Helping the World Heal Itself

choiceJennifer Hoffman – It can seem like the entire world is falling apart right now and in a way it is, as the 3D glue that holds the world together has dis-integrated completely. Not only is the veil gone, so is the opportunity to be fully asleep, ignorant of what is going on in the world. Everyone is in some stage of waking up and those who are not are getting increasingly loud wake-up calls. It’s like being at the carnival, with the noise, lights, frenzy, motion, and chaos all happening at once.

Through the process of waking up we realize how broken the world appears to be but that is not a true statement. Through our recently expanded energy field we see two paths, the limitations of 3D and the new potentials that are now possible for us in higher dimensions of being. They were always there, we just could not see them with the limitations of 3D firmly in place. Now we want to leap ahead and share this great insight with everyone, convinced that if we can ‘heal the world’ out of its 3D limitations the ascension process will move much more quickly. Continue reading “Helping the World Heal Itself”

Oracle Report Thursday, August 21, 2017

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: step out of comfort zone, take action

Sun: 09 Virgo – “an expressionist painter making a futuristic drawing”

True Alignments: originality, a vision for the future, ahead of the curve, enjoying the present moment, lining things up, something to say or show

Catalysts for Change: pressure, worry about the future, not listening, afraid to speak up or express oneself

Earth: 09 Pisces – “the race begins: intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed”

True Alignments: advancing a goal/idea/project, stamina/endurance, from the heart, reserves, pacing, bursts of energy, focus, “going for it,” coming down to the finish with something

Catalysts for Change: pushing self or others too hard, overly-competitive, acting before thinking (impulsivity), racing the clock/rushing

futureLaura WalkerPacing oneself while moving forward or gaining a lead is very important today. It is very easy to exhaust oneself because the energetics are fast-moving, and we naturally follow the speed. Paying extra attention to one’s health and wellness is advised, as today’s energies can take a bit of a toll on the physical, emotional, and cognitive bodies.

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Hurricane Harvey Hypotheses

harveyJoseph P Farrell – I had not intended to write anything about Hurricane Harvey in this week’s blogs, but felt compelled to do so because of an odd “synchronicity” that occurred as I was writing and scheduling this week’s blogs. Normally, when I am scheduling blogs, I tune in to some talk radio and listen as I write, either on the radio or on the internet, just to try to “stay abreast of things.”

Normally, when such disasters happen, I am loathe to take them as opportunities to indulge in our trademark “high octane speculation”; people are suffering, losing their houses, assets, pets, and there is general upheaval and suffering. It’s not an appropriate time to indulge in “high octane speculations.” Certainly, watching this disaster unfold, we all empathize and offer good thoughts and prayers for the people – at this juncture, all of Houston and most of the southern Texas Gulf coast.

However, in this case, hoping that people will excuse my high octane speculating while the disaster is in progress, I felt compelled to do so, for as I was listening to my radio, the host in question was reporting on the situation as it was occurring, and he said two things that really grabbed my attention.

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DHS Blows $5 Mil on Polygraphs for “Unsuitable” Job Applicants Who Admit Criminal Acts, Drug Use

securityJudicial Watch – The front-line Homeland Security agency charged with keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the United States wasted $5 million on lie detector tests for “unsuitable” job candidates that admitted committing criminal acts or drug use. This is disturbing for several reasons, mainly that this crucial agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), is an essential part of the nation’s security yet it considers hiring agents with criminal histories. Secondly, it’s an inexcusable waste of taxpayer dollars, though that’s a government-wide epidemic hardly limited to this agency.

CBP functions under the immense Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and has some 60,000 employees, making it one of the world’s largest law enforcement organizations. Its duty is to safeguard America’s borders while enabling legitimate trade and travel, a monumental task that requires precision and good judgement.

On a typical day, CBP checks over 67,000 cargo containers, seizes nearly six tons of illicit drugs and screens about a million visitors to the U.S. Agents work in land borders, airports and seaports and they consider themselves the “guardians of our nation’s borders,” as well as “America’s frontline.” Undoubtedly, it’s a critical job that requires topnotch personnel—with clean criminal backgrounds—dedicated to the mission. Continue reading “DHS Blows $5 Mil on Polygraphs for “Unsuitable” Job Applicants Who Admit Criminal Acts, Drug Use”

Socialism: thick lipstick on a global pig

Jon Rappoport – To give you an idea of the deception inherent in socialism, here is a quote from none other than Andrew Carnegie, once one of the richest men in America:

“I believe Socialism is the grandest theory ever presented, and I am sure it will someday rule the world. Then we will have attained the Millennium…Then men will be content to work for the general welfare and share their riches with their neighbors.” (The New York Times, 1 January 1885, “A Millionaire Socialist”)

socialismCarnegie, of course, like several of his ultra-rich compatriots, devised a method to give away his riches while keeping them: the non-profit foundation.

The last thing on Carnegie’s bloated mind was becoming “equal” with the great unwashed.

He was a liar of the first order. He recognized that, when you win the game of free enterprise, your most corrupt bet is to turn around and find every possible way to block others from winning. Then, you stand at the top of the heap, unchallenged.

That is exactly what he had in mind. That’s what socialism actually meant to him.

Let’s see socialism for what it is. Not in the abstract, but in reality.

Socialism is: Continue reading “Socialism: thick lipstick on a global pig”