Maslow Predicted The Shift

maslowOwen K Waters – Abraham Maslow (1908-70) was a psychologist who became well known for his hierarchy of human needs. When he developed his theory in the 1950s, he predicted the transformation of humanity into a realm of spiritual transcendence, but he had no idea just how soon this would develop into a major movement.

Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs shows that basic human needs have to be fulfilled before people can attend to higher needs and values.

First, the basic physiological needs of food and shelter must be catered for in order to ensure survival.

Second, once food and shelter are obtained, safety and security must be achieved.

Third, acceptance by others is sought, in both the societal and personal senses. To fulfill this ‘belonging’ need, people become part of a group, a tribe, an extended family or a community.

When these deficiency, or outer-directed, needs are satisfied, then the individual works to acquire self-respect. Recognition by others produces self-esteem.

Once the outer needs are fulfilled, the inner-directed need for self-actualization comes into play. To self-actualize means to become the best you personally can be. Self-actualized people include those who have achieved material abundance, and also those who, as a decision of personal power, have chosen simplicity over the pursuit of further abundance. At some point, when a person says “That’s enough” to the endless pursuit of additional financial security, then they become free to accomplish anything that inspires their inner joy the most.

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Oracle Report ~ Monday, February 29, 2016

Photo by Jeanine

Disseminating Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius 6:57 pm ET/11:57 pm UT: communicate, share

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill: stay true to your path

True Alignments: trusting, following the signs, quests (especially spiritual quests), leadership, guidance, the value of individuality, that which is worthy, going above and beyond, the inner feeling of home, self-care, free will and respect for the free will of others, paths of potential, spiritual communication

Catalysts for Change: conformity, lead astray, ignoring gut feelings/instincts/intuition, against one’s will, difficulty recovering, blinded to truth, bossing people around, the need to be the center of attention, unrealistic expectations of others, projecting onto others, unable to grow or grow up, compromising ourselves, feeling powerless to direct one’s life

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (information, signs and synchronicities that guide or confirm)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of consciousness)

We have come to the Disseminating phase of the Moon, the time of the solar-month when the energetics favor sharing our thoughts and ideas with others, and the time when Spirit sends us messages and feedback via heightened potential for synchronicities and heightened levels of communication.

This solar-lunar month happens to be all about receiving exactly these sorts of things, because the Sabian symbol or primary energetic is “a large white dove bearing a message.”  Spirit bears a message.  Do we want to accept delivery?

Specifically today, the nature and content of the messages and information relate to:

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February Heralding End Of Down Trend?

marketMichael Noonan – Applying market logic:

We often state that the market is replete with logic, even for those who do not know how or do not like to look at charts to explain the markets.  Charts that explain developing market activity have been superior to all fundamental analysis over the last several years. For us, that statement would include for as long as charts have been maintained, starting with Japan’s rice market, a few hundred years ago.

Most market participants have some [unrequited] need to have fundamentals be the driving force behind their market comprehension.  [See the stock market top from 2008 and the ongoing follow-up by fundamentalists who were unable to comprehend how their world of value investing had just been turned upside down.  As an aside, charts were flashing a major sell signal after the top but well before the collapse].  We digress…not really.  The point is valid.

There have been many calls over the past few years for a bottom in gold and silver, yet none ever materialized.  Just like in advertising, the same old products are repackaged as “new and improved,” those so-called gold/silver pundits simply ignore their past and call for yet another bottom.  People have short memories, except for when their accounts have suffered from believing and acting upon past false calls, and everyone is hungry to be among the first to participate in the final bottom that begins a trend reversal.

We are putting ourselves out as viewing February as perhaps signaling a potential turn in trend for gold and silver, and if true, it would mark December 2015 as a bottom.  We leave the door open for the possibility of yet another new low, not as wiggle room or talking out of both side of our mouth, as it were, but regular readers of our commentaries know we like to see confirmation of any market call.  Without confirmation, there can be no change, and to date, there has been nothing to confirm a bottom in PMs.

The significance of February is its decided change in market behavior on the monthly and weekly charts.  The significance of the monthly and weekly charts is that both are more controlling for trend direction and, as a consequence, require more time to turn.  Neither are used for market timing, the daily serves that purpose.  If there is to be a change in trend, it will show up on the daily before the weekly and monthly.

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Default on Global Monetary System Coming [Video]

WeirGreg Hunter – Financial analyst Bix Weir says the mother of all money meltdowns is a sure thing. Weir contends there is one big question everybody should be asking.  Weir says, “What’s the dollar going to be worth?  What’s fiat money going to be worth after the banks crash?”

So, can the financial powers keep manipulating the U.S. dollar forever? Weir say, “I think they can, they have and they will as long as it is in the United States’ advantage.  It’s been our advantage to run this un-backed fiat system.  We have been the world’s reserve currency for a long time.  Now, we are the largest debtor nation in the world.  Now, we have all these problems with currencies.  It’s turning into a place where it is no longer to our advantage.  With the click of a mouse, we can end this game.”

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Will Britain Leave the European Union?

britainSteve Byas – Great Britain will stage a national referendum on June 23 on whether to leave the European Union.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has made it clear that he supports continued British membership in the EU, and admits that his efforts to win “concessions” from the EU’s 27 other member states are designed to make the EU more palatable to its opponents in his own country.

Those concessions, however, are illusory and would not be legally binding. This is the clear position of Nigel Farage, a British member of the European Parliament, and the leader of Britain’s United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), who challenged European Council President Donald Tusk about the concessions Cameron hopes to win.

“But is this deal legally binding, Mr. Tusk?” Farage asked. “The ECJ [European Court of Justice] rule[s] in favor of the existing treaties until we get a new treaty. But who is to say there is going to be a new treaty? Any new treaty would trigger yet more referendums and would not be favored by the big groups in this parliament.”

Farage pointed to the “migrant crisis” as a reason for Britain (and other European nations) to “take back control of our own borders and our own democracy” and leave the EU.

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