A Leo New Moon of Surprises, and Surprising Enlightenment

new moonHenry Seltzer – The last day of the present month is the beginning of a brand new 31-day August cycle, with the Leo New Moon taking place in its closing hours, late Wednesday evening for the United States, early morning on Thursday, August 1st for Europe and points east.

This is a dynamic New Moon, in part because Sun and Moon are making a close square to the trickster energy of Uranus, just beginning to station to retrograde motion, completing on the 11th, and in large part as well because Mercury is this same day making its transition to forward motion at very nearly the 24-degree mark of Cancer.

This was the degree of the recent lunar eclipse Sun, making this Mercury station particularly powerful. You are looking back to where you have been for indications of where you might yet be heading, as you leave behind at least some portion of the low-vaulted misconceptions of the past in search of a brighter future.

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Trump is absolutely right about ‘con man’ Al Sharpton

Bob McManus – Once upon a time, when I was editing this newspaper’s opinion pages, somebody decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have a slightly more cordial relationship with the Rev. Al ­Sharpton.

So there we were, in a Manhattan steakhouse, discussing not much because it quickly had become clear that Sharpton enjoyed being New York’s premier racial grievance-monger, so there was no common ground to be had.

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Trump Meets With Black Pastors As Left Freaks Out Over His Criticism of Al Sharpton

trumpAs the left continued to freak out over Donald Trump’s criticism of Al Sharpton on Monday, the president met with African-American pastors and black community leaders.

Trump said he was “looking forward” to the meeting on Twitter. No reporters were invited.

After the meeting, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, and Pastor Bill Owens spoke to the media at the White House.

King told reporters who inquired about the meeting that she had a picture of Al Sharpton and also Rev. Jesse Jackson with Trump.

‘When Your Friends Lie, Who Needs Enemies?’

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It’s No Longer about Equality

the squadJeffrey Folks – The Squad is offended because someone finally talked back.  Even after some foul-mouthed attacks on the president of the United States, the Squad members thought they should be immune to criticism.  That’s the problem: not the president’s pushback, but the Squad’s apparent belief that, because it comprises “people of color,” those people are immune to the rules that apply to everyone else.

That, unfortunately, has been the assumption for too long now.  Minorities achieved legal equality in the 1960s, and they proceeded to claim the equivalent of reparations in the form of affirmative action, minority set-asides, preferential admissions based on race, and thousands of informal arrangements in the workplace granting preference in terms of evaluations and workload. Continue reading “It’s No Longer about Equality”