Deep State is Deep Bottomless Corruption [Video]

jandaGreg Hunter – Host of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” Dr. Dave Janda comes on to talk about what has been going on and what’s coming in the fight with Deep State globalists to control America. Janda says before the indictments can happen, Trump “has to clean up the FBI and DOJ.”

25 top people from the FBI and DOJ have been fired or quit for misconduct, including treason in trying to remove Donald Trump form office in a failed coup. Part of the cleanup also includes getting rid of “dirty judges” and installing judges that “will follow the Constitution and the rule of law.” Continue reading “Deep State is Deep Bottomless Corruption [Video]”

Democrat Scheme to Steal Elections in Broward County Exposed

broward countyThe following pdf contains all the critical details of the Democrat plan to steal the most hotly contested races in Florida during the 2018 midterm elections.  It was created by the owner of the Twitter account — MAGA** PROUD TEXAN** — and can be found here:

PDF: BrowardCountyVoterFraudExposed

Even a cursory review of the evidence indicates that there was a massive conspiracy to commit election fraud in the notorious Broward County, as well as in other Democrat strongholds throughout the state of Florida. Continue reading “Democrat Scheme to Steal Elections in Broward County Exposed”