A First Quarter Moon of Relational Transformation

first quarterLeslie Benson – The First Quarter Moon can tend to be a challenging phase of the lunar cycle. It is when the symbolic ‘seeds’ that were planted at the New Moon are now young plants trying to sprout their first leaves. It is a time each month when we are asked to exert our will and put in the effort required to bring the latent energies of the New Moon into manifest form.

This particular First Quarter Moon in Aquarius follows the recent Libra New Moon, a configuration that rules the entire thirty-day cycle. This New Moon was notable by the fact that, by a very close opposition, it activated unpredictable Uranus. Continue reading “A First Quarter Moon of Relational Transformation”

Reasons Your Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working

Jen Wittman – While there is no “magic pill” for thyroid disease, some factors may influence the effectiveness of your thyroid medication.

thyroidWhen you are first diagnosed with a thyroid condition, a prescription for medication becomes much like a prescription for hope.

There is hope that you and your body will once again work together as partners, that you can feel “normal” again…at least someday soon. There is a butterflies-in-the-belly kind of optimism that all will be well again and that the emotional lows will become poignant highs.

And then it happens: You grow frustrated as you and your doctor struggle to find the right dosage and the right type of thyroid medication. You slowly realize that your thyroid medication doesn’t do all you thought it would.  It may not have taken your symptoms away and possibly added some extra ones to the mix. Continue reading “Reasons Your Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working”

What Mystics & Prophets Revealed About Hyper-Dimensional Entities – Part 2

Hyper-Dimensional Entities Makia Freeman – Hyper-dimensional entities have been observed, warned about and even fought with throughout the history of humanity by shamans, mystics and prophets. Although the way these hyper-dimensional entities have been described in each case is different, the similarities among the accounts are far more striking than the differences.

Just what are these hyper-dimensional entities exactly, and how do they affect you? Read on to learn more in this article, which is part 2 of a 2-part series (click here for part 1).

Don Juan, a character in the series of books of Carlos Castaneda, famously made mention of the Cosmic Predator / Mud Shadow that fed off mankind’s emotional energy. Some people may perceive it as something akin to this gargoyle statue above.

Continue reading “What Mystics & Prophets Revealed About Hyper-Dimensional Entities – Part 2”


halloweenThe Angels – In a few days many of you celebrate the holiday of Halloween –  an occasion which has become an opportunity to take what is dark and frightening in life and turn it to light. We love this holiday! It reminds you that life, death, and everything in between are completely defined by how you choose to see them.

You decorate your skeletons and celebrate your spiderwebs! During the rest of the year, these things would be horrifying to most of you! You carve scary faces on your pumpkins, yet if a coworker showed you such a face you might run in disgust! You even dress as the dead or witches, and yet the idea of death or spells would frighten most of you, if it became “real.” Continue reading “Halloween”