Exiting The Matrix In The Now Moment

realityKelly Lapseritis – Time and space are not linear. There is no past or present, there is only the moment of NOW. However, most people are living in a linear timeframe, and they are not living in the moment. Because of this, most people regret their past, are unhappy with their present and fear their future.

The lower lords (beings and energies that are in service-to-self) take us out of the moment (among many other manipulations made during human genetic engineering) in an effort to “dumb us down” for a more successful “prison population” on this maximum security prison planet. One way they do this is by building extreme xenophobia (the fear of things not native to our planet or plane of existence) into the human genome to make us fearful about the truth of our existence and other life forms.

The polarity of this realm is unintegrated as intended by the lower lords. An integrated polarity is peaceful, pleasant, and balanced. As a matter of fact, the rise of cancers and other dis-eases are largely caused by the idea of individuation and separation on a consciousness level along with the physical environmental factors.

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Easy Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

metabolismHealth Alert News – One of the best ways to lose weight is to boost your metabolism. Fortunately, it is easy to raise your metabolism. There are many different methods available to you if you want speed up your body’s metabolic rate. When you want to lose weight more quickly, use the following five methods to boost your metabolism and watch the weight fly off.

1. Don’t Get Hungry

You want to cut the number of calories you eat if you are trying to lose weight, but you don’t want to let yourself get hungry. When you starve yourself, it makes your metabolism throttle down hard. You want to eat just enough food to fill you so as to not feel hungry. Small snacks between meals will keep your metabolism humming along. When you eat just enough food like this, your body will keep your metabolism at the high rate you want it at for weight loss. Continue reading “Easy Ways To Boost Your Metabolism”

May 2017 AA Michael Message

Archangel Michael – Beloved masters, let us again review some of the basic teachings which are so vitally important during these critical times of transformation. As you move forward on the path of en-lighten-ment, and you come to a better understanding of cosmic law and the workings of the universe, we welcome the opportunity to occasionally give you a better understanding of some of the concepts of creation and the complexity of the physical vessel. Therefore, we would like to give you an in-depth explanation of the composition of the etheric body and its importance in the process of ascension.

The etheric body (or etheric web), which is much finer in substance than the earthly body, refers to the invisible counterpart of the physical body. The etheric body is composed of the physical aura, which conveys your physical state of health via various colors and the distortions, or lack thereof, within the etheric web pattern. The emotions of pain, suffering and resentment are thought forms which are keeping you from embracing and becoming the bearer of light you were meant to be. The auric field is the invisible electromagnetic force field that surrounds the physical body, and it magnifies energy to you and radiates vibrational frequency patterns from you.

The aura of the mental body within the etheric web is almost non-existent in those who are trapped in the restrictions of the third and lower fourth dimensions. That is because they see the world and events through a filter of illusion created by their past beliefs, thoughts and actions.

When existing in a third-/fourth-dimensional environment, the dominating force within the emotional body is the astral plane. Therefore, a vast majority of people are under the influence of their base personality and the ego desire body, which is composed of unfulfilled yearnings from the past, as well as emotional imbalances and feelings of being unworthy and/or unloved. One of the most dramatic phases of the ascension process is moving through the distortions of the emotional mass-consciousness belief system into the stability, freshness and harmony of the higher dimensions.

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Pushes & pulls of the world

wavesThe Angels –  You are in a divine dance with the entire universe. If you could see yourselves, you would feel as if you are waves upon the ocean. Your every movement affects everyone else. Likewise, everyone else can affect you.

If a weak wave moves, it barely affects the stronger waves. They are rooted deeply in the currents of the ocean itself, moved by the grander source from which they are born. However, if a strong waves moves, it can easily affect the weaker ones.

Likewise a person or ideology with strong energy can easily affect those who are not as deeply rooted in their own hearts and minds.

This is why so many of you have been feeling anxious lately. The waves of insecurity and fear in the world are very strong at present. If you are not firmly rooted in a peaceful mind and loving heart, you can easily feel the waves of the mass consciousness.

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Assess, Reset and Strengthen

selfMaureen Moss – Last month I wrote The Pace Quickens … and it did. It was a tough month. On many days it was an overwhelming month…conflicting, emotional, insistent, new and old thought-provoking and weary-making. It was all that and a power and potential surge, along with being one of fascinating awareness.

Now it is important to get your bearings for this next couple of weeks before the next highly active heart-centered passage into a more stabilized liberated state of being and creativity picks up momentum towards the end of the month.

Breathe. Take a good and loving hold of yourself and let the energies settle. Gently clear away fall-out from last month, tend to your body (and frayed nerves,) notice what new awareness’s/Truths you have discovered about your self and your Self, and shore up or set up a stabilized field in which to integrate them.

Using your inner eyes and heart have a look at you as You are becoming. Feel you as You are becoming. Use these next few weeks to assess, reset and strengthen. And, have some fun!

It has been hell being who we are not for countless lifetimes… or even a few… and then being pushed and shoved blindly and for years now, into becoming, transforming, reclaiming, revaluing and orientating to this unfolding, united and whole true version of our Selves while simultaneously learning how to lovingly safeguard this Self so the other version of ourselves is incapable of derailing it. Give yourself some LOVE.

Your Evolution

This evolution and conversion to return to the Galactic/Source/God of our Selves while in a physical body is so far beyond our perception of it, or the writings or tellings of others.

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