When The Universe Doesn’t Have Your Back

lifeTanaazIt is nice to believe that the Universe always has your back, that the Universe is always looking out for you.

But life doesn’t always feel this way and this is often because the Universe has taken a few steps back and is waiting for you to figure things out on your own.

Sometimes we go through life feeling really supported and that the Universe is on our side. Things flow, synchronicity happens, but other times this feeling couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Sometimes it feels like life is pushing you in the mud, slamming you into brick walls, and pulling out each and every finger nail one by one. Sometimes, you fall and no one is there to catch you. Continue reading “When The Universe Doesn’t Have Your Back”

America Top Target of NWO, More MSM Lies, Economic Update [Video]

Greg Hunter – The sixth edition of the “World Government Summit” in Dubai didn’t get much media attention in the United States, but it should have.  That’s because it is overtly anti-American and anti-freedom and anti-Christ.  America is standing in the way of the new world order that top globalists, communists and Islamists want at all costs.

America is under constant attack by the globalists’ propaganda and lies.  They want to disarm America and destroy our freedom, and then tell us it’s for our own good.  When you look at all the treason, crime and attacks, it can be simply summed up that it is all being done by people who want communism and hate freedom.  Continue reading “America Top Target of NWO, More MSM Lies, Economic Update [Video]”

South America’s Largest Reserve of Water To Be Privatized By Coca-Cola and Nestlé

Niamh Harris – Coca-Cola and Nestlé are are reportedly in the process of privatizing the largest reserve of water in South America.

Known as the Guarani Aquifer, it is located beneath the surface of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and is also the second largest-known aquifer system in the world.

The big corporations are plundering the planet to profit off a natural resource that should be freely available to all….former Nestle boss Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has already claimed thatwater is not a human right and should be privatized and controlled.

Truth Theory reports:

Reported by Correiodo Brasil the major transnational conglomerates are “striding forward” with their negotiations to privatize the aquifer system. Meetings have already been reserved with authorities of the current government, such as Michel Temer, to outline procedures required for private companies to exploit the water sources. The concession contracts will last more than 100 years. Continue reading “South America’s Largest Reserve of Water To Be Privatized By Coca-Cola and Nestlé”

Mueller STILL Relying on Phony Dossier as “Road Map” For Russia Witch Hunt

muellerPaul Sperry – Special Counsel Robert Mueller is still relying on Hillary’s phony Russia dossier as a “road map” for investigative leads, reports Paul Sperry via Real Clear Investigations:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is continuing to use a controversial 35-page dossier financed by the Democratic National Committee and the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign as a “road map” for investigative leads, sources familiar with his investigation say.

Mueller’s team has also used information gleaned from surveillance court-approved wiretaps on former Trump adviser Carter Page that were secured by citing material in the dossier, the sources say.


Sources say Mueller’s office also inherited collections from a separate wiretap of Manafort, who, like Page, was the target of FBI eavesdropping during the election. (Manafort was indicted by Mueller for financial crimes unrelated to the Moscow “collusion” activities alleged against Manafort in the dossier.) Continue reading “Mueller STILL Relying on Phony Dossier as “Road Map” For Russia Witch Hunt”

Strange Ancient Artifacts are Stored in a Heavily Guarded US Govt Warehouse [Video]

Zohar StarGate TV – These ancient artifacts have the ability to rock the foundations of civilisation, religion and history to their very core. The strange and amazing secrets of the past are just a heavily guarded government vault away.

This is a detailed study of how and why government agencies have, for decades, taken a clandestine and profound interest in numerous archaeological, historical and religious puzzles.

Continue reading “Strange Ancient Artifacts are Stored in a Heavily Guarded US Govt Warehouse [Video]”

A First Quarter Moon of Restriction and Redemption

cycleHenry Seltzer – Friday’s First Quarter Moon in Gemini echoes many of the themes of the recent and quite powerful New Moon eclipse configuration from one week ago. Moreover, this lunar phase represents a natural growth process from the timing of the New Moon energy, a “crisis of action” as seminal 20th century astrologer Dane Rudhyar chose to express it.

In this opening or waxing square between Sun and Moon, we are coming to some inescapable conclusions concerning the viability of the ideals and visions with which we began the current cycle, reconciling to compromise in some cases, and to a radical revisioning of that original impulse in others, as we contend with coming down to a better grip on the true reality of the situation.

Interestingly, as we do this, we are echoing a far greater and more consequential cycle that is currently with us right to the end of the decade, namely the waxing square alignment between Uranus and Pluto. This similar stage of Uranus-Pluto, referring to the cycle of change that originated in the tumultuous 1960s, when Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction, is very much enhanced by the configurations of the latter half of February.

We as a culture are now attempting to discern whether the fanciful ideals of peace and love stemming from that time are in fact viable as a way of working things out with one another.

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