A Thunder Being Nation

“When I was a boy I heard the old people tell about a great wicasa wakan  (a spiritual man) who did wonderful things; and his name was Wooden Cup. He had a vision of the Great Mysterious One, and that is how he got his power. He could make fire with his fingers, just by touching the wood; and he could see far off into the days that were going to be when babies that were not yet born would be walking with their canes.

He saw it and he said it.

A strange people would come from the sunrise, and there would be more of them than bison. The bison would turn to white bones on the prairie. The mother earth would be bound with bands of iron. The sacred hoop of our people would be broken by the evil power of the strangers, and in time we would live in little square gray houses, and in those houses we would starve.”

He said it, and we have seen it.” – The wisdom of Eagle Elk 1851- 1945

Creating Fire

weekendElva Thompson – If you are a gassed avid reader of my articles you will already be up to speed with what I’m going to talk about and, the understandings that go with it.

We’ll start with Wooden Cup – He could make fire just by touching the wood with his fingers.

The intellectual hive mind cannot grasp the understanding that a fire can be started with a finger. They have no intuitive awareness and think shamanism and energy modulation is superstitious BS or an act of quackery.

So how did Wooden Cup start a fire with his fingers? Continue reading “A Thunder Being Nation”

Most Illegal Immigrants Live In America’s Metropolitan Areas

Tyler Durden – Having exposed $27 Billion reasons why a number of America’s city officials are up in arms over President Trump’s sanctuary city defunding decision, we thought it worth investigating just where the most illegal (or undocumented or unauthorized – pick your politically correct term) immigrants reside in America.

Across America, there are over 300 governmental jurisdictions claiming “sanctuary status.” Of those governments, there are 106 cities, while the rest are states, counties or other units of government.

The new U.S. administration wants to overhaul America’s migration system, cracking down on undocumented migrants. As Statista’s Dyfed Loeche reports, in total there are an estimated 11.1 million unauthorized migrants in the U.S. of which some 6.75 million took refuge in the big metropolitan areas, according to data collected by the Pew Research Center. Some of these metro areas have so-called sanctuary cities at their center. Continue reading “Most Illegal Immigrants Live In America’s Metropolitan Areas”

A Perspective On Ambassador Churkin’s Death From Sputnik…

human traffickingJoseph P Farrell –  Last Thursday during my News and Views from the Nefarium I pointed out that others are beginning to pick up on the “pattern” that seems to be emerging with the deaths of highly placed Russian officials or ambassadors. I suggested that we were looking at a full scale “mafia” war taking place, with one “family” taking out the “soldiers”, in this case, diplomats and other highly placed officials, of the other.

Citing an article of Adam Garrie that appeared on the website Global Research, I pointed out that this site, while not officially tied to the Russian government nor any of its media organs, does take a more or less consistent pro-Russian point of view. Because it appeared on such a site, I suggested that if Russia suspected a pattern to these deaths, it would signal this via its official organs, and that, if the activity continued, a response would eventually be made.

As I’ve said on many occasions, two can play the covert operations game. I suggested, however, that this response would come in the form of highlighting western covert operations activities.

Well… no sooner said than done, for in this week’s pile of emails, I found the following stories shared by Mr. D.S.M. First, there was a short message of condolences to Mr. Churkin’s family and to the Russian government from President Trump: Continue reading “A Perspective On Ambassador Churkin’s Death From Sputnik…”

Transcending the Psychic Sludge

consciousnessJames Gilliland – Recently because of Global and local events there has been heaviness – a barrier so to speak – between clear guidance and the chaos of social consciousness. There are ascension waves that are exponentially getting stronger to help in the awakening and healing process yet it seems we have been caught in the muck and the mire.

On the Island of Maui there has been a long battle against Monsanto; which has led to a lot of disheartening along with a complete disregard for the will of the people. There were the elections with so many of the masses misinformed with the fake news, social programming by the main stream media along with movements funded by the globalists to create separation and division.

Division between the races and gender preying upon the wounds and traumas of the past in a covert psyop program is being carried out by the very same people guilty of what they accuse others of doing. There are a lot of powerful people at the top of the food chain guilty of sedition, treason, child trafficking, even satanic blood rituals.

Yes. As much as we would like to remain in denial these events have happened and we are going to have to deal with it. Our false media-generated and supported leaders are falling. They will see the light of day and there will be a day of reckoning. Not just during their light review when they leave this plane but here on Earth. Many will remove themselves or be removed over the next two months.

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