What Is Real? What Is There To Hold On To?

“Infinite Being is the underlying reality. Infinite Being is all that is, it never changes.” O K Waters

OwenKWatersOne of the main reasons for experiencing life on Earth is to discover what is real.

We spend our lives coming here, going there, trying this and trying that. We acquire physical things and eventually let them go. Life’s experiences pass by like so much water under the bridge.

One constant in all of life’s ever-changing realities is the inner observer. This aspect of your inner self is present in all of life’s experiences, watching, learning, remembering. However, when you go even deeper than this, you reach the underlying basis of all consciousness, the awareness that, simply, you exist.

This fundamental awareness can be summarized in two words: “I am.”

The great “I Am” presence

You are one individual viewpoint of the great I Am, the consciousness of All That Is, the all-inclusive and all-embracing Infinite Being. Continue reading “What Is Real? What Is There To Hold On To?”

Spirit Lives And Religions Die

A favorite quote of mine is from Kierkegaard: “In an infinite and incomprehensible universe, it is not a question of whether faith, but rather, faith in what.” This brief sentence has had an enormous impact on me over the years and produced a startling effect on my views.

Religion is not Spirit

If the universe is infinite and incomprehensible – a seemingly simple and acceptable postulate – then any complete or absolute definition or understanding of it is not possible from a limited human perspective. As such, any religion which claims to define or otherwise explain the unknowable contains within it a logical fallacy. It cannot be otherwise.

Simply put, one cannot know the unknowable nor completely perceive the infinite with finite minds. So any religion which claims to perfectly contain the unknowable expresses an inherent falsehood. In fact, they all do. I know of no religion which contains within it a caveat that its teachings are a ‘best guess’ or warns that its current truths could be utterly invalidated by new information that might be forthcoming at any moment. Continue reading “Spirit Lives And Religions Die”

The Divine Gift Of Beingness

“Forget about needing to make a choice. Your higher consciousness has already chosen. Instead look first for the blockages you can expose, accept, expand into and let go of. Then, above all, look for the gift of beingness that is wanting to come through you right now.” Open

StoneAndFlowersIt seems to me so many are trying to figure out exactly why we are here, in this incarnation right now. And in a world of increasing craziness, exactly what are we here to do? How can we help? It’s a question that’s enough to drive you crazy just thinking about it! So what if the reason for your incarnation could easily be revealed to you from the current circumstances of your life? What if a simple change of perspective on how we create reality could uplift not just you, but everyone around you? What if that’s the only truly positive way to change the world…

The Universal Law of Attraction

In my perspective on reality, it’s not that each of us is here to do a specific thing, although it may at times – for very good reasons – look like that (I’ll return to why in a moment).

To me, practically, everything works according to the Universal Law of Attraction, which in essence means:

Everything works in the universe according to the configuration of consciousness. Whatever configuration we have inside, is creative and manifests outside of ourselves exactly the mirror we need in order to further unwind, evolve and grow. Our purpose here is to shine our light ever more brightly, to express ever more authentically, to be all that we can be.

By the Law of Attraction, the mirror we create is our perfect tool for fulfilling that destiny.

So to me, our destiny is not something that we do – although we will do many things. Our destiny is all about our unfolding beingness.

Simply Amazing Gifts of Beingness

Continue reading “The Divine Gift Of Beingness”

Angel Messages For September 1 – 7 2014 ~ Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Card Reading [Video]

September begins with you deciding to detox physically and energetically. Just like last week when you were donating unused items to charities, this week you’ll continue to let go of the old . . . in many ways!

You’ll notice an increased psychic awareness, where your intuition is heightened. You may also feel increased sensitivity. Honor your sensitivity, as it’s a gift for your life purpose. Surround yourself with gentle people and situations, or spend time alone or with a gentle pet. Nature is also very helpful for sensitivity. Continue reading “Angel Messages For September 1 – 7 2014 ~ Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Card Reading [Video]”