Energy Sovereignty is Your Free Will to Choose

Enjoy this month’s channeled message from Archangel Uriel.

Energetic sovereigntyJennifer Hoffman – Energetic sovereignty is often called ‘free will’ but it is more than that, it is the absolute freedom to choose any energy frequency to create any life path you wish, at any time.

This path is what you call your reality but it is actually an energy path that you have created, by your choice, for your energy to flow into and manifest that creation which you call your ‘reality’.

Everyone has energetic sovereignty and you must be aware of temptations, turning points, and distractions to maintain congruence with your highest energy potential and the sovereignty of your choices.

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Detox Your Liver Naturally

liverSunfood – With our liver being an essential internal filter for everything we ingest — from food to liquid, medications, topical applications to the skin (i.e. lotions and creams) and even the air we breathe, it makes sense to support this vital organ with some cleansing.

The occasional whole body detox is great but with the important role our liver plays on a daily basis, it makes even more sense to support it on the regular by consuming superfoods that naturally offer detoxifying and cleansing benefits in a gentle, ongoing way.

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This Year’s Secretive Bilderberg Meeting Addresses Russia, Cyber Threats & Brexit

Niamh Harris – Over 100 of the worlds elite, including Henry Kissinger, Mark Carney and Jared Kushner, will be attending the ultra secretive Bilderberg summit this week.

From Thursday to Sunday 130 Bankers, CEO’s and Prime ministers from 23 countries will meet under strict secrecy rules. The precise location of their venue in the Swiss town of Montreux has not been revealed.

On the agenda for discussion this year will be topics like Russia, China. Brexit, global warming, the future of capitalism and the future of Artificial Intelligence.

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Robert Mueller Outduels James Comey for Most Corrupt FBI Head Ever!

muellerJoe Hoft – How much abuse can America take!  The Democrats, their corrupt and criminal Deep State associates and the far-left media again attacked President Trump using illegal and corrupt actions hoping to defame him in the public square.

They don’t realize this totally infuriates all good Americans!

The left just doesn’t get it. They think if they trash President Trump through any and all means, and that he will just go away.

They think that Americans are fine with their illegal assaults on this great innocent American.  They think it’s fine to illegally assault a man because he’s a Republican who is doing all he can to Make America Great Again!

After numerous illegal actions to defeat this President, including illegally spying and entrapping him and members of his team and family, and an illegal special counsel, yesterday Robert Mueller announced that he couldn’t indict the President for obstruction of collusion, a crime that never occurred, but he couldn’t say he didn’t obstruct either. Continue reading “Robert Mueller Outduels James Comey for Most Corrupt FBI Head Ever!”