Turn, Turn, Turn

3 November – Venus trine Chiron
5 November – Mars square Pluto
8 November – Sun trine Neptune
8 November – Ceres conjunct Galactic Centre

2020 Freedom CodesLorna Bevan – As the Byrds and the Bible tell us: “To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn) there is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn) and a time to every purpose, under Heaven”.

November 2019 is a Punctuation Point in Time…… 2019 has been absolutely raw, brutal yet transformative on multiple levels for every single one of us and it’s not over yet. During this 11th month – a master number – it’s crucial to go within, becoming a master Intronaut, exploring your dreams and your depths, excavating the gold in your shadow.

Mercury turned retrograde in late Scorpio on October 31st and will cross and re-cross Scorpio before turning forward on November 20th. This has not happened since 2013 and during this next turn of the spiral the Messenger is aligned with Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Pluto’s own kingdom. This Yin inward gazing energy is amplified by the Eris, Neptune and Uranus retrogrades.

At the same time, the Acceleration is on! The 2020 Freedom Codes and Time-line shifts are intensifying so the contrast between increasingly chaotic 3D outer events and the sense of expansiveness and peace gifted by your deeper Mind – your ground of being and your sanctuary – is huge.

Just stay on your witness perch midweek when Mars triggers Saturn, Pluto and Disruptor Eris, raising the stakes on the world stage. Ceres conjunct the Galactic Centre – our homing signal – is a huge reminder that it’s time to make the big shift from obsessive self- development to looking after space ship Earth. Nothing less than a shift in consciousness from 3D ego-system to 5D eco-system awareness.

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The Chandra Symbol for 21 Libra: A Magician Wearing a Snake for a Belt

“A mobius strip of Yes into No into Yes.

Yes is primarily the eager embrace of life in a rapture of release. The No is not being able to handle, even remotely, the social repercussions of being empowered.

The further Yes is at last being able to embrace unreservedly the self that got lost in the world and the world that got lost in the self. Until this final reckoning the No wreaks havoc.

You thrash around in a frenzy of trying to spin away from reflected images and impressions. You just cannot bear to hold still and be pinned by ideas about who you are and who you are not.

An elemental power in spiral vortex action seeks to consume all false selves and to become so authentic that each breath of experience is purely there with no interpretive filter whatsoever. This power ultimately brings everybody to the point of no longer putting up with being trapped in shallow frequencies and bursts everything open, or else is willing to die trying.”

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Nov 2019

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