How To Generate Energy From Within

energyMeashenu – I saw someone online ask a question similar to “How can I generate energy within, without connecting to the sun and earth or anything else like that?”

So, how can you generate energy from within yourself, without channeling it or pulling it from other sources? I’ll share some methods below.


Prana/Chi and life force energy can all mean the same thing. It’s about pulling in the energy that is all around us and there at all times. You do this automatically by breathing.

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Hospital’s Rooftop Farm Creates a More Sustainable and Healthy Way To Care for Patients

“Our food should be our medicine.” – Hippocrates

foodSara Tipton – Food is medicine and having access to foods that provide sustenance and health during illness and recovery is vital. One hospital wanted to ensure each patient was given nutrient-rich food during their stay and did the unthinkable: they made a rooftop farm.

According to an article on Reuters, one Boston hospital has taken health and nutrition into their own hands and they are literally using food as medicine. “Most urban environments, including hospitals, are food deserts and it’s difficult to have access to locally grown food. Having a thriving organic farm at your disposal is a more sustainable way to have local foods and ensure that patients receive healthy foods.” Continue reading “Hospital’s Rooftop Farm Creates a More Sustainable and Healthy Way To Care for Patients”

MSM Co-conspirators with Deep State Treason [Video]

KunstlerGreg Hunter – Renowned author and journalist James Howard Kunstler thinks what has been happening for the last few years with the mainstream media’s coverage of President Trump borders on criminal activity.

Kunstler explains, “What I am waiting for is if and when indictments come down from Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham, I am wondering whether the editors and publishers of the Washington Post and New York Times and the producers at CNN and MSNBC are going to be named as unindicted co-conspirators in this effort to gaslight the country and really stage a coup to remove the President and to nullify the 2016 election.

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George Soros on His Globalist Masterplan: ‘Tide Has Turned Against Me’

sorosSean Adl-Tabatabai – Billionaire globalist George Soros has admitted that his lifelong quest to make America more socialist has been hindered by President Donald Trump.

“Between the election of President Trump and Britain’s ongoing debate over Brexit, the billionaire philanthropist George Soros recognizes that populism is on the rise and that his brand of liberal democracy is faltering,” said Michel Martin, host of All Things Considered on the Soros-funded NPR.

“When I got involved in what I call political philanthropy some 40 years ago, the open society idea was on the ascendant — closed societies were opening up,”  Soros said.

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DC Circuit Halts Disclosure Of Mueller Grand Jury Materials Just Hours Before Release

Kevin Daley – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit temporarily halted the release of grand jury materials from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation Tuesday, just hours ahead of their scheduled distribution.

justice departmentA three-judge panel issued a short directive saying the grand jury documents will be temporarily withheld while it considers an emergency appeal from the Department of Justice (DOJ), which hopes to shield those materials on a permanent basis.

“The purpose of this administrative stay is to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the emergency motion for stay pending appeal and should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits of that motion,” the decision reads. Continue reading “DC Circuit Halts Disclosure Of Mueller Grand Jury Materials Just Hours Before Release”