Passage Through The Gateway Of Unity

gatewayNicole Frolick – The month of October is bringing an intense energy of transformation into our awareness now that Pluto has gone direct and we are about to enter Scorpio season. Both Pluto and Scorpio energy are heavily transformative which is a process of death and rebirth.

As more of the collective awaken to this awareness that a part of them is dying or is being asked to be let go of so that something new can take it’s place or be birthed, we always come back to the idea of Unity.

In order for us to remember who we are, we must let go of everything we are not. This happens through a very transformative healing process of reclaiming all of the fractal parts of us to be healed and reunited back into One. Continue reading “Passage Through The Gateway Of Unity”

A Last Quarter Moon of Emotional Belonging

Last Quarter MoonLeslie Benson – The Last Quarter Moon, exact on Monday, October 21 at 5:39 am Pacific Time, occurs in the cardinal water sign of Cancer at 27º plus. The Moon in its own sign of Cancer now means, for everyone, that emotion and intuition is heightened, while concerns for security and comfort come to the fore.

The Last Quarter Moon phase itself brings an awareness of the waning light in our monthly cycle, a factor that is true at this time of the year for our current seasonal cycle as well, as we wind down autumn head into winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. This autumn timing represents the turning point in the growing cycle where the excitement and jubilance of the harvest is beginning to settle, and the practicality of preparing for winter sets in.

The trees show us the way of letting go of that which is no longer needed by shedding their leaves, returning them to the soil as mulch and nutrients, in order to nurture and grow the future seeds. So, too, may we humans shed that which is no longer needed, as we venture through another turn of the cycle.

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City ordered to trial for weaponizing fines

city suedWND Staff – The city of Charlestown, Indiana, has been ordered to go to trial for a scheme that allegedly weaponized fines to force homeowners in an entire subdivision to sell out to a developer favored by the city.

The Institute for Justice confirmed the trial in a lawsuit residents brought against Charlestown will begin Nov. 2 in the Clark County Courthouse in Jeffersonville.

Last year, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled the homeowners’ claims likely would prevail.

At issue are the applications of the state’s Unsafe Building Law and the city’s Property Maintenance Code, which the city has been using to push out the owners of existing homes. Continue reading “City ordered to trial for weaponizing fines”

Tusli Gabbard Declares War on Hillary Clinton and D.C. Elite

SGabbardean Adl-Tabatabai – Brave Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has declared war on Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party establishment chums.

In a video statement released Sunday on Twitter, Gabbard talks about the origins of her long-standing feud with the Democratic elite, dating back to her support of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 election.

Gabbard famously resigned from her post within the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in protest at the way then-chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) was mistreating frontrunner Bernie Sanders.

Her claims were later vindicated by Wikileaks, which released emails proving that Democratic leaders had conspired to help Clinton secure the nomination, forcing Schultz to resign. Continue reading “Tusli Gabbard Declares War on Hillary Clinton and D.C. Elite”

President Trump Offers Subtle Clues

TrumpJoe Hoft – President Trump gave a couple of rallies last week, one in Minneapolis and one in Dallas/Ft. Worth.   During his rallies the president offered various hints that the Deep State may soon soon face justice.

We know that the IG’s report regarding FISA abuse of Obama’s FBI, DOJ and Deep State spies around the world, is about to be released.  We also know that AG Barr has an investigation into the Deep State actions taken before, during and after the 2016 election led by a man named Durham.  We also know that President Trump knows more than any of us civilians about what is being done to investigate the Deep State. Continue reading “President Trump Offers Subtle Clues”