2017 Astrology Overview [Video]

Joseph P Anthony – The 2017 Astrology shows that we’ve got another interesting year ahead, however, it starts off a bit slow as the communication planet, Mercury, is retrograde for the first week of the New Year. We will ease into 2017, but that won’t last long as the second half of January we begin to kick things into overdrive. Change is in the air once again this year, everything from values to relationships and philosophical beliefs.

Traditional beliefs will be challenged as never before when breakthroughs in technology, politics, and biotechnology liberate the public in new ways. Big business and organized religion may object, but with Pluto slowly moving through Capricorn (governing bodies) which starting in 2008, the establishment is due for an overhaul. This is also due in part to revolutionary Uranus going direct for the first eight months of 2017.

Uranus is powerfully positioned this year indicating that the world is indeed moving forward. We can look forward to progress regarding our rights, and the rights of many others. The 2017 Astrology shows that there’s simply no going back at this point. The Age of Aquarius appears to be upon us…. To continue reading more visit: http://josephpanthony.com/2017horosco…

SF Source Joseph P Anthony Dec. 2016

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