July begins a new chapter of change

Jen Eramith – This month has a spinning energy; everything moves around in circles and cycles. The feeling is that things spin quite rapidly like a tornado. But the energy is also very soft, as if it is padded or you are wearing protective gear. You can imagine the energy of this month as a whirling dervish in a room full of pillows. While much will happen and much will change, and it may be difficult to find your way this month, it looks like you are protected.

If you can get your bearings enough to enjoy it, this energy will bring many opportunities for fun. Yet no matter how hard you try and no matter how well you do, there will be times this month when you feel profoundly disoriented. There will be times when you feel you have spun around for too long and then you cannot stand up properly or you get sick. You may even experience a dizzy feeling this month. Continue reading “July begins a new chapter of change”

Flash In Space Like Nothing Seen Before! [Video]

Michelle Walling – Tyler from Secure Team shares information with us in this video about an unexplained phenomena that may be signaling something huge for planet Earth.  A pair of telescopes sitting on the big island of Hawaii that have recently captured a massive explosion of light emanating from deep space. According to Tyler, astronomers have no idea what it is or what caused it.

This massive explosion is said to come from around 200 million light years away and is 100 times brighter than the light that a supernova can produce, and is growing at an incredible rate of speed that is baffling scientists. Continue reading “Flash In Space Like Nothing Seen Before! [Video]”

Could Germany Fracture?

merkelCharles Hugh Smith – All sorts of centralized organizations that appear rock-solid may well melt into air as the disintegrative dynamics gather momentum.

Rising political and social discord that is generally being attributed to “populism” may actually be the re-emergence of ancient geographic and cultural fault lines. An often-overlooked manifestation of this might be the nation-state of Germany, a possibility fleshed out by longtime correspondent Mark G.

It’s both convenient and expedient for politicos to blame “populism” for the fracturing of the status quo. Given the unsavory undertones of ethnic/religious bias of “populism,” this allows the media-savvy politico (and aren’t they all media-savvy?) to paint his/her opponents as racist via the code-word “populist.” Continue reading “Could Germany Fracture?”

Yes, The Tide Is Turning Against The Globalists

globalistsShorty Dawkins – I wrote an article, recently, and pointed out that  “The tide is turning against the Globalists.” A comment appeared in the comment section stating: ” So when the author writes “The tide is turning against the Globalists”, I have to ask where he is seeing that?

I am seeing the tide turning in many ways.

Nationalism and globalism are diametrically opposed to each other. Globalists want to eliminate borders and national sovereignty and create a One World government ruled by selected oligarchs: their version of Plato’s Utopia. To show that the tide is turning against Globalism, one needs only to point out the rise in Nationalism. Here in the USA, Donald Trump, a Nationalist/Populist, was elected President, beating Hillary Clinton, a Globalist.

It was his message of Nationalist/Populism, embodied in his slogan, “Make America Great Again”, that people voted for. He decried the globalists. He stood for American sovereignty. Continue reading “Yes, The Tide Is Turning Against The Globalists”

Embrace the Shadow Self

shadow selfWes Annac – What should you do when you experience a spiritual awakening in which you realize reality is an illusion, everything is connected, and you’re slowly evolving on a mental, physical, and spiritual level? It’s lot to take in, and what you do afterward is crucial.

You have a few options; some that will take you higher and some that will stall your spiritual growth indefinitely. You can, for example, start behaving in a way you assume is more “enlightened”. You can try to be positive every second of every day in hopes that your forced good mood keeps you in harmony.

You can go straight to social media, proclaiming to the world that you’re #woke and telling everyone to just stay positive (despite the very real hardships people go through every day). This will work for a while. You’ll feel like a #woke warrior with a high vibe and an unshakable spirit. If something goes wrong, you’ll tell yourself to just think positive; that it will all work out if you avoid negativity and refuse to get upset, and don’t think about what upsets you or bums you out. Just be positive. Continue reading “Embrace the Shadow Self”