Parallel Realities

Parallel Maureen Moss – As always, I pray you are well as we jettison forward in this year of 2016…a year of breakdowns, breakthroughs and alchemy as we continue to shift reality systems and integrate, assimilate, align and adapt to the new beings we are becoming.

It’s quite miraculous to be cultivating a relationship with the re-incarnation of ourselves (while in the same physical body) and often, to bear witness to many as they dust off the ashes on their very own wings and Rise…Phoenix’s many have discovered themselves to be.

This is not to say we are out of global chaos nor removed from further personal reconstruction…for we are not.

Every component of life and way of life will be changed throughout this year and next providing further opportunities for the new heart based reality and consciousness of the 5th dimensional human to be anchored in as the dominant one on Planet Earth…as the next three years progress.

Parallel Realities…Global and Personal

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Doreen Virtue’s Angel Messages For February 1 – 7, 2016 [Video]

A powerful week with big positive breakthroughs! You will realize that you have a limiting belief which has been holding you back – but no more! This reading has something in it which has never happened before in one of Doreen’s readings, emphasizing this point even more than ever.

You are taking back your power, and no longer looking for an outside authority figure to give you permission to live your dreams. The old disempowered repressed patterns of childhood will be brought to the surface.

Be extra aware of your inner processes this week! Notice your thoughts about yourself . . . because once you identify and release a self-limiting belief, you’re unstoppable! Continue reading “Doreen Virtue’s Angel Messages For February 1 – 7, 2016 [Video]”

AA Michael February 2016 Message

lifeRonna Star – Beloved masters, at the present time you may wonder why we are not relaying much new information to you, but are more or less repeating wisdom teachings of the past. We have told you—through the many messengers of Light who have devoted much of their time and energy to bringing forth the wisdom teachings for your Ascension in consciousness—we have now given you the major, important teachings for this particular round of the Ascension process. We are focusing on past teachings—refining and upgrading them—for a reason. Repetition is one of the best ways to help you integrate and retain the higher frequency teachings of the future.

We understand that it is exciting and tantalizing to constantly receive new, radical and sensational information; however, we ask you, “Have you integrated and perfected all the teachings that have been given? Have you accomplished all of the goals necessary to competently and easily access and live in a Fifth-Dimensional environment?”

A limited number of advanced Souls have achieved that goal; however, the majority of you are still in various stages of completing the final, critical Rites of Passage that are needed to achieve entry into the Fifth Kingdom of God-consciousness. Patience and a willingness to allow the process to unfold in its own time are what is needed during this critical stage of higher consciousness integration. Whether you are in an intense period of testing or growth, or whether you are in a “null zone,” or a time of “sanctuary and contemplation,” it is vastly important that you allow your OverSoul/Higher Self to orchestrate the tempo and timing of the final stages of the process. Continue reading “AA Michael February 2016 Message”

Slow Kill – Why Are The Controllers Poisoning Us? Part 2: Air [Video]

“When your earnings are exhausted on food and shelter, your labors are no longer viewed as an opportunity for economic advancement, but rather as an act of self-preservation. In the real world, that’s called slavery.” ~ Vincent Happy Mnisi

Gregg Prescott, M.S. – Our basic rights to exist rely on what we are able to eat, drink, and breathe. If any of these three components are compromised, then so is our health. If organizations such as the WHO, the FDA and EPA are in place to watch over our health, then why are there so many toxins in our air, water and food supplies? For example, after the Fukushima disaster, the EPA raised the toxicity levels of how much radiation is acceptable to the human body.

We are all economic slaves to a broken system of fiat currency. We work 40-plus hours a week, 50-plus weeks a year until we’re old enough to retire but are too elderly to fully enjoy our golden years. The best years of our lives were given to the same global corporations who have kept us financially enslaved. Continue reading “Slow Kill – Why Are The Controllers Poisoning Us? Part 2: Air [Video]”

It’s the End of the Energy Road

energyJennifer Hoffman – I could have called this article 10 ways to know that your life is out of gas’ because that is what being at the end of an energy road feels like, a car that has run out of gas and isn’t going anywhere. This just means that the path you are on has no more energy for you and there is no more that can be created in that energetic space because you’re now at a different energy level. If you read my Facebook page, I have been writing about how we are opening and activating an energy portal over the past few months. They have been around, but dormant, for eons. With this new energy portal we have access to so many new and different frequencies which will make you more aware of the limitations of your current path and realize that so much more is available to you. You’re at the end of your energy road and it’s time to consider changing from unleaded to rocket fuel.

It’s a little like living in a comfortable, ordinary home and visiting a huge mansion, like the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. When you return to your home it suddenly looks very small and not too fancy. When we are faced with new frequencies that can expand our lives is many different ways, our life suddenly looks very small and limited, we see where we can make changes and wonder why we didn’t see these opportunities before. Judgment is not useful here because they were not available to us on our current energy path but with the new frequencies, new potentials they are now possible. Continue reading “It’s the End of the Energy Road”