Global Energy Reset

444 GatewayMeg Benedicte – It takes 2,000 years to pass through this band of photons streaming from the Great Central Sun. Every Great Cycle is remarkably similar with global climate changes, increasing temperatures, ice caps melting, sea levels rising, coastlines sinking, food and water shortages, the widening gap between poverty and wealth, disease and pandemics, and constant global wars.

All the historical signs of a collapsing civilization are evident, as those structures that are no longer sustainable fall away. We can learn from our ancestors’ mistakes and focus our visions and intentions toward the highest possible outcome for humanity and Gaia.

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Something Very Strange Is Going On Underground All Around The World [Video]

Zohar StarGate TV – Personal experiences and first-hand accounts have taken Barry Fitzgerald to an underworld, a world we walk above every day. Venturing into its depths he reveals these legends of old have an element of truth behind them, a truth with troubling consequences. Continue reading “Something Very Strange Is Going On Underground All Around The World [Video]”

We’re In A Full-Blown Information War [Video]

Zach VorhiesAlexandra Bruce – One of the bright spots of the past 3 years has been the emergence of Google whistleblower, Zach Vorhies, with his insider confirmation that our most paranoid imaginings about Google were true and his gory details of how they’ve been actively working to censor independent content creators.

Vorhies, who was an engineer at  Google-YouTube for 8 years describes working there as a dream job until he noticed a marked change in corporate ideology immediately following the election of Donald Trump.

This culminated into his jaw-dropping discovery that Google’s mobilization against “Fake News” and with their supposedly anti-bias “Machine Learning Fairness” program was almost entirely designed to protect Hillary Clinton from scrutiny into her crimes (!) Continue reading “We’re In A Full-Blown Information War [Video]”

Proof: Fact Checkers Are Misleading You

Fact CheckersJoe Martino – Online censorship has a new disguise: fact-checking. But this article is also going to bring another reflection into view because it’s important we move away from the stories of “us vs them,” and this age-old paradigm of disconnection, and instead awaken a new awareness – connection and empathy. It’s in this that I believe we will truly find clarity and solutions to shift the type of thinking and consciousness we are being asked to shift at this time.

Are all of these ‘fact-checks’ cases of censorship? Or are we also seeing and coming to understand a state of thinking/consciousness that is coming to the surface for us to change?  The religion and paradigm of modern science is on display, and we have a chance to see the importance of taking a step and questioning our beliefs, but will we? Continue reading “Proof: Fact Checkers Are Misleading You”

Soros and the Coronavirus pandemic

Rachel Ehrenfeld – Billionaire George Soros uses his political-philanthropic private foundations’ global network to induce chaos to change the capitalistic democratic systems that prevailed since the end of WWII. Soros aims to reshape the world according to his purported wily Open Society philosophy, which evolved after the collapse of the Soviet Communist system. He tested his ideas in Eastern Europe before moving to the rest of the world, and on to his major target, the United States of America.

Soros’s open-borders agenda and his efforts to create a global ‘open society’ have suffered a setback due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but his ambition of changing America from within, and meddling in the domestic affairs of nation-states where his OSF operates did not ebb. Rest assured that Soros, who thrives on chaos, takes advantage of the distraction caused by the pandemic to advance his political goals in the U.S. and elsewhere. Continue reading “Soros and the Coronavirus pandemic”