Release or Repeat, Continuation or Closure

graceJennifer Hoffman – This is a channeled message from Archangel Uriel.

Every aspect of your life on earth is purposeful, meaningful, and focused on a single objective, to resolve karma which is experienced as incomplete and dense energies that remain in the earth’s grid from past life trauma. Each person who creates these energies must eventually return them to a divine state. This is your soul mission and each lifetime’s purpose is to complete that mission. Therefore, every life choices revolves around the choice to release the energy or repeat it, to create closure or to continue it.

There is no right or wrong way to do this and there is no right or wrong choice. A choice to release is no better than a choice to repeat, it merely indicates that the learning is incomplete with that situation and another energy cycle is required. This also applies to closure or continuation. If you are not ready for unconditional closure, then you will choose to continue the lesson, no matter how painful, traumatic, unrewarding, or challenging it is. Continue reading “Release or Repeat, Continuation or Closure”

The Oakland Buddha – How One Buddha Statue Brought Neighborhood Crime Down by 82%

Ruth Kenny – A non-religious man in Oakland managed to virtually eliminate neighborhood crime with nothing more than a statue of Buddha bought from a local hardware store.

The neighborhood of 11th Avenue and East 19th Street was formerly a rough part of Oakland, riddled with a variety of illegal activities ranging from littering and vandalization to drug dealing, robberies, prostitution, and assaults. That is until one local, Dan Stevenson, purchased a 60-cm-tall stone statue of Buddha and placed it on the street corner opposite his home. People were constantly dumping mattresses, couches and other junk there, and all kind of shady characters would hang around, so he figured the statue would be an improvement. But, in this case, calling the effect of the statue an improvement would be a gross understatement.

“I would have stuck Christ up there if he would have kept the mattresses off,” Stevenson jokingly told Oakland North. “Except Christ is so controversial with people. Buddha is a neutral dude.” Continue reading “The Oakland Buddha – How One Buddha Statue Brought Neighborhood Crime Down by 82%”

Inflation Has Run Amok [Video]

Danielle DiMartino BoothGreg Hunter – Former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth is sure the Fed is going to raise interest rates again at the September meeting. Why? DiMartino Booth explains, “I think he’s (Jerome Powell) the most independent Fed Chair in the past 30 years, and I think he’s going to raise rates regardless of what is happening in politics. . . . You don’t kowtow to political pressure when you need to do right by the economy. . . .

Powell thinks the inflation numbers are under-reported. He’s listening to companies saying their profit margins are being squeezed . . . non-labor costs are outpacing labor costs by the greatest extent in three years, and what that tells you is inflation has run amok. . . .

I think the Fed is going to continue to raise rates. . . . I think the markets have priced in the (September) rate hike by 90%. We may be looking forward to Jay Powell backing off come December. So, I am not really worried right now about a skyrocketing dollar.”

Continue reading “Inflation Has Run Amok [Video]”

Lanny Davis And The Year Of Lawyers Living Dangerously

cohenJonathan Turley – For lawyers, it has been a year of living dangerously. The scandals swirling around Washington have left a pile of attorneys accused of false statements, leaks or other improper conduct. The latest casualty appears to be Lanny Davis, who just admitted to not only spreading a false story but then lying about being its source.

Only recently, Davis — a Democratic stalwart who has been a close adviser to the Clintons — announced that he would represent President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, free of charge. Davis has steered Cohen into a 180-degree turn from Trump loyalist to chief accuser. He suggested that Cohen could implicate Trump in crimes touching on obstruction, collusion and campaign-finance violations. He caused a firestorm nationally when he suggested Trump knew in advance about Russian hacking of Clinton campaign and Democratic Party emails and also approved the infamous meeting with Russian representatives in Trump Tower.

At the same time, Davis attacked Trump and his counsel as liars, proclaiming that his defense of Cohen is powerfully simple — “it’s about truth, and the power of the truth is what Michael Cohen now has no matter what … Mayor (Rudy) Giuliani invents for a president who’s been known to lie.”

Now, Davis has admitted that he lied, fueling allegedly false stories that have occupied national media coverage for several weeks. Continue reading “Lanny Davis And The Year Of Lawyers Living Dangerously”