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Relationship problems can bring with them feelings of a personal lack of control, which can contribute to feelings of insecurity.

Identifying the patterns of behavior causing relationship problems is vital to healing.

When relationships fail we look for the cause, but often, because we are so deep in the actual problem we can only experience the effects. If you are in a relationship that is not working out and want it to, changing what is causing the problem really is the only way forward. Identifying the patterns of behaviour that are causing the problems is vital to healing. If you just decide to go your separate ways you, won’t have learnt what you were meant to learn from each other and you will continue to meet the same archetype patterns in your next relationships – until you resolve the emotional cause.

So how do you start to identify your own patterns of behaviour and their root causes?

Take Responsibility For Your Own Contributions

Stop, take responsibility for your own contributions to your problematic relationship and then consciously step off the ferris wheel of emotional dysfunction. Understand that change can happen if you focus on what is honestly going on, inside of you and in your reactions and behaviour, instead of projecting the blame onto your partner. By taking personal responsibility, you can change the direction of your life and place it firmly on higher ground.

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Aboriginal ‘Pleiades Embryo’ Carving Reveals Origin Of Human Creation

Wake Up World  March 28 2014

PleaidesInStone2This brief article is the most accidental and one of the most important I have yet penned.

Evan and I recently received some archival records of immense importance, relating to studies, sites and conclusions that Frederic Slater (President of the Australian Archaeological Society of Australia), along with a bevy of well connected associates, shared openly in the public arena in 1937. According to the archives, this group of scholars were adamant that some (then) recently discovered rock engravings were of Egyptian inspiration, and made reference to a rock platform near the Cave of the Golden Boomerang we ourselves had previously stood upon – and came to the same conclusion.

Evan searched online for further details of that particular site, and there amongst a Newcastle University discussion about this location and its archaeology, was a photograph. The figure it depicted was a rather unusual semi-embryonic foetus, and much to our surprise – and delight – it was claimed that this icon represented the Pleiades.

The Pleiades Embryo

Our reaction was instant. We both immediately recognised the symbol, where it was found, and how dramatically the traveller’s narrative of the Cave of the Golden Boomerang had been extended — into the heavens and beyond. Knowing how sacred this cave was, detailing the beginning of modern humans, we had previously known of the general details, but none of the specifics. This changed everything.

Forget Sublime. It’s Just Ridiculous

ShiftFrequencyNewsletter  March 23 – 29 2014

Life on earth continues apace. The psychopaths demonstrate ineptitude at every turn while meaningless chatter grips the airwaves. Left is right. Up is down. Banks are in great shape. The US military can wage successful nuclear war. There are two American parties and they agree on everything that benefits corporations. The Common Core curriculum works great so long as its educative aim is to create mindless state-controlled zombies.

How did it get this way? In a satirical video titled What if the illuminati had a training video” John Galt nails the illuminati agenda and its six key areas of control:

1-Banking and Business – Here a corporatist model controlled by finance replaces sovereign government with world government

2-Military and Intelligence – The US serves as the military arm of the New World Order and is the prototype for a global police force.

3-Politics – There’s an unspoken agreement between the two US parties which advances a single overall agenda even as the media stokes the fires of superficial difference

4-Education – Public education has been federalized to increase obedience and conformity on a mass scale.

5-Media – News, entertainment and advertising play an integral role creating consensus reality through control of the collective unconscious.

6-Religion – An age-old system of organized social control to create “flocks marching in lock-step according to a rigid, centralized doctrine, abandoning their spirituality along the way.”

Galt assures us this is nothing but satirical commentary. The sad fact remains that even cursory 3D observation shows startling congruency between the in-your-face globalist agenda playing out on CSPAN and Galt’s supposedly satifical video.


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