The Power of Love

loveOwen K Waters – Love, in its various forms, is the almighty drive that sends people to the extremes of human endeavor. This potent force which pervades the universe is part and parcel of the human experience, providing people with learning and evolution. It is the driving force behind all life in its journey back to the Oneness of all things.

There are many forms of love. There is the love of a mother for her baby. There is the love of a child for their parents. There is the camaraderie of people of like mind. There is the love shown by self-sacrifice in order to save others during a crisis. Continue reading “The Power of Love”

The brain vs. consciousness: the real debate and the phony debate

brainJon Rappoport – I continue to write about this subject, because the answers are shaping our present and future in huge ways.

Nearly all brain researchers insist that consciousness arises from the functions of the brain.

These researchers concede they don’t know HOW consciousness arises—but “they’re getting there.” They’re making progress. This is their story and they’re sticking to it. Continue reading “The brain vs. consciousness: the real debate and the phony debate”

Global Markets Incredibly Inflated & Artificially Manipulated [Video]

dr. faberGreg Hunter – Legendary investor Dr. Marc Faber called the precise bottom of the current bull market in March 2009. What does he say today about the record high stock markets?

Dr. Faber contends, “The advance/decline is not quite as strong as before. The list of new highs is not as strong as before, and we are overbought. We are not as overbought as in 1987, but we are more overvalued than in 1987. In 1987, we did not have the unfunded pension fund liabilities.

Debt to GDP (in 1987) was still relatively low. It did go up under President Reagan, but now it is in the sky. In particular, and I have to point this out, we have incredibly inflated and artificially manipulated European and Japanese sovereign bond markets. . . . I don’t think the market will be supported much longer from a decline in interest rates. They can be supported by money printing. That we have to see.” Continue reading “Global Markets Incredibly Inflated & Artificially Manipulated [Video]”

Genetics, Neurophysics, And Cognitive Engineering

genetic engineeringJoseph P Farrell – A few days ago I blogged about nanochips and a potential “nanochipping” agenda and its potentials for mind and behavior control on whole populations, along with the potentials for hacking that control. Well, Ms. P.H. found an extremely intriguing article and shared it – another “whopper doozie” – and this one is also worth bringing to your attention, for it heralds a whole new field of “engineering,”  that of ‘cognitive engineering’ via neurophysics and genetic engineering:

New Research Reveals Genetic Engineering Strategies for Elevating Human Consciousness

As noted, the essence of this new field is an alliance of “neuro-physics” (for want of a better term), and genetic engineering itself: Continue reading “Genetics, Neurophysics, And Cognitive Engineering”

Crooked Cop Mueller Leaks Investigation Info to CNN

muellerJoe Hoft Robert Mueller continued with his now widely reported corrupt and criminal activities last night by leaking information sealed by the courts to CNN.  This is just another corrupt and criminal act in Mueller’s corrupt and criminal career.

Last night we found out from information leaked to CNN that the Mueller investigation has filed charges in the ongoing superfluous investigation into President Trump and the far out possibility that he colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.  CNN reported that: Continue reading “Crooked Cop Mueller Leaks Investigation Info to CNN”