Globalism, Technocracy, Socialism: three names for the same thing

freedomJon Rappoport – Every “universal” solution for humankind presupposes a gigantic flaw in the way things are.

That flaw must be corrected.

It must be corrected from above, by a better system, which locks the door against an escape back into the old way.

The first casualty in this utopian process is freedom.

In fact, freedom is viewed as the flaw. It opens Pandora’s Box, thus releasing all human ills, crimes, devastation, and inequities.

Globalism (elites ruling the planet as one nation); Socialism (international governments and mega-corporations owning the means of production and distribution); and Technocracy (engineering world society as if it were a machine); these are all names for the better system that replaces freedom with…what? Continue reading “Globalism, Technocracy, Socialism: three names for the same thing”

FBI Informant Implicates Many for Treason [Video]

Greg Hunter – William Campbell was undercover for the FBI and CIA for six years gathering evidence of a grand Russian scheme to “dominate” the uranium industry. There are charges of espionage, bribery and extortion (just to name a name a few) coming from Russian agents trying to take control of U.S. uranium interests. Who knew? It’s clear the FBI and CIA knew, along with the Department of Justice, the State Department and, most likely, the IRS because, after all, the Clinton Foundation was a global charity fraud.

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Adam Schiff Confirms Democratic Memo Contains ‘Sources and Methods’

Schiff Richard Pollock – White House problems with the Democrats’ “rebuttal memo” on the surveillance of Trump associates are genuine and the document could disclose “sources and methods,” California Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence confirmed.

“We need to go through that and identify that which remains classified and would implicate sources and methods or investigative interests,” he said at a newsmaker’s breakfast meeting on Wednesday sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

His comments constituted a direct rebuke to his party’s top boss in the House of Representatives, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

White House counsel Don McGahn said in a statement Friday that Trump was “inclined” but “unable” to declassify the Democrat’s 10-page memo because it “contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages,” according to Politico. Continue reading “Adam Schiff Confirms Democratic Memo Contains ‘Sources and Methods’”

The Secret of Personal Magnetism

loveOwen K Waters – When people open their hearts to unselfish, unconditional love, a whole new world of possibilities opens. Rather than spending effort avoiding the selfishness of others, they spend time making sure that the way they choose to serve society is done in the best way possible. When people can trust others to treat each other with love and respect rather than as competitors, then everyone gains.

As heart-centered awareness grows and blooms within society, people’s primary focus will shift away from service to self and towards service to others. When it does, the world will transform out of all recognition. Continue reading “The Secret of Personal Magnetism”

A New Moon Eclipse of Standing Your Ground

eclipseHenry Seltzer – Thursday’s solar eclipse and New Moon in late Aquarius has some interesting features. Because an eclipse configuration is considered to be an especially powerful lunation, this presages a set of relationships between archetypal energies that may well last us into the second half of 2018, conditioning our collective response to this brave new year of fundamental transition.

The most obvious factors are, again, the outer planet energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, with emphasis on the first two of these, associated with a dawning spirituality as well as feelings of universal compassion and the dissolving of strict walls and borders.  Continue reading “A New Moon Eclipse of Standing Your Ground”