Activating Your Soul Connection

soul Maureen Moss – In case there was any doubt, we have just been through The Olympics of energy… a two month energy wave carrying unprecedented transformation and reformation dynamics replete with lifts, leaps, drops, spins, jangled nerves, and aching body parts.

With no slow-down ahead, (though a big change in dynamics,) the latest mind-stunning, amplified display of unwavering catalysts opened a powerful inter-dimensional doorway for our Soul (the indwelling reality of the Life of God/Creator Source,) to descend deeper into our physical bodies far beyond any other time in human history…and far beyond imagination. This being where the change in dynamics comes in.

Having entered more deeply and using your Higher Codes of Light that only it carries, your Soul is on a mission now to strike an innovative relationship with your personality/ego to bring out the true created you… not the perception of the better you…the real you… and then, with your heart, to dance you through the rest of your Life.  Continue reading “Activating Your Soul Connection”

The Importance of Healthy Fats for Nutrient Absorption

fatsDr. Edward F. Group – Since the 1960s, Americans have been obsessed with cutting all fat out of our diets. In that same time frame, rates of obesity and diabetes skyrocketed across all socioeconomic groups. How is it possible that reducing fat intake coincided with a 300% rise in obesity and a 700% increase in diabetes?[1, 2] It’s almost as if we’ve been completely wrong about fat and its role in nutrition this entire time.

Why Low-Fat Diets Fail

Many readers have no doubt tried a low-fat diet and experienced mixed results. Maybe it didn’t work at all. Maybe you lost a couple of pounds, only to have them quickly return—with a few unwelcome friends. The diet may have even made you sick. Most people eventually slip and abandon the diet, but even when followed obsessively, low-fat diets don’t work.

That’s because it’s not fats that make people fat, or at least it’s not only fats. It’s sugar that actually triggers fat storage in the body. After you absorb sugar from your digestive system, it’s released into your bloodstream in the form of glucose. High blood sugar causes your pancreas to release insulin, which instructs fat cells to absorb excess glucose and convert it into more fat.[3] Continue reading “The Importance of Healthy Fats for Nutrient Absorption”

Virus fakery

hivJon Rappoport – There are a number of cases in which a virus is said to be the cause of a disease—but the evidence doesn’t stand up.

I first realized this in 1987. I was writing my book, AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century.

Robert Gallo, who claimed he had found the cause of AIDS, hadn’t done proper work. From everything I read, he claimed to have discovered HIV in a low percentage of AIDS patients he had studied.

He should have been able to isolate HIV in virtually every patient.

Then there was the fact that the most popular tests for HIV, the Elisa and Western Blot, were fatally flawed. They could register positive for a whole host of reasons that had nothing to do with HIV.

And no one had found sufficient quantities of HIV in humans to justify claiming it caused any kind of illness.

My own research into the so-called high-risk groups revealed that the “AIDS” immune suppression in those groups could be explained by factors other than a virus.

(Note: All my research at that time assumed HIV existed. Since then, several researchers, including the Perth Group, have made compelling arguments that the existence of HIV was never demonstrated.) Continue reading “Virus fakery”

Supporting Your Multi-Dimensional Body to hold more Light

experienceLisa Transcendence Brown – With each activation and phase, our DNA awakens our physical body to come online more through higher consciousness, while making unconscious programs visible/audible/feel-able so we can identify them for transcending from within.

What your body will “need”, will be different all along the way. There are no more “have to’s” or “should’s”, like there was in ego dominant realities. Here, there is what feels right, what resonates, what speaks to you, what you know inside and what your body/higher self/universe shows you/tells you. Those “random” thoughts become universal messages (light encoded information) for you to pay attention to and “learn” how to utilize this information to enhance your own life. Continue reading “Supporting Your Multi-Dimensional Body to hold more Light”

The Ultimate Deception – What Happened To Humanity On Earth?

zero pointNoel Huntley, Ph.D. – If anyone takes a really good look at our world today they surely can hardly deny that there is something wrong with this picture. How many people question our state of evolution and its professed history? Unfortunately we can be programmed to view a negative existence as normal or natural. If we can observe these undesirable elements and recognise them as not part of a properly evolving world, then we can be sure the more realistic situation is one which is much worse. That is, the discrepancies are much greater. Programming can not only successfully brainwash anyone to think this way but can also underlie the most fundamental level of existence itself.

If all humans were born with one leg, this would appear normal—nothing strange about it. Nevertheless the inevitable mavericks, or individuals who manage to gain temporary freedom from the programming, would point out that two legs would be much better than one; or even bolder, that we had two legs at one time. Amazingly we would still find significant opposition and ridicule, for instance, that one leg would get in the way of the other.

Thus with this theme in mind, education, upbringing, the media, science of evolution, history, etc. have programmed society with the fundamental reference or context of the natural occurrence of a one-legged species. All the limitations arising from having one leg are perfectly normal. This is the important point, “All the limitations . . . are perfectly normal.” Continue reading “The Ultimate Deception – What Happened To Humanity On Earth?”