The Kali Yuga Age Of Destruction

“After the time of Kali we may see everything in a different light. It will be beautiful and spiritual and it will show us the way, for after the Kali Yuga, the age of enlightenment follows.” – S Wilde

Before the age of enlightenment comes the Kali Yuga, which is sometimes spelt Yurga.

It is the age (yuga) of destruction. Kali was the wife of the Brahmin god Shiva (Siva). She has many names, including Parvati, Uma, Gauri, Durga and Haimavati. Shiva is an eternal Brahmin God so he sits in heaven and meditates, but Mrs. Shiva is rather deadly; she is the both the mother-goddess and the destroyer. She is depicted in Hindu art with four arms.

Kali the Destroyer

In the Hindu story, Kali first fights with the Shumbh and the Nishumbh, they are the demons of the three worlds: the human world, the astral and the celestial. That is the fight with the ghouls, which I have said has been going on for three and a half years, I’ve written much about that.

Then after Kali has sorted that lot out she sets about destroying the world. It’s hard to understand why the mother-goddess would want to destroy the world she has given life to and created, but it is a form of love. She is here to save the planet. You can understand why she might have to act. We have forced a disaster on the body and soul of the planet, something has to come and save it.

If you accept the notion of Gaia, you will see the planet as a living organism that is alive and aware of itself and self-correcting. There is a mass of biological evidence that supports the concept of a self-correcting planet. Continue reading “The Kali Yuga Age Of Destruction”

IAI-TV ~ The Open Society And Its Enemies [Video]

Oligarchs and government spies know where we are, what we want, and even our innermost thoughts. Who can protect us? Are whistleblowers like Snowden the white knights of the digital age? Or is the pursuit of radical openness itself the real threat we face?

The Panel

Mary-Ann Sieghart interrogates former GCHQ director David Omand, former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and Observer columnist John Naughton.

SF Source IAI-TV Sept 2014

Global Climate Geoengineering: The Assault Against All Life On Earth [Audio]

“No matter what we do on the ground to try to exercise our rights, if they have that kind of power over us, if they can shut off our water, if they can toxify our air and soils, it’s going to be game over if it continues.” – Dane Wigington

This may be the most important news I’ve ever shared. I spent one hour with Dane Wigington, founder of to discuss the rapidly unfolding environmental catastrophe of Global Climate Geoengineering, which Dane Wigington calls “an all out assault against all life on earth.” Continue reading “Global Climate Geoengineering: The Assault Against All Life On Earth [Audio]”

Disruptive Technologies In Financial Services [Video]

Two days after President Obama announced to the nation that we would essentially be going to war with ISIS in Iraq and Syria — a $7.2 billion Army intelligence contract was signed with 12 of the biggest private military contractors on the planet. We also learned on Thursday that US Attorney General Eric Holder is stepping down from his current post and speculation as to who his replacement will be is flying! Erin weighs in.

Then, Erin sits down with Raoul Pal, founder of The Global Macro Investor newsletter and Real Vision Television, to talk about the problems with finance news and the democratization of information. Pal is an advocate of disruptive technology in financial services and also has a thing or two to say about the global macro investment climate. Continue reading “Disruptive Technologies In Financial Services [Video]”

Paul Craig Roberts ~ Washington’s Secret Agendas

“Hidden agendas, such as those of the Dulles brothers and the Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes, must rely on secrecy and manipulation and, thereby, arouse the distrust of the people. If Americans are too brainwashed to notice, many foreign nationals are not.” – P C Roberts

PaulCraigRobertsOne might think that by now even Americans would have caught on to the constant stream of false alarms that Washington sounds in order to deceive the people into supporting its hidden agendas.

The public fell for the lie that the Taliban in Afghanistan are terrorists allied with al Qaeda. Americans fought a war for 13 years that enriched Dick Cheney’s firm, Halliburton, and other private interests only to end in another Washington failure.

The public fell for the lie that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” that were a threat to America and that if the US did not invade Iraq Americans risked a “mushroom cloud going up over an American city.” With the rise of ISIS, this long war apparently is far from over. Billions of dollars more in profits will pour into the coffers of the US military security complex as Washington fights those who are redrawing the false Middle East boundaries created by the British and French after WW I when the British and French seized territories of the former Ottoman Empire.

The American public fell for the lies told about Gaddafi in Libya. The formerly stable and prosperous country is now in chaos.

The American public fell for the lie that Iran has, or is building, nuclear weapons. Sanctioned and reviled by the West, Iran has shifted toward an Eastern orientation, thereby removing a principal oil producer from Western influence.

The public fell for the lie that Assad of Syria used “chemical weapons against his own people.” The jihadists that Washington sent to overthrow Assad have turned out to be, according to Washington’s propaganda, a threat to America.

The greatest threat to the world is Washington’s insistence on its hegemony. The ideology of a handful of neoconservatives is the basis for this insistence. We face the situation in which a handful of American neoconservative psychopaths claim to determine the fate of countries.

Many still believe Washington’s lies, but increasingly the world sees Washington as the greatest threat to peace and life on earth. The claim that America is “exceptional and indispensable” is used to justify Washington’s right to dictate to other countries. Continue reading “Paul Craig Roberts ~ Washington’s Secret Agendas”