November 2019 Energy Report

clarityJennifer Hoffman – Are you ready for 2019 to end? We have just two more months in this year and I invite you to look at what has transpired since the beginning of this year as we move towards the historic, rare, and powerful aspects of this month and in December and January 2020.  What have you learned since January 2019?

What is different in your life now? How have you changed and are you more aware, at peace, in joy, and feeling confident, clear, and congruent? No matter how rough this year has been for you, every situation contains a blessing and this month we can uncover the blessings and use them as a foundation for the new energy path which begins in December and sets a strong foundation for 2020. Continue reading “November 2019 Energy Report”

How To Clear Seriously Blocked Sinuses Naturally In 1 Minute

blocked sinusesJoe Martino – Having clogged sinuses isn’t fun. You can’t breath, you can’t smell, your head hurts, and your voice sounds funny. Finding relief when you have clogged sinuses is usually like finding a million dollars on the ground — it’s amazing!

The causes for nasal congestion can range greatly, and you don’t have to be sick to be congested. Many people will experience congestion from allergies, temperatures, dust, smoking, spicy food, and air particles.

Recently I was at Contact in the Desert in California and I found myself having clogged sinuses from the blowing sand and dry air. Within two days, I couldn’t breathe at all out of one side of my nose and my sinuses got blocked up, causing my face and head to hurt. I needed a solution. Continue reading “How To Clear Seriously Blocked Sinuses Naturally In 1 Minute”

Peace or chaos… from the inside out

peaceThe Angels – Most of you, at some time or another have experienced absolutely clarity in your lives. Your head and heart aligned. You knew what you wanted. You didn’t have any reservations about voicing your dream, envisioning it, and moving towards the goal. The desire for something arose organically. It was easy for you to focus on it. You moved towards your goal with decisiveness, guidance, and flow.

More often however, there is confusion in the human mind, because each one of you has a collection of voices in your head, heart, body, and mind that are often at odds with one another. Continue reading “Peace or chaos… from the inside out”

Gardening Tips for People Short on Time

Many hobbyists enjoy gardening. In fact, passionate gardeners tend to use every technology available to ensure a beautiful garden.

While gardening might be a hobby, it’s also a full-time job. You have to take care of your plants, flowers and make sure there are no overgrown weeds and pests. It’s almost like taking care of a baby.

Not everyone has that kind of time to look after a garden. For those who like maintaining a garden but don’t have enough time, here are some gardening tips that go a long way in insuring your garden grows and your time spent gardening is enjoyable. Continue reading “Gardening Tips for People Short on Time”

Navigating Life from the Heart

heartSelacia – Relationships are being tested in a big way in these moments of radical change. Feelings may be more on the surface as people are challenged by our current erratic energies. Issues between people, perhaps easier to ignore before, are rising to the surface.

If you’re like most of us, you are feeling weary of our current status quo of unknowns, fiery displays of emotion, the need to constantly update plans, and the underlying chaos. Continue reading for suggestions of how to navigate these energies.

About Love

Everyone talks about love and the need for love. At our core, we are pure love – no worldly experience can change that, and no “failed” relationship can dilute it. That’s because our essence is eternal and unchangeable. That place in us loves unconditionally. There are no grudges or “shoulds.” Continue reading “Navigating Life from the Heart”