The Connection Between the star Sirius and New Year’s Eve on Earth

Carol Ciocco – Did you know that at Midnight on New Year’s Eve, we are directly ‘downstream’ from the brightest star in our skies, the star Sirius?


Yes, deeply embedded in our cultural celebrations of New Year’s Eve for the past 70 years lies a hidden celestial synchronicity. It turns out that the star is intimately linked with our tradition of ‘ringing out the old and ringing in the new’ with jubilant celebrations at exactly midnight on New Year’s Eve.

One could say that we are showered with the blessings of a brilliant shining star at that magical moment – and somehow we seem to sense this, jumping up and down with glee!


Because Sirius is the brightest star in our sky, in antiquity it was known as ‘The Shining One’ or ‘The Scorcher.’ The ancient Egyptians called Sirius ‘Isis’ (Sothis) and built their calendar around the heliacal (with the sun) rising and setting of this magnificent star (this occurs in July).

The Egyptians believed that Sirius had a tremendous effect upon life on our planet. In particular, they felt that the star could bring immortality to humans and oriented the pyramid at Giza to the Sirius light. Some historians attribute the Giza pyramid alignment to the Pharaoh’s desire to gain immortality after death by traveling to Sirius in his ‘light body’ or Ka. Continue reading “The Connection Between the star Sirius and New Year’s Eve on Earth”

The Odds Are Never in Your Favor

Jim Quinn – The irony of the phrase “may the odds be ever in your favor” is not lost on the readers of the Hunger Games trilogy of novels or the film adaption. Despite the grimness of the story, over 65 million copies of the books have been sold. The total box office take so far has exceeded $1.4 billion for the four movies. The dystopian series tackles real issues like severe poverty, starvation, torture, oppression, betrayal and the brutality of war. It doesn’t fit into the standard film making success recipe of feel good fluff, politically correct storylines and happy endings. Each film in the series gets progressively darker, with the final episode permeating doom and gloom. The books and the movies capture the deepening crisis mood engulfing the world today. And they realistically portray the world as a place where there are no good guys in positions of power. The ruling class, in all cases, is driven by a voracious appetite for supremacy, wealth, and control.

An Ambiguous, Confusing, Dangerous World

The world is a morally ambiguous place where those in power and those seeking power utilize the influence of media propaganda and PR campaigns built around “heroes” and “icons” to psychologically control the masses, while enriching themselves and their crony capitalist sponsors. Endless war against the latest “bad guys” further enriches the arms dealers and their political lackeys who joyfully use faux patriotism and nationalistic fervor to insist upon more boots on the ground, drones in the air, bombs dropped, and missiles launched.

War is good for business and keeps the masses distracted, while the Wall Street financiers harvest the wealth of the citizens. The division of the country into 12 districts, sending their bounty to the capital of Panem at the point of a gun, while they are allocated a pittance to survive, is no different than our corporate fascist government as they extract hundreds of billions in taxes, fees, levies, tolls, and fines from the productive class, while regulating, enforcing, mandating, and authorizing the plebs to death. Continue reading “The Odds Are Never in Your Favor”

ECETI 2016 New Year’s Letter

yearJames Gilliland – I am presently in Australia so I already experienced New Year’s Eve by the time you read this letter. It’s funny. I can procrastinate and still be on time, which is pretty much my nature.

Time never really worked for me, I like the Aussie expression when they ask what time is it they say summer. Over here it is summer, 105 degrees while back at home in Washington State the doors are covered with snow with lots of digging. The herd of Yaks are loving it.

While contemplating what I want to do the next year I think it is best to contemplate the previous year and how we can do things better. Forgive the past, ourselves, others, gain the wisdom from the experiences and start creating a better tomorrow. Do a ceremony around releasing people, places and events. Be grateful for the things that serve you and release the things that don’t. It is time to be brutally honest with our selves and others. We don’t have the luxury of suppressing our true feelings or denial.

2016 is going to be a fast and furious year with lots of changes. It is imperative to shift into creative mind and out of reactionary mind. The struggles for power and control will come to a climax. The tyrants will continue to war upon each other and try to carry out their agenda. Unfortunately, those who remain in denial and ignorant of these agendas will suffer the reactions to the actions of tyrants. Those who continue to serve the beast will fall with the beast.

