Alignment to Natural Law

collective consciousnessLisa Renee –  We are currently experiencing the next level of reckoning or clarification of the principles we live by, as the areas of our life that are not congruent or aligned may be getting more amplified.

As the bifurcation is creating more distance between the polarity choices, misalignments that may have been hidden are now easier to perceive. This is happening at micro and macro levels for; individuals, families, organizations and larger institutions as well as within the main Controller Pillars of Society.

The benefit is that we can more easily identify patterns of alignment and misalignment in our lives, giving us the opportunity to deepen our understanding of alignment to Natural Laws. For this reason, we will explore the Thirteen Principles of Natural Laws in detail to help guide our discernment, as we endeavor to accurately assess the world of forces around us, in what can often feel like challenging or chaotic terrain.

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MSM Covers Up $21 Trillion Historic Government Fraud [Video]

skidmoreGreg Hunter – Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore has revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He and a team of academics used publicly available government accounting reports and revealed their results in late 2017. Now, the mainstream media (MSM) has picked up the story. Instead of sounding the alarm to the public, it says it’s basically all a big mistake and is discounting the biggest accounting fraud in the U.S. government history.

Is the MSM trying to cover up and kill this story? Dr. Skidmore says, “They are trying to kill this story, but I don’t think they have killed this story. . . . Basically, what they said was this was just all ‘plugs’ and there is a mix-up in the transactions. It’s really not that big of a deal. They did say it was $21 trillion in transactions that cannot be verified, but discounted it fully.” Continue reading “MSM Covers Up $21 Trillion Historic Government Fraud [Video]”

The Tables Turn on Pelosi and the Media

buzzfeedClarice Feldman – Saturday was National Popcorn Day, but I’ve been nibbling on popcorn all week as Nancy Pelosi learned a lesson about presidential power and the media was gut checked by the special prosecutor. I haven’t had this much fun since election night 2016.

While she might have thought otherwise, the power of the commander-in-chief is far greater than that of the speaker of the House, and the humiliating way this was brought home to the congressional equivalent of Maerose Prizzi (h/t Michael Walsh) was something.

She anticipated that she and her posse of cronies and their families (reports of a ninety-some entourage in all) would hop a military plane for a free trip to Brussels, Afghanistan, and Egypt, doubtless with fawning media coverage, leaving the president to sit alone in the White House hoping fruitlessly they’d toddle in there to negotiate an end to the shutdown. Continue reading “The Tables Turn on Pelosi and the Media”

Trump Puts Schumer and Pelosi in a Brilliant Vise Grip

trumpJim Davis – The federal government shutdown has presented a unique opportunity for President Donald Trump to clear out the deadwood in the federal bureaucracy, saving U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars in salaries, perks, and rented office space for people who aren’t doing anything productive.

At the same time, Trump can get rid of dozens, possibly even hundreds of Deep State operatives in the government, handpicked by Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for their loyalty to the Democratic Party, not their country or the law.

These people leak like a screen door in a submarine, mainly to CNN and MSNBC, the twin headquarters of Trump-hatred on cable TV.  Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were choreographing their leaks to the media via text messages.  Even though Strzok was fired and Page resigned, it’s clear there are many others.  They actively resist Trump and the Republicans at every opportunity.  This is the core of the Resistance. Continue reading “Trump Puts Schumer and Pelosi in a Brilliant Vise Grip”

How to Update Your Style on a Limited Budget

styleIt can be easy to feel bored with the same garments hanging in your wardrobe. As a result, you might spend a considerable amount of time staring into your closet when deciding on an outfit to wear.

With limited money in the bank, you might think a whole new wardrobe is many months or years away, but it doesn’t need to be. Learn how to update your style on a limited budget.

Dig Deep into Your Closet

If you’re tired of wearing the same clothing, dig deep into your closet to see what else you can find.

For example, there might be a long-forgotten sweater or t-shirt hiding away on the top shelf or at the back of your wardrobe.

Plus, that old blouse or pair of jeans that was once too tight might now finally fit.

Set a Seasonal Clothing Allowance

Wearing last year’s looks can seriously dent a person’s confidence.

To ensure your style is never outdated, set yourself a seasonal allowance, and browse the market to find the highest quality items for your budget and style.

A strict budget will also prevent you from picking up too many extras, which could otherwise drain your finances.

Buy Investment Pieces

Investment pieces will allow you to enjoy an item of clothing for a long time, which will maintain their quality and appeal.

For example, you can find high-quality plus size coats, from fur coats to parkas, which you can wear during different seasons and will suit many clothing items hanging in your closet.

Subscribe to Brands’ Email Newsletters

Many established retailers tend to send email newsletters to their subscribers, which can feature exclusive discounts or can provide them with a heads up for a big online or in-store sale.

As a result, you could save a significant amount of money on an order when updating your closet.

Look for Online Coupons

Before you purchase clothing from a retail website, browse the web to discover if there’s a handy coupon available to slash a percentage off your order.

It could take only a few minutes to find a promotional code, which could help you to purchase an item of clothing for a fraction of its RRP.

The money saved can then be deposited into your savings account, or you could use it to buy an additional top or accessory.

Host a Clothing Swap Party

If you and your friends are on a tight budget, consider hosting a clothing swap party once or twice per year.

Ask each friend, who should be a similar size to you, to bring over a bag of clothing they no longer want, and have fun browsing through their garments to find an item or two that suits your style.


There is no reason to spend a substantial amount of money on clothes each month.

If you invest in high-quality pieces, set a strict shopping budget, and develop a savvy mindset, you could soon develop a stylish wardrobe without the need to enter debt or dip into your savings.

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