The Nature of Archangels

consciousnessOwen K Waters – The Creator often sends additional help to us, the students of Classroom Earth, in our evolution towards spiritual growth. The most well-known example is Jesus, who was sent here to liberate humanity’s heart from the suppressive, archaic order which existed at the time. By following the principles laid down by Jesus during his physical incarnation, people were given the key to the unfoldment of heart-centered consciousness. If more people had chosen to live in the spirit of his teachings, the world would be a far better place today.

Here we are, two thousand years later, standing on the doorstep of the cosmic event called The Shift. Even today, humanity is still learning to open up to the heart-centered consciousness which is a prerequisite for future incarnations upon this planet. Those who choose to delay their entry into heart-centered consciousness at this critical juncture will be accommodated elsewhere in God’s universe for their future incarnations. Planet Earth, in her new frequency after The Shift, will no longer be a matching environment for the old level of self-serving consciousness. Continue reading “The Nature of Archangels”

Celebrating Wesak          

[Wesak Full Moon] is the holiest day of the year, the most important Spiritual Festival and the high point of the entire year.  At the time of this powerful Full Moon, both the Buddha and the Christ come forth to initiate those that are ready into the next level of their spiritual evolution, which brings forth an awareness of their part in the Divine Plan to bring about Heaven on Earth and the New Earth. ~ The Councils of Ascended Masters

full moonThe Wesak Festival is a great spiritual event, which has a powerful effect upon everyone. Its influence has always been there, but unknown to the majority of humanity. At the time of Wesak, two great streams of spiritual energy—one focused through the Buddha and the other focused through the Christ–are fused and blended, and released to humanity.

The Wesak Festival offers a great spiritual opportunity for you. Great expansion of your consciousness is possible, which is not possible at other times. The wonder of your own divinity, the beauty of the divine in every one, and your part of the Plan for ascension into the New Earth is revealed more clearly. Continue reading “Celebrating Wesak          “

Clapper and Brennan Conspired with Comey Against Trump [Video]

James Kallstrom: I think he’s lost his mind, Jim Comey. I don’t understand what his act is…

This conversation with the President of the United States is automatically classified. At least it was when I was in the government.  Unless they’ve changed rules like that.

But Maria we’re in a three act play and it’s not a comedy. It’s a tragedy… Who are they (Clapper and Brennan) to be threatening the President of the United States?… And I have no doubt that they’ve conspired with others including Jim Comey, and others unnamed at this point. Continue reading “Clapper and Brennan Conspired with Comey Against Trump [Video]”

Trump Seals JFK Documents Until 2021

The Millenial Report – Some 15,884 records that have now been partially released, some with heavy redactions, will be subject to yet more review over the next three years under Trump’s order

President Trump is certainly kowtowing to many Deep State demands for very good reasons.  The comment posted below the line by Zaphod Braden conveys the single most important reason why President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Israeli government and its numerous co-conspirators.

Israel’s Direct Connection to the JFK Assassination

There is now no question that the CIA oversaw the JFK public execution plan, but it was Israel that got the ball rolling. See Operation Zipper: The CIA’s Highly Organized Conspiracy to Assassinate President John F. Kennedy

Former CIA Director Allen Dulles actually coordinated the assassination scheme in Dallas from his makeshift headquarters at The Farm.  JFK assassination evidence and cover-up points to the former C.I.A. Director as the black operation overseer. – The Millennium Report
April 29, 2018

Zaphod Braden – Trump putting Israel First ….. Continue reading “Trump Seals JFK Documents Until 2021”

The Cosby Status Quo: A Facade of Wholesomeness Masks Feudal Exploitation

Charles Hugh Smith – In America’s feudal society/economy, there are two systems of “justice.” The conviction of Bill Cosby for sexual exploitation/assault serves as a useful metaphor for our entire status quo, which projects a wholesome PR facade (free market capitalism, win-win, democracy, meritocracy, anyone can grow up to win American Idol, etc.) which masks a predatory culture of exploitation.

The most important aspect of the Cosby case is that dozens of reports of his drugging and assaulting women were routinely ignored for decades. The facade of wholesomeness, generated to protect the profit-generating machinery of the Cosby brand, buried accusations with a blizzard of legal and PR maneuvers.

The only difference between the predations of Cosby and those of Harvey Weinstein is that Weinstein had no need for a facade of wholesomeness because his brand/core business did not generate profit from a pretense of wholesomeness like Cosby’s. Weinstein’s predations were an open secret because he reckoned his power and connections rendered him invulnerable. In other words, he was nobility in a feudal society/economy.

In America’s feudal society/economy, there are two systems of “justice”: one for the wealthy and powerful oligarchs generating profits for Hollywood and Corporate America, and an overcrowded gulag of serfs forced to plea-bargain in the other.

The predation and the hollowness of the wholesome image were well-known to those serving the nobility. Hundreds of insiders knew the truth, just as hundreds of insiders with top secret clearance knew about the contents of the Pentagon Papers, and thus knew the Vietnam War was little more than an accumulation of official lies designed to protect the self-serving elites at the top of the power pyramid.

Only one analyst of the hundreds with access to the truth had the courage to risk his career and liberty to release the truth to the American public: Daniel Ellsberg.

If you want to understand why the status quo is unraveling, start by examining the feudal structure of our society, politics and economy: the endemic corruption, predation and exploitation of the privileged nobility at the very top, the well-paid class of self-serving sycophants, toadies, lackeys, hacks, apologists, flunkies, careerists and legal-team mercenaries who toil ceaselessly to protect their oligarch overlords from exposure and the exploited, powerless serfs at the bottom.

As Orwell observed about a totalitarian oligarchy, some are more equal than others.That is the definition of an exploitive, predatory feudal society.

SF Source Of Two Minds Apr 2018