The source itself, the Earth or Sophia Gaia has a plan. The Ultradimensionals, Ascended Masters, Saints and Sages are all aligned with this plan. Even the Nature Kingdom is aware of and will be participating in this plan. There are forces unimaginable gathering together to implement this plan. It has everything to do with the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. What some call ascension or a frequency shift. Continue reading “ECETI 2016 New Year’s Letter”

Oracle Report ~ Thursday, December 31, 2015

newDisseminating Moon in Virgo/Libra (Friday, January 1 @ 1:42 am ET/6:42 am UT): share, communicate

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Tara – Goddess Who Guides Through Troubles and Dhumavati – Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Elias – God of the West, God of Transformation

Skill: dive under any turmoil; seek brilliance

True Alignments: goodwill, overcoming, long-term development, expertise, outreach, closing the gap, mastering a skill, patiently sorting out the details, unlimited creativity, self care and nourishment, inner beauty, gentle, freedom, seeing what is out of proportion, trust and reliability, sticking with something through rough times

Catalysts for Change: underhanded, deeds performed in secret, manipulating, restrictions, irritable, heightened anxiety, neglecting self, know-it-alls, exploiting situations, removing the right to refuse, avoidance, incomplete, self-sacrifice, false flags, unrefined, sophisticated strategies of deceit

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “in winter, people cutting ice from a frozen pond for use in summer” (preparation, seeing ahead)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (the recalibration/retuning of human consciousness)

The partially Earth-directed CME from Monday is arriving today. As this happens, emotions and tempers can run hot, and so can the Earth, as geologic activity is often intensified.

The environment for high emotions (especially sadness, anger, and aggression) is already ripe, with the square between Mercury and Mars. This has been in effect for the last few days (see Archives) and will end when Mercury enters Aquarius tomorrow, January 1 at 9:21 pm ET/January 2 at 2:21 am UT. Continue reading “Oracle Report ~ Thursday, December 31, 2015”

Geoengineering Is Fueling Blindingly Rapid Climate Shift

northDane Wigington – The final week of 2015 may bring temperatures to the North Pole as much as 75 degrees above normal (complete report on this is below). At the same time the completely engineered “cool-downs” continue in the US. How far does the scale need to tilt before people begin to open their eyes?

The vast majority of global populations are still completely oblivious to the gravity and immediacy of what is unfolding around us all. Epidemic denial is theme of the day on all sides of the climate issue. The reality is this, the “worst case” predictions of the climate science community fall far short of how severe the climate situation actually is. Some, astoundingly, deny that there is any problem with the climate system at all, even while the planet descends into total meltdown. Others (like most of academia) acknowledge the damaged climate but refuse to admit to the ongoing global geoengineering programs.

In May of 2014, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius stated we had “500 days to avoid climate chaos“.

“And very important issues, issue of climate change, climate chaos. And we have – as I said, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos, and I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject and I’m sure that with them, with a lot of other friends, we shall be able to reach success on this very important matter,”  the foreign minister said.

What did Fabius know that was not disclosed? How could the human race possibly avoid such “climate chaos” given the degree of damage already done to the planet and the climate system from countless sources of anthropogenic activity?  Was Fabius betting on the delusional hope of geoengineering saving the day and helping us to avoid the “climate chaos” he referred to? After 70 years of climate engineering/weather warfare, all available data makes clear the conclusion that geoengineering is wreaking immense havoc on an already decimated climate system.

The equation we face is as non-linear as it could be. Unfolding climate cataclysms are already overturning the paradigm we have all formerly known. Man’s decades long intentional intervention with the climate system (global geoengineering/solar radiation management programs) are only further fueling the climate destruction. The final week in 2015 will likely bring completely unprecedented and highly destructive conditions to the Arctic (and elswhere). We all have a responsibility to help in the battle to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity, make your voice heard. Though the report below does not admit to the climate engineering elephant in the room, the front line data is still completely relevant, and absolutely shocking. – Dane Wigington

Warm Arctic Storm To Hurl Hurricane Force Winds at UK and Iceland, Push Temps to 72+ Degrees (F) Above Normal at North Pole

Robert Scribbler – We’ve probably never seen weather like what’s being predicted for a vast region stretching from the North Atlantic to the North Pole and on into the broader Arctic this coming week. But it’s all in the forecast — an Icelandic low that’s stronger than most hurricanes featuring a wind field stretching over hundreds and hundreds of miles. One that taps warm tropical air and hurls it all the way to the North Pole and beyond during Winter time. And it all just reeks of a human-forced warming of the Earth’s climate. Continue reading “Geoengineering Is Fueling Blindingly Rapid Climate Shift”

The New Sandy Hook Documentary “The Life of Adam” [Video]

Here it is! The long awaited Sandy Hook documentary “The Life of Adam,” Brought to you by Independent Media Solidarity (IMS), the same group who did “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” which came out last December and received millions of views. These guys are TRUE patriots who poured themselves into this project, working on it all year. And they are also some of the most meticulous, intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate people you’ll ever come across.

The reason why events like Sandy Hook are so incredibly important to keep at the forefront is because it is a gigantic Achilles heal — that if exposed properly, could topple the entire gun control agenda. The corruption involved in this ONE event is a powder keg that could start a chain reaction of American outrage. Continue reading “The New Sandy Hook Documentary “The Life of Adam” [Video]”