Oracle Report Wednesday, October 31, 2018

consciousnessLaura Walker – It’s 12 Ahau/Sun in the Mayan Sacred Calendar, a day when we aim for understanding.

This may be a challenge, as we have several significant astrological aspects in play that are rather dramatic. Here is a list of them and some ideas on how to work the highest octaves of the energy (and thus maximize the incredible potential of today):

1 – Venus Exactly Opposite Uranus Before Venus Retrogrades Back Into Aries – Venus made exact opposition with Uranus overnight. This brings us a day of surprises and changes (and maybe shocking news or information). Within this, we have a chance to gain a greater UNDERSTANDING.

Venus will retrograde back into Aries at 2:42 pm ET/6:423 pm UT. It is a big deal when a planet retrogrades back into the previous sign. Powerful things can happen. The pace of things will pick up speed, as Aries energy moves fast. Things can come out of the blue more quickly. Be aware, and remember there is always a silver lining with Uranus.

The Sabian symbol for degree that Venus returns to is “three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head.” We remember that this energy deals with looking at the past, applying that information to the present, and projecting it into the future. This is wisdom-in-action. Continue reading “Oracle Report Wednesday, October 31, 2018”

Musical Numbers

musicJill Mattson – This is the first of a three part series of how numbers underneath music changed throughout the ages. In ancient times, numbers were NOT thought of as tools for adding and subtracting, but possessing energy that affected consciousness. For example, the “one” energy would be that of a loner or a leader, while the “two” energy represented the energy of a partnership of a couple. In this way as the numbers underneath music changed mankind got the opportunity to master and experience difference energies or states of consciousness!

The Sounds of Civilizations

“Sounds can control civilizations!” wrote ancient officials. An outrageous idea at first glance, but many ancient dynasties lasted thousands of years, while we grow tired of our president in merely four years. Continue reading “Musical Numbers”

Vitamin C has regenerative potential for hormone health and cancer prevention

Vitamin CTracey Watson – When we think of vitamin C we probably think of citrus fruits, winter and preventing the flu. However, this powerhouse nutrient is so much more than an immune booster – albeit a powerful one. A groundbreaking but undervalued study published over two decades ago in the peer-reviewed journal Radiation Physics and Chemistry, found that vitamin C can provide amazing hormone balancing benefits and could potentially even prevent cancer. Unsurprisingly, the Big Pharma-led mainstream media and medical establishment have chosen for the most part to ignore the study’s findings.

Green Med Info’s Sayer Ji recently commented on that vital study, explaining that the Austrian researchers set out to explore the role that vitamin C could play in preventing steroid hormones like progesterone, estrone (a form of estrogen) and testosterone from degrading and becoming toxic, cancer-causing metabolites called “hormone transients.” Continue reading “Vitamin C has regenerative potential for hormone health and cancer prevention”

How Stupidity Is Manufactured

Paul Rosenberg – Yes, manufactured. It’s done all day, every day, and especially in the most advanced parts of the world. And I can prove it to you.

Please look at this diagram and tell me which of the lines on the right side, A, B, or C, is the same length as the line on the left.


That isn’t too hard, is it? A is obviously shorter and B is obviously longer. The answer is C.

This diagram was part of an experiment run back in 1951 by a psychologist named Solomon Asch. And as you might expect, when people were asked to identify the same-length line in a neutral setting, more than 99% did it correctly. Continue reading “How Stupidity Is Manufactured”