Calm Your Mind Without Sitting to Meditate

“Our way to practice is one step at a time, one breath at a time.” ~Shunryu Suzuki

Photo by Marina

Bill Lee – Sitting meditation has always been challenging for me; practicing mindfulness, even harder.

As a self-confessed worrywart who has contended with constant ruminations, flashbacks, and nightmares for most of my life (more on this later), all prior attempts at being fully present and not thinking merely served as reminders of how little control I had over my mind. Then I took up hiking and stumbled upon a form of meditation that literally transformed my life.

Initially, just being out in nature on scenic trails cultivated calmness and cleared my head. Almost immediately, I realized that hiking provided a respite from intrusive thoughts that have plagued me since I was a tyke. 

They include flashbacks of my mother’s numerous suicide attempts in our decrepit Chinatown apartment, my father’s drunken rages, and recurring images of shootings, savage beatings, and other gory crime scenes from my gang-banging days.

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Proof of Ancient Anunnaki Technology Discovered All Over the World [Video]

Many Sumerian artifacts and other archeological relics have remained hidden, but they hold clues to an ancient technology that remains a mystery. How did the Sumerian civilization of some 6,000 years ago have sophisticated astronomical, medical and mathematical knowledge? There are also a number of ancient artifacts that depict “rocket ships” across various cultures, and most recently one has surfaced from Turkey.

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Exposing The Lineage Of The New World Order

An American Intelligence Media Report

“What is most effective today and what will show itself to be an even more effective imperialism in the future will be its bearer — the Anglo-American people. As far as its name is concerned, it has shown itself to be something new: economic imperialism. Everything said about this economic imperialism is untrue and more or less consciously leads to untruthfulness.” Rudolf Steiner, The history and actuality of imperialism, Lecture 1, Imperialism, Dornach, February 20, 1920.

pauleyFather Of The New World Order

President Woodrow Wilson, through his naïve intellectual worldview, was the unwitting father of the New World Order through his Fourteen Point plan and his League of Nations. Wilson was a political paradox and his efforts usually back-fired on him, becoming the opposite of what his idealistic political science fantasies imagined. Wilson embodied a certain type of blind intellectual hubris.

His idealistic League of Nations eventually became the United Nations, the Mother and home of the New World Order and corporate imperialistic globalism. Wilson’s biggest mistake was listening to bankers and barons of industry who proffered a foreign policy that led America to enter WWI. Wilson was so clueless about leading the country that numerous intellectuals and bankers created an advisory group called “Inquiry” to instruct him. Wilson’s Fourteen Points were based on the research of the Inquiry, a team of about 150 advisers led by foreign-policy advisor Edward M. House.

Inquiry’s advice steered Wilson from being an idealistic isolationist to becoming a leader in global democracy, making America the watchdog of the world. Wilson’s “instructions” from the Inquiry led him to loan money to both side of the war and pass the debt on to the American people through payroll taxes assessed by the Internal Revenue Service. Domestically, Wilson gave the country over to greedy corporate tycoons who used their government positions to amass more personal wealth. It was during the Woodrow Wilson presidency that corporate imperialism of globalists were able to sell out Americans and the people of every nation under the guiding direction of the United Nations and the warlord bankers and brokers who created it. Continue reading “Exposing The Lineage Of The New World Order”

The Murder of Seth Rich – A Basic Primer for Corporate Media Hostages

richDoug Hagmann –  This weekend, my neighbor asked me what I knew about the murder of Seth Rich. Instead of answering him, I asked him what he knew about it, which admittedly was not much. He only heard about it from a drive-by media report and couldn’t understand what a shooting during an “attempted robbery” almost a year ago in Washington, DC was being discussed.

It was then I realized that not everyone, even those seemingly knowledgeable about current events, understands the potential significance of this incident. It was then I decided to write this most basic report intended for those who are just learning of the murder of Seth Rich, and explain why it is of such importance.

I also hope to convey why there is such opposition to the investigation and discussion of this tragic event, and why there is such vitriol levied against anyone who is searching for answers to what many want to dismiss as a “botched robbery.”

The following is a very basic introduction of the case compiled from limited releases by official sources, my personal interviews with investigative journalists on my radio show, and my own investigation.  First, here are the most basic facts.

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The FBI Helped Obama Spy And Now Its Blowing Up In Their Face

fbiGreat American Daily  – Barack Obama’s illegal domestic spying is finally catching up with him.

Now that he’s out of office, the truth about the extent of his abuse of power is now being revealed.

And it’s worse than anyone ever thought.

The latest shoe to drop in the ongoing scandal over Obama’s illegal spying involves the FBI.

New reports reveal the FBI shared raw intelligence about Americans with third parties who never should have had access to that information.

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In the Language of Trees: How Plants Can Teach Us to Communicate

plantsMatt Toussaint – When I was a kid, I would name the trees in my backyard. They all had distinct personalities and dynamic qualities, including the ability to talk. I would spend inordinate amounts of time collecting their branches and sticks, talking with them about my life and theirs. My imagination was fascinated with their solid presence coupled with a mysterious aliveness that defied their seemingly fixed nature. They knew something and I wanted to know what that was.

Over two decades later, I find myself in the Amazon jungle and I’m still talking to trees. And they still have personalities and qualities and they do indeed talk back. Some are funny, some more reserved and laid back, others more serious, and they are all loving and willing teachers.

I now walk into the forest and feel enmeshed in this visible and invisible web of plant-ness, part of an ongoing conversation that never once left any of us out. Perhaps we still know how to speak this language, the knowledge of its universality rooted somewhere in the backyards of overstimulated city-minds. In a quiet moment, surely most of us can recall an occasion from our youth where something memorable and magical happened with a tree (or a plant or a rock) – a special climbing spot, a cozy place to read, a secret hideout, or a passageway into an imaginary world we ventured to with friends.

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