How to Be Assertive (When You’re a Quiet Introvert)

assertivenessAletheia Luna – We’ve been the rubbernecks. The doormats. The wishy-washy, watery weaklings. Us introverts have had plenty of experience of being the unheard, uninvolved and unassertive ones in social situations.

But just as being shy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re introverted, neither does being introverted necessarily mean you’re by default an unassertive person. Unfortunately, however, our reserved and quiet natures mean that we’re frequently cautious, slow-to-speak and passive, usually resulting in a lack of personal assertiveness. Unless we are self-aware, our temperaments can serve to elevate our levels of passivity or passive-aggression.

On one hand, we can fall into the trap of being walked over because we don’t know how to be assertive. On the other hand, we can fall into the trap of becoming reactively passive-aggressive, because of our inability to practice healthy assertiveness. Either way, for most introverts learning to be quietly assertive is an invaluable life skill that will greatly enhance almost every area of your life. Continue reading “How to Be Assertive (When You’re a Quiet Introvert)”

Grounding — A Simple, Pleasurable Way to Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Disease

GroundingDr. Joseph Mercola – Did you know the energy from the Earth can help you live a healthier life? The concept is known as earthing or grounding, which is no more complicated than walking barefoot.

In “Down to Earth”1 — which received the IndieFEST Award of Excellence for a documentary short in January 20172 — I speak alongside other experts to shed light on this super simple yet commonly overlooked way to protect and improve human health. As cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, author of “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” explains in the film:

“[G]rounding is literally putting your bare feet on the ground. When you do that, you’re in contact with the Earth, and mother Earth is endowed with electrons, and these electrons are literally absorbed through your feet. It’s like taking handfuls of antioxidants, but you’re getting it through your feet.”

Continue reading “Grounding — A Simple, Pleasurable Way to Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Disease”

Local Council Tells Woman She’s Fit Enough To Sleep On Streets

homelessNiamh Harris – Local authorities in Devon have told a young woman with mental health problems that she could “manage being homeless”.

The comments were made by Torbay council in a letter informing the woman that she did not qualify as ‘priority need’ status for a council home, after she had been told she was losing her emergency bed& breakfast accommodation.

The letter said they has decided she was “resilient enough” to manage being homeless even if that meant sleeping rough “occasionally or in the longer term”.

The letter adds: “We are unfortunately, as a result of this decision, not able to continue to provide you with temporary accommodation.” Continue reading “Local Council Tells Woman She’s Fit Enough To Sleep On Streets”

Which Nations Will Crumble and Which Few Will Prosper in the Next 25 Years?

parasitic elitesCharles Hugh Smith – What will separate the many nations that will crumble in the next 25 years and those few that will survive and even prosper while the status quo dissolves around them? As I explain in my recent book Pathfinding our Destiny: Preventing the Final Fall of Our Democratic Republic, the factors that will matter are not necessarily cultural or financial; being hard-working and wealthy won’t be enough to save nations from coming apart at the seams.

Here are the factors that will matter in the next 25 years:

1. The ability to engage and survive non-linear change, which is rapid, unpredictable and systemic, as opposed to linear change which is gradual, predictable and limited in nature.

None of the current political systems are decentralized enough and adaptable enough to survive the non-linear era we’re entering. As I explained in What If Politics Can’t Fix What’s Broken?, the politics of centralized compromise and incremental, top-down adjustments are wholly inadequate to dealing with non-linear disruptions. Continue reading “Which Nations Will Crumble and Which Few Will Prosper in the Next 25 Years?”

Hate Trump’s Love

trumpVeronika Kyrylenko – When reading through the news stories of the Huffington Post, CNN, and some other leftist outlets, I feel as though I am peeking into a perverted mind.  Whatever Trump says or does is presented with a hateful smear, facts are either twisted or ignored, and not even a feeble attempt of being objective is being made.  No, they are not insane.  They attack the president intentionally.

The stories are full of references to Trump’s racism — at the peak of the lowest unemployment among blacks and Hispanics.

Traditionally, there are lots of accusations in “disgusting misogyny,” where both womanizer Trump and a good family man Mike Pence are pictured as “sexist pigs” — at the peak of the lowest unemployment among women and an astounding number of women at senior-level positions in the White House. Continue reading “Hate Trump’s Love”