Eclipsed by the Light and Dark

new potentialsJennifer Hoffman – Eclipses are portals between the past and the future that show us simultaneously where we have been and the possibility of a new potential. That portal to the future is brief but compelling and when the eclipse passes, we have to decide whether we are going to repeat the past and what we know, or release it for the new and unknown.

The glimpse of the future is surrounded in mystery, especially with Neptune in Pisces now, but it is a chance for us to explore new potentials that is not always a smooth flow of information. And eclipse energies usually last for 6 months or more, although the long-term effects are not always as strong as the actual eclipse. We can make the most of eclipse energy if we are flexible and balance our expectations with our intention.

We have had some potent eclipses in February, especially the one on February 26, which was at the same degree, at 8 degree of Pisces, of one on February 26, 1998 and at a degree that has historically been a catalyst for global change, although not always in a beneficial way. What makes this week’s eclipse special is that for the first time since 1847 Neptune is in Pisces, and it is joined by Mercury, the planet that rules our karmic cycles, and that sheds a whole different light on this eclipse.

This eclipse features a balance of planets in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, a clarion call for endings and beginnings. With its conjunct to our karmic south node, karma, karmic cycles, soul groups, soul promises, and our karmic journey is called up for review. Since 2004, I have been writing that this is the lifetime in which we have come to end karma and that’s why our lives have been so challenging. This eclipse and its endpoint at the end of this particular 19 year cycle, opens the portal so we can complete that mission.

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The True Identity of Jesus Christ

Johan Oldenkamp – When you are familiar with my work, then you who that I clearly dare to say that the historical Jesus never existed. By stating this so blunt and straightforward, I behave as the opposite of my mother, as she had the gift to get along with really everyone. That was the reason why yesterday so many extra chairs had to be brought, in order to offer everyone a seat at the thanksgiving service.

Very often I hear that people admire my work and commitment, but that they do not agree with all I say. Almost always they mean that they believe in the historical Jesus, and that they oppose my clear stand against this. They are even almost angry at me because they see it as me trying to take away something that apparently gives them so much strength and love. “Stay away from my beloved Lord Jesus, you infidel Judas”, they then probably think.

I am indeed an unbeliever. Christians get even more upset when I further assert that I did not believe in God. Who knows the Truth does not have to rely on believing what might be true. I know God because I have intensively studied the work of God, and I am still researching this. And all that I understand of this, I share via Wholly Science, in which God is also at the very center.

I strongly oppose against any form of creed. Believing is for people who can not or will not understand the truth. In the New Testament of the Bible, the character named “Jesus” says exactly the same, but much more subtle. He compares a believer with someone who builds his house on sand, or even quicksand in some translations. Only people who absolutely know the truth for sure, only they build their house on rock. The sad thing is that believers also interpret this parable on an unfounded religious manner, and in fact strengthen their conviction that Jesus was talking about blind faith, disconnecting themselves even more from the truth that Jesus stressed the necessity of knowing. Continue reading “The True Identity of Jesus Christ”

System Failure – Waking Up in the Matrix

 waking upMorag O’Brien – The matrix. It signifies seeing beyond the invisible prison walls of our reality, and recognising and questioning its existence is one of the first signs of awakening — of truly waking up.

At first, the beginning of our transition and re-calibration to higher frequencies beyond the construct of the matrix is a blissful, beautiful experience. Being connected to the multiverse, to the cosmic love energy, is life-changing. We begin to understand the energies behind love and gratitude, the power our thoughts have in manifesting our realities, and how non-attachment and sovereignty can improve our experience of the present.

Yet, this path of transcendence, of awakening and ascension, can be threatened by where we wake up. If we were to wake up on a nice floaty planet of higher-order living, no harm, no fear, no anger and hate — well that would be kinda cool! We could do our quantum make-over, our butterfly-emerging-from-the-chrysalis thing, and be at one with a harmonised existence. But it is not so here on Earth…

Planet Earth circa the 21st century is a pretty scary place to wake up in. The matrix, this third dimensional reality, is a planet under siege — a panopticon prison, holding a people who have been separated and oppressed for thousands of years. Anytime in the last two thousand years, waking up here would have been hard, as much of humanity’s existence in each individual life-cycle has been driven by the basic need to survive. This leaves little time for peace, quiet reflection, meditation and existentialist thinking. Add to this the cosmic celestial waves of quantum energy transitioning a whole planet to higher dimensions at once, the Age of Aquarius, and we’ve got a whole heap of drama going on!

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Nigel Farage Drops Truth Bomb [Video]

The_Real_Fly – Always eloquent, Britain’s Nigel Farage offers his views on the current state of leftist delirium — pointing out how the younger generation have been hijacked by an agenda rich education system, indoctrinating them to not only espouse a certain ideology, but to become intolerant to opposing viewpoints. By definition, they’ve become the very thing they’re working so terribly hard to defeat: god damned fascists.

A mindset of intolerance has been normalized amongst the left, promoted by the media, even accepting violence in order to ‘stomp out’ nazis and white supremacists.

The BS has to end. They can’t keep getting away with it.

The Younger Generation Screaming ‘Fascist’ Have
Become the Thing They Loathe the Most

SF Source Zerohedge Feb. 2017

6,000 Years On The Hamster Wheel

hamster wheelPaul Rosenberg – Modern man is trained to think in certain ways and to turn away from anything that differs… to give authority the benefit of every doubt, instinctively and forever.

Nearly all of us have been pushed (nay, shoved) in that direction, and we’ve instinctively feared to break our inertia: “But I’ll be poor.” “Girls (or boys) will think I’m weird and won’t want me.” “Only crazy people step off the path.”

That path, however, has no end and kills us by inches. It was paved by our abusers and it is, in effect, a hamster wheel we never leave.

Back to 4000 BC

Between 5400 BC and 3800 BC, the model of rulership we know formed in Mesopotamia, beginning in a city called Eridu. With a few sags, breaks, and occasional exceptions, the basic pattern has held ever since.

The pattern, as we well know, features one group of men dominating all other people. This small group orders the others around, takes a large share of their earnings, punishes them if they fail to obey, sends their children to kill people they’ve never met (or to be killed by them), and is held to be righteous while doing so.

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