The Nebulous Pattern In-Between Dimensions

solarGillian MacBeth Louthan – The universe seems to be rerouting the very best of intentions running us around in circles creating new earthly geometries in our wake. Time as we know it cannot be forced into slots like a Vegas experience. Time has out-grown its own fledgling wings and spins into unknown patterns, reformatting the highways of what once was. The emotional compass of humanity demands that it fly in a new direction.

We are stuck in the nebulous pattern in-between dimensions. While our channels are being adjusted we are experiencing great amounts of rerun episodes, in our life and mind, and emotions. All sensors of Earth -are changing, demanding our attention. Do not take for granted what seems to be real. All things are quantumly etched in shifting sands. For what once was written in stone has shifted in context due to new interpretations of the old ways. You cannot trust the time lines to behave and stay the same for very long. The playing field of earth is changed forever.

All is challenged non-stop. What you know to be truth is challenged and what you believe in your heart is challenged. The body has received so many mixed signals, conflicting senses and sights, it is in overload and seems to be taking a leave of absence.

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Trying to find balance with lots of socializing- New Moon Outlook 9/30/2016 [Video]

Joseph Anthony – We have a more hospitable welcoming committee beginning with the New Moon in Libra on October 1st, suggesting that we reach out and connect with others. This lunation will be joined by benevolent Jupiter, which entered Libra on September 9th, bringing with it greater opportunities to improve our relationships over the coming year.

Fiery energy is the air on October 15-16 when the Full Moon in Aries supercharges our desires. Spontaneity will be rampant during this lunation bringing with it a strong yearning to achieve our goals, as long as it doesn’t become something else. With the Moon tightly conjunct retrograde Uranus the focus is on independence in this assertive sign. Mars, ruler of this lunation, is conjunct Pluto so we’re more inclined to be brave little soldiers but with Uranus in the mix, there’s also the potential for assertive mindedness. This lunation could be highly invigorating or be peppered with a desire to shock and break free.

SF Source Joseph P Anthony Sept. 2016

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Oracle Report – September 30, 2016

new moonNew Moon in Libra 8:12 pm ET/12:12 am UT: begin, set intentions for the new lunar month

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill: create a special place in your heart for the new to enter

True Alignments:  seeing ahead, expansion of ideas and projects, generous, enthusiasm, taking a leap of faith, proving, evolution beyond circumstances, observing events, self-sustaining, a blessing blowing in, unveiling, performance art, fine art, love

Catalysts for Change:  overwhelmed (break things down into steps), relying on the past, not changing with the times, inattentive (especially while listening), uncooperative, power struggles, military might, overly serious, false fronts, too much drama, angry outbursts (and road rage), denial of growth, refusing new opportunities, stubborn

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery” (light reflected on life; expansion of perceptions; linking mind, body, and spirit, vision and visionary)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcending difficulties; transcending the unraveling control paradigm; fantastical experiences)

Welcome to the New Moon in Libra, the midpoint of the solar-lunar year, and a time of great shift.

This lunar month is like a month-long Full Moon phase, the spiritual time of the year when there is the most amount of light by which to see and navigate.  This month will see dramatic changes in the world and in our lives.  It is always so during the Libra lunar cycle (and the other cycles of the “cardinal” months of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn).

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How The ‘Deplorables’ Can Save America

governmentBrandon Smith – In my last article, “The Deplorables – Who We Are And What We Want,” I examined the basic philosophies that define what I call the liberty movement; the same group of Americans that Hillary Clinton admonishes as part of her “basket of deplorables.”

It is important to recognize that only foolish progressives actually take Clinton’s claims at face value. Clinton seeks to characterize a large subset of conservatives as narrow minded when she mentions the “deplorables.” But, it is how she defines “narrow minded” that is the crux of the thing.

When people like her talk about “racists,” they are referring to conservatives who want a secure southern border. When they talk about “Islamaphobes,” they are referring to people who want to stop Islamic refugees from being bused into the country without being vetted or philosophically and morally acclimated to our way of life. When they talk about sexists, they are usually referring to all males in general, because remember, social justice warriors (SJWs) claim that we are “subconsciously sexist,” even if we think we are fair to women. When they talk about homophobes, they are referring to Christian bakers who do not want to participate in services for gay weddings despite the fact that they should be perfectly free to refuse association with anyone at any time for any reason.

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NYT Reinvents Reality in Aleppo

syrianStephen Lendman – Liberating Syria from the scourge of US-supported terrorists requires winning the battle for Aleppo, a vital strategic prize.

Washington is concerned because it’s incrementally happening, Syrian forces retaking parts of the city long held by US-backed terrorists – Russian aerial support making the difference, essential to continue without letup until the entire city and surrounding areas are free from its terrorist infestation.

The campaign deserves universal support. Syria’s future depends on its success – why Washington arrogantly threatens to cease (largely nonexistent) cooperation with Russia unless it halts bombing Aleppo areas held by US-backed terrorists.

The latest edition of Times Pentagon press release propaganda misrepresented what’s going on, publishing pure rubbish no legitimate editors would touch, saying:

Russian and Syrian forces “could be massacring Aleppo’s civilians as part of a calculated strategy, aimed beyond this one city.”

“The strategy, more about politics than advancing the battle lines, appears to be designed to pressure rebels to ally themselves with extremists, eroding the rebels’ legitimacy; give Russia veto power over any high-level diplomacy; and exhaust Syrian civilians who might otherwise support the opposition.”

Fact: US-supported terrorists, along with Pentagon and so-called coalition warplanes alone massacre defenseless civilians unaccountably – The Times wrongfully blaming their high crimes on Russian and Syrian forces.

Fact: Moscow’s alliance with Damascus is unrelated to politics. It’s entirely about defeating the scourge of US-backed terrorism in Syria, preventing its spread to Russia’s heartland.

Fact: The term “rebel” is code language for US-supported terrorists. No moderates exist. All anti-government forces are cutthroat killers, imported death squads serving as imperial foot soldiers.

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