How to Maintain Mindfulness During Sleep

mindfulnessPaul Lenda – You probably know how helpful, and even crucial, mindfulness is to a balanced, calm, and fulfilling life.

Far beyond just something you do while sitting in lotus position with your eyes closed, mindfulness can also be done standing, walking, and lying down. You may not even get the inner calm and visionary insight you would expect from sitting in a traditional meditation posture.

It’s not practical to sit in meditation for more than a few hours a day. What do we do then, in order to stay in conscious awareness of our thoughts? You bring that mindfulness into everything you do during your waking state: mindful eating, mindful drinking, mindful driving, and any other action we experience in our daily lives. Continue reading “How to Maintain Mindfulness During Sleep”

Message for July 2019

Lee-Anne Peters – June has been quite a transformative month for many of us as deep issues, secrets and intense feelings bubbled their way to the surface. In a lot of cases these stirred up the pot and broke the safe zone we thought we’d found. Things crumbled and we may still be picking up the pieces now. We’ve had to keep our negative thoughts in check, and several times we lost it. The strongest winds and heaviest rains rattled us around in June, however we’ve been quite stripped back and start the new month a little lighter and clearer than before.

I’ve laid out some cards for July – let’s see. Remember this is a guide only.

Continue reading “Message for July 2019”

Forgiving Yourself

loveThe Angels – This week we journey deeper into our discussion of forgiveness, so you can free yourselves from the pains of the past and reclaim your birthright of Divine Joy!

If you embrace this discussion beloved souls, then reclaiming your Divine joy will be so much simpler, for beneath every single upset, every single frustration, every feeling of anger towards an insensitive, abusive, or unconscious soul there is only one feeling, one thought, that binds you to pain.

There is only one illusion beneath all upsets that keeps you prisoner to the past, and this is the belief that someone or something else “caused you” to forget the love that you are.

You are always lovable. You always want to be loving. The hurtful behaviors of others expose the areas in which you don’t love yourself, or you find it difficult to be loving. Continue reading “Forgiving Yourself”

Can You Feel It?

feelingsVeronica – A sense of internal knowing is available to all. In the rush of everyday living it is always a challenge to “feel” in this reality.

Some are sensitive. “Feeling” for them is as natural as breathing. For others a challenge can be presented for any sort of awareness. With all the distractions, how does one get in touch with their “feelings”? Each of you have the ability to examine them at the very least. However, sometimes examination simply is not enough. Continue reading “Can You Feel It?”