Cosmic Activity Causing Lots of Changes in December 2016 [Video]

Gillian Grannum – Joseph P Anthony discusses planetary effects of cosmic activity on display throughout December.  It’s been quite the ride!

World Events 2016- What is Happening to Our World-


Second Wave of Energy – Dec 26th Arrival

WARNING: “Apocalyptic Galactic Wave Of Energy” Coming 12/26/16

Government Prepares for Cosmic Catastrophe- Executive Order Implemented

Joseph P Anthony

SF Source Dreamcatcher Dec. 2016

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News And Views From The Nefarium – Dec 29, 2016 [Video]

Joseph P Farrell – Over during the run up to the Christmas holiday, there were very strange, seemingly unrelated, stories which broke, and some have only been updated just today. Joseph reviews the death of the NATO Auditor General, the assassination of Andrei Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, and the crash of the Russian military aircraft in Sochi.

SF Source Giza Death Star Community Dec. 2016

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Talk Politics For Ten Seconds And I’ll Know Where You Get Your News

problemPaul Rosenberg – Whether the current furor over “fake news” fizzles or ends in state censorship, there is a legitimate issue beneath all the fear-mongering. Moreover, it’s a problem that has been known for a long time. In daily life, it shows up like this:

Have someone talk politics for just 10 seconds, and I can tell you with 80 percent accuracy where they get their news.

You’ve doubtless experienced the same thing. If certain phrases come up, I know that this person watches MSNCB and CNN, and that they read things like the Huffington Post. If they speak another way, I’ll know that they watch Fox News, listen to certain talk radio shows and read things like NewsMax.

In other words, people who consume news have become polarized, and badly so. This is a legitimate problem, though I’m certainly not endorsing state censorship to fix it… that’d be like cutting off your hand to fix hangnail.

Closed-Circuit Thinking

Years ago I wrote a little series of essays for myself entitled Closed-Circuit Thinking, mostly as a way of clarifying my own thoughts. In it, I addressed the problems that arise in groups of people that listen to no voices but their own. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only person thinking along these lines. There’s now a considerable body of work of the subject, generally called Group Polarization.

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What is Henry Kissinger up to?

russiaPaul Craig Roberts – The English language Russian news agency, Sputnik, reports that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is advising US president-elect Donald Trump how to “bring the United States and Russia closer together to offset China’s military buildup.”

If we take this report at face value, it tells us that Kissinger, an old cold warrior, is working to use Trump’s commitment to better relations with Russia in order to separate Russia from its strategic alliance with China.

China’s military buildup is a response to US provocations against China and US claims to the South China Sea as an area of US national interests. China does not intend to attack the US and certainly not Russia.

Kissinger, who was my colleague at the Center for Strategic and International studies for a dozen years, is aware of the pro-American elites inside Russia, and he is at work creating for them a “China threat” that they can use in their effort to lead Russia into the arms of the West. If this effort is successful, Russia’s sovereignty will be eroded exactly as has the sovereignty of every other country allied with the US.

At President Putin’s last press conference ( ), journalist Marat Sagadatov asked if Russia wasn’t already subject to forms of foreign semi-domination: “Our economy, industry, ministries and agencies often follow the rules laid down by international organizations and are managed by consulting companies. Even our defense enterprises have foreign consulting firms auditing them.” The journalist asked, “if it is not time to do some import substitution in this area too?”

Every Russian needs to understand that being part of the West means living by Washington’s rules. The only country in the Western Alliance that has an independent foreign and economic policy is the US.

All of us need to understand that although Trump has been elected president, the neoconservatives remain dominant in US foreign policy, and their commitment to the hegemony of the US as the uni-power remains as strong as ever. The neoconservative ideology has been institutionalized in parts of the CIA, State Department and Pentagon. The neoconservatives retain their influence in media, think tanks, university faculties, foundations, and in the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Alien Disinformation

alienTom Montalk – In less than a decade, mankind will be confronted with undeniable public disclosure of the alien presence. The critical choices that follow will turn into tragic consequences if made in ignorance, confusion, weakness, or desperation. Therefore informed choices must be made to safeguard human freedom. This book is about acquiring discernment in handling future relations with alien forces by seeing and learning from their current methods of deception. We must consider the possibility of alien deception so that we can preempt it.

Distinguishing between peaceful and aggressive aliens is easy. A more difficult question is how to discern between positive aliens and negative ones pretending to be positive. This question is important because research suggests not all alien factions are sincere or have our best interests at heart. If hostile forces cunningly imitate benevolent ones, then anyone refusing to acknowledge this possibility invites deception.

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He Mixed 3 Natural Ingredients And Whitened His Teeth [Video]

Healthy Food House – The smile is one of the dominant features of a person, so a yellow smile is something no one wants to have. However, the yellow smile is not something which cannot be improved.

Namely, there is an extremely effective natural recipe that can whiten your teeth and even heal gum disease.

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