Focusing On the Core – The Rebirth of Earth

5th dimensionalDr. Suzanne Lie – Greetings from the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, which is much larger than you may imagine. Please realize that every decision that humanity makes within this NOW is having a great impact on the planet.

If that decision is based on love and light for Gaia and All her inhabitants, you have given Gaia a greater gift than you may imagine. As humans become more conscious of their “Higher Self,” who is their Multidimensional Self, they will feel more and more of a need, an urge, to focus on the core of the planet.

As humanity begins to “remember” that Gaia is a living being, they will begin to understand how person and planet are made up of the same elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Also, just as each human has a core, so does Gaia.

Therefore, when you focus on Gaia’s planetary Body, you are also focusing on Humanities Human Body. Furthermore, each “element” of humanity’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water interacts and affects every other element. Continue reading “Focusing On the Core – The Rebirth of Earth”

AA Michael October 2018 Message

lightAA Michael – Beloved masters, the earth is once again being prepared for a new, higher-evolutionary species of humanity. All of you, as starseed and world-servers, are encoded with memory seed atoms giving you a burning desire to participate in the manifestation of this incredible dream of the future. Your personal goal is to become a self-directed, soul-inspired entity in the midst of the chaos and turmoil of the current 3rd- / 4th-dimensional reality of today.

A new divine plan filled with advanced creative ideas beyond the wildest dreams of even the most brilliant, advanced minds of today is being beamed down via the powerful rays of God-consciousness upon earth and humanity from the great central sun of this sub-universe. An advanced soul, treading the narrow path of ascension, must learn how to absorb and integrate the three major god rays of the coming age,the spiritual trinity consisting of: divine will * love / intuition * intelligent, purposeful action. Continue reading “AA Michael October 2018 Message”

Butterfly of Wonder


How often we pass them by
noticing not their amazing beauty
deep in our own mind of calculating thoughts

In a moments glance we are called
out from that mindset of isolated energy
into a world of Wonder and Truth

Their story of transmutation – a brief reminder
for us to always allow enough energy
to be constantly present for our own work in progress…

May your journey from the ego to the DIVINE SELF
be be one of Peace, Light and Love

Charlie Riverman Bergeron – 9.29.19

SF Source Reflections of Riverman Sep 2018

Easy To Use Currency Converter For United Kingdom Using BoE’s Exchange Rates

currency converterWhether you need currency information at home or need on-the-fly currency conversion internationally, these apps are a sure fire way to meet your currency needs. Having experience as an assistant manager for an international bed and breakfast, I can safely tell you that my former clients had a much smoother, stress-free trip when equipped with the appropriate means to convert currency any time, anywhere.

From Euros to Pounds, Rubles, and Yen, these apps will take that much off your plate.

1) XE Currency

In our technology-driven lives: it’s important to know that, whatever your platform, you can make your currency calculations reliably. This app is available on just about everything: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows. Be kept up to date with live currency exchange rates, such as uk currency converter, see historical conversion rates, and of course: covert prices to whatever currency you may need to use. Continue reading “Easy To Use Currency Converter For United Kingdom Using BoE’s Exchange Rates”

The Akashic Records Of October 2018 (An Excerpt)

energyJen Eramith – The energy this month sounds like a drumbeat in the distance growing louder and stronger. It is also like the image of a tiny seedling on time-lapse photography growing into a giant tree. There is a feeling of swelling and growing in a supportive environment. It is not that you are being pulled upward; it is you are being lifted upward by supportive, nurturing energy.

This energy is an outgrowth of what has occurred in September — a sense of coming together, forming stronger friendships, and becoming a better ally to those around you. This arises from allowing others to support you as well. The energy this month has a grassroots feeling of people coming together. There is truly a feeling of choruses singing in harmony. It is not quite a celebration of victory, but more of a sense of cheering together, “We can do this.” Continue reading “The Akashic Records Of October 2018 (An Excerpt)